Chapter 144 [Episode 74] Unexpected……. 1

@ Unexpected…..

Sang Hyuk, who had been playing EL Revolution beta for about an hour, after he completed his checks he shut down the EL revolution service and returned to the main server.

Because Sang Hyuk planned to set sail after resting on the Sky Island for only about four hours this time, Sang Hyuk logged out as soon as he returned to the main server.

He had to get some sleep if only for about three hours, so he could function tomorrow, and not hold his friends back.

Sang Hyuk, who briefly closed his eyes and woke up, looked at the reaction of users to the launching of EL Revolution before accessing the game.


[EL Revolution is wonderfully fun! This should have been out from the beginning!]


[It was like they have created a completely new game. And it’s a free service! Daebak(Jackpot)!!]


[I bet it’s not free, right? According to the reporters who attended the briefing, EL Revolution will be selling something like an avatar decoration item, right?]


[This is just an equippable item to change the appearance of your avatar. It’s not an item that affects the game balance, so I honestly if you don’t like it, then it’s fine not to buy it.]


[Raon Soft is not a company that’s playing around with loot boxes, so don’t worry.]


[For me, item and level are lousy so limited mode is more interesting than unlimited mode. Honestly, isn’t limited mode the place to reveal the true EL master?]


[The [email protected] players are nitpicking about the equipment or level. If your skill was good in the first place, then your level and equipment must be good in the main server too, right? Honestly, I’ve tried both of them, so unlimited has the fun of unlimited and limited has the fun of limited.]


[I’ve been playing for 10 hours now…. it’s really daebak(jackpot). Gladiator Hall was also fun, but this is a perfectly upgraded version of Gladiator Hall.]


[I bet this will be an e-sport. I am a super ajae, who has been enjoying e-sport for 30 years since elementary, and I think it will have a stronger impact than ‘Star Wars’, which created the e-sport genre a long time ago ] (TL note: ajae is a Korean slang for ahjussi, means middle-aged man)


[I’m sure that this EL Revolution is gonna be daebak(jackpot). EL Revolution limited mode would be better than Fantasy Tekken 5, which just came out.]


[That’s right. Fantasy Tekken 5 was not bad…. but it’s not comparable to EL Revolution.]


[But when does the rankings come out?]


[They said it will come out when the beta service end and the full service begins. At that time, they said, there will be solo rank matches too.]


[Wow. When the ranking system is done, it will be bloody.]


[Users who passed the f[email protected] will be involved, right?] (Ed: The author actually used “[email protected]”. We think that the author is saying that some players caused a commotion, by doing well, but hiding their identities, but you can’t hide the “stink” of their high level skills. Yes, the translator and I  were very amused when we discussed how to translate this passage. )


[I planned to play the limited mode. I’m just going to give up on playing on the main server and just play in limited mode only in the future.]


[When the pro-gamers appear, all of us will be keeping our heads down anyway, why are you talking so much?]


[Are the pro-gamers special? If you are a ranker then you can become a pro-gamer.]


[Wow, how high is the VRA(Virtual Reality Ability) for  pro-gamers?]


[Oh, I’m starting to get obsessed about VRA.]


  • •••••
  • •••••

As expected, Sang Hyuk was as popular as he was in his previous life. Rather, because of the limited mode, it felt that he became more popular than in his previous life.

Of course, the appearance of EL Revolution was not welcomed by all users.

Users who enjoy the old PvP(player vs player) mode called ‘Field PvP’, claimed that PvP isolated by the system like EL Revolution was not “authentic” PvP.

But they were the minority, not the majority.

And it’s definitely not that the old PvP has completely disappeared. There were conflicts in many places as always, and they would be resolved in the “old style” PvP.

Especially, when guild wars happened, the field became a fierce battleground dripping with virtual blood.

After all, those who were the most vocally nostalgic for the “old style” PvP meant that they were the lame people who had never fought player versus player before.

Sang Hyuk, who looked at the situation, went straight into the game.

And at a similar time to Sang Hyuk, Gye Baek and Dark Knight were also connected.

The Blue Sky Sailing Route quest had already been renewed yesterday, so it was time to go out to the Sky sea.

* * * *


“So you mean, we play EL Revolution’s 3:3 as the three of us, as the team we made, Team Rush?”


“Yeah, right.”


Sang Hyuk chose his words carefully as he steered the Ink Black Dragon to the Skyway.


“You don’t have to, I just thought to try it once, so what do you think? Is that okay?”


“I’m sure it’s going to be the content that represents EL in the future.”


“Is it that much? Is it much better than Gladiator Hall?”


“Yeah, it’s the perfect version of the upgraded Gladiator Hall.”


“Hoooo…. Then, I definitely join in.”


Gye Baek was originally a user who spent almost all his time at Gladiator Hall, so there was no reason to object.


[I also think it’s good… but if that happens, will it disrupt the Middle Layer exploration?]


“Ah, come to think of it, it can be like that.”


Gye Baek nodded and muttered at Dark Knight’s words.

In fact, Sang Hyuk was originally worried about this, so he wanted to play EL Revolution alone  as much as possible until he arrived at the Continent of the Sun.

He wanted to reduce the play time to a minimum so that it wouldn’t interfere with the Middle Layer Exploration. However, after he played the EL Revolution in the spare time for a few days, it was hard to stop playing.

So Sang Hyuk came up with the idea that the three of them would team up and enjoy it together.


“Honestly, it’s going to slow down a bit. But that doesn’t mean someone is going to catch up. Other users are still out at Red Mountain, but we’re already past the 14th Sky Island and on our way to find the 15th Sky Island, right?”

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