Interestingly, if you use consumable items in EL Revolution, they’re gone from the Eternal Life server. Conversely, consumable items which are not available in Eternal Life were not available in EL Revolution.

The main weapon, of course, was the Blood Wire of the Full Moon, which was enhanced to +10. The Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King was also a good weapon, but it was hard to compare with the Blood Wire of the Full Moon.

Aura Crystal and Magic Armor were banned, so there was no need to worry about those.

Sang Hyuk, who has picked both the titles and his equipment, finally started to choose the skills.

The number of Skills he could take depended on the number of souls. He could have four skills per soul and the skills were his choice.

To make it simpler, a user with a double soul was able to choose up to eight skills, regardless of whether they were general skills or soul skills.

It didn’t matter if you chose eight soul skills or chose eight general skills. By the way, passive skills such as the skills attached to an item are applied without restriction, but for active skills attached to items, you need to register the skill so you could use it.

The settings were up to the user.

Sang Hyuk was an exceptional quadra soul user, so he could choose 16 skills.

Following the titles, the skills were a lot of trouble.

Although, he can freely choosing 16 skills unlike the others, actually Sang Hyuk quickly filled it up with what he needed.

Sang Hyuk chose five Shadow Knight skills considering his balancing. He chose the passive effects, ‘Endurance of the Giant’, ‘Giant’s Strength’ and also bloodline skill ‘Enlarge!’.

In the item skill, he chose the four-set effect of the Flash series, ‘Blink’, the item skill of the Blood Wire of the Full Moon, ‘Blood Seal’, and the item skill of the Helm of Judgement, ‘Small Sandstorm’.

And the remaining five were filled with combination cards. Card cost restrictions also existed in EL Revolution, but the combination card was still the most powerful techniques Sang Hyuk could use.

At first he thought there were a lot of slots, but when he started picking, he quickly filled those 16 up.

He didn’t even put any general skills in it.

Now as he has finished choosing all the skills, it means that all the settings he will use in EL Revolution are complete.

Actually, Sang Hyuk didn’t think this was the perfect setting. But since the settings can be changed from game to game anyway, so he thought he’d go through the games and fine tune as needed.

* * * *

After preparing for the EL Revolution, Sang Hyuk went straight to the game. The three men were rotating their logout. Of course, while he was logged out, the Ink Black Dragon was anchored in one place, unable to move.

However, there is no other way when you couldn’t find a safe anchorage. Even so, since it was the Ink Black Dragon which durability naturally restored over time, he was able to choose this way without any risk.

If it was another Sky-grade Ship, they’d have to find a safe anchorage, even if they had to overextend themselves.

When Sang Hyuk connected, Gye Baek and Dark Knight were already aboard the Sky-grade Ship.


“Oh, sorry. I’m late.”


“I also just arrived.”


Sang Hyuk was the first to stand watch for four hours, followed by Gye Baek and Dark Knight, who had taken a break for the day.


“Nothing happened, right?”


Although he knew nothing happened because they didn’t use the emergency communication network, but Sang Hyuk asked out of courtesy.


“Only some of the floating parasites tried to come up but I took care of them quickly.”


“Good, then let’s depart right away.”


Because he had one day off, he had to reach the second destination during the remaining login time.

Ink Black Dragon started moving again through the Sky-sea quickly. Sang Hyuk wanted to break through the Middle Layer faster than anyone else, so he spent the magic stones without being frugal and charged forward.

Everything went smoothly.

As per Sang Hyuk’s wish an 8th grade Sky Whale also appeared and of course the Team Rush, who are on the Ink-Black Dragon hunted that sky whale easily.

Then they were finally able to reach the second safe area. The second safe area was a small island. It was a village on an island built on the corpse of a 5th grade Sky Whale and some special skills of the Moon People prevented the corpse from disappearing.

However, it was so unstable that even a little shock could make the island sink beneath the Sky-sea.

Was that the reason? The second Blue Sky Sailing Route quest was to eliminate the dangers around the island. It wasn’t too difficult, so the three worked together and finished it that day and updated the Sky Compass.

Then the three logged out at the same time, took a break for about four hours and then connected to the game again.

Then, of course, after connecting to the Ink-Black Dragon, they re-entered the Sky-sea. Team Rush continued to run forward.

The exploration of Middle Layer had to adjust for each other’s schedules and be done as a team, so the average users couldn’t easily take on the challenges.

When most of the Blue Sky Sailing Route was unveiled and the large Sky-grade Ships, commonly referred to as the ‘Passenger Ships’, began to operate then average users would travel safely on those Sky-grade Ships, as Sang Hyuk did in his previous life

The ones who sailed their own Sky-grade Ships on the Middle Layer were the hardcore users, not the average users.

Those who enjoyed the challenge and dared to be pioneers…. By the time the Team Rush received their 14th Blue Sky Sailing Route quest, other users had finally passed through the Gate of the Open Sky and began to cross into the Sky-sea.

Most of the other teams except Sang Hyuk’s team completed their Sky-grade ships around the same time and also launched their Sky-grade Ships around the same time.

As a result, the competition was a bit intense from the Gate of the Open Sky. Unlike Hagye, the Middle Layer in particular was an area where PvP was much easier where only a few conditions needed to be met.

Moreover on many islands, known as the safe areas, there were no guards, making them a perfect hunting ground for malefactors to be active.

So, in Sang Hyuk’s past life, many malefactors became pirates to make a living.

Anyway, a lot of Sky-grade Ship passed through the Gate of the Open Sky, and the most noticeable of these, the Sky-grade Ship, no, the Sky-grade Ships, which were the seven large Sky-grade Ships with the ‘Reverse One’ flags.

Chapter 141 [Episode 72] The Changed Future 2 – End


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