The difference between Team Rush and other users was at least two months, even if it was pessimistically calculated. This was the result of the assumption that the other party had a boat as fast as Ink Black Dragon, so it was actually a difference of three or four months or even more.

Especially, when he remembered his past life, it took a long time for users to get out of Red Mountain so he thought that the difference would be even greater.

Of course, Sang Hyuk had no idea about the Reverse One Fleet. Since the Reverse One fleet kept their departure thoroughly confidential and had an almost perfect entry so there was really no information about the Reverse One fleet at all.

If Sang Hyuk used all his power and gotten the information he could have figured it out to some extent but Sang Hyuk was caught off guard this time.


“Every time we dock, we always have a little bit of time left, right? Let’s make the most of that time.”


Gye Baek has been absent from playing PvP for a while, so his body seems to be itchy.


[I also definitely agree to this teaming up.]


Dark Knight, too, had no complaints about teaming up.


“Great, so when we get to the next 15th Sky Island, we’ll play together…. [email protected]!”


Sang Hyuk had been nodding as he spoke, but suddenly turned the Ink Black Dagon’s key to the right.


A Sky Whale suddenly surfaced out of the Sky Sea! The Ink Black Dragon almost received a serious blow thanks to the powerful concealment provided by it’s camouflage ability.

Instantly, Sang Hyuk had recognized the danger and did a crash evasion maneuver, so no damage was taken at all.


“8th grade Sky Whale…. Ready for an emergency battle!”


The 8th grade Sky Whale wasn’t difficult for Team Rush. They were just a little surprised because it was able to hide itself using camouflage skills.

Sang Hyuk took full control of Ink-Black Dragon on the turbulent Sky Sea and quickly prepared for battle.

Of course, neither Gye Baek and Dark Knight were panicked because a battle with Sky Whale on Sky Sea was so frequent.

This of course was natural.

Team Rush had a 100% adapted to Middle Layer.

Team Rush, who quickly defeated the 8th grade Sky Whale, arrived at the 15th Sky Island in a few hours.

As soon as they arrived at the Sky Island, the three of them joined EL Revolution together.

EL Revolution and the main server shared the friend list, so Sang Hyuk was able to apply for a team directly with Gye Baek and Dark Knight.

Sang Hyuk applied for  the team’s first 3:3 fight. The rule of the 3:3 battle was similar to Gladiator Hall with a bit of a difference.

But for Team Rush, the rules didn’t matter much. In fact, Sang Hyuk was strong enough to confront three people alone.

Even with the limitations, Sang Hyuk’s strength was hard for the average user to deal with.

In this situation, with two strong allies, Gye Baek and Dark Knight, the results were easy to predict.

Team Rush battled for exactly five rounds, and all five were victories. The required three victories out of five battles was too easy, even against teams made up of users who ranked at least 1000th in the Gladiator Hall.


“Wow, this is the best….. it was a lot more fun than Gladiator Hall.”


Gye Baek looked very satisfied and Dark Knight nodded happily.


“Let’s run as a team like this often in the future.”


Because Sang Hyuk also enjoyed playing with the two of them as expected, so he said this while smiling.

* * * *

Time kept flowing and Team Rush broke through the Middle Layer as quickly as possible, while also enjoying the EL Revolution.

Everything went smoothly. Even if Sky Whales or Pirate Ships were strong, Team Rush was stronger. Especially the strength of Sang Hyuk, who is the center of Team Rush, was amazing to the extent that even the team members Gye Baek and Dark Knight were surprised.

In the main server and EL Revolution, Sang Hyuk, no, Immortal showed why he was the one called the strongest of Eternal Life.

Two months later, Sang Hyuk’s party, who arrived at the 74th Sky Island, had reached almost halfway through the Sky Sea. It took exactly three months to get here.

It took a little longer than Sang Hyuk expected. Sang Hyuk had wanted to break through the Middle Layer in half a year and arrive at the Heavenly World. But this wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

Because not only that Sky Sea was a tougher place than he thought, EL Revolution was also added as a new variable, so it was a half month slower than expected.

Because Sang Hyuk enjoyed showing off his invincible force and played like crazy, it was clear that this delay could have been much worse.

From a common-sense point of view, it took three months to break through half of it, so Sang Hyuk thought that it would take another three months to break through the other half…. But Middle Layer has a rising structure, the further you go, the more difficult the path.

After the 74th Sky Island, 5th grade Sky Whales and Pirates Ships appeared once they left the windless zone (TL note: calm and safe zone), but there was a big difference between grade 6 and grade 5, that could not be compared to an increase by a single grade.

After Sang Hyuk and his party arrived at the 74th island safely, they decided to level up. Sang Hyuk decided to go to level 61 and open an awakened slot by reaching level 61, while Gye Baek and Dark Knight wanted to reach level 58 to get two general skill slots.

It’s been roughly four days since they came to the 74th Sky Island, but they still haven’t reached levels 61 and 58.

At this pace, they would have to stay here for four more days to reach level 61 and level 58.

Sang Hyuk’s party rode on the Ink-Black Dragon and was looking for Sky Whales just off the coast of the 74th Sky Island. They thought they could level up in about 4 days by hunting up to five Sky Whales.

If they could find Sky Whales earlier then they could level up in three or two days, not four days.

So, the three of them focused on finding Sky Whales.

How long they wander around like this?

They saw a suspicious shadow in the distance.

It was most likely a sky whale or pirate ship. But unfortunately, this time the most likely possibility was wrong.




Sang Hyuk was the one with the furthest vision among the three of them.

Seven large Sky-grade Ship caught his eyes.

This unexpected moment…. The unknown strangers had appeared.

Chapter 144 [Episode 74] Unexpected …… 1


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