[We will board as soon as we are ready in the next 5 minutes. If you want to join us, make a quick decision and shoot a boarding harpoon to the Darkness. For your reference, this is the real last chance. If we miss this, we will be crushed again and we’ll have to go through hell again to get rid of him.]


DD’s ultimatum.

This powerful warning eventually moved them.


[Sigh…. There is no other choice. We are also on board.]


[I agree we need to combine our power. Okay. We are also on board.]


When two of the four moved, the remaining two had no choice other than to move with the majority.


[If it is the case, we will follow.]


[We are also on it.]


Thanks to DD’s effort, all the five coalition’s forces were unified into one.


‘This is it! No matter how great Immortal is, he can’t stand the attacks of more than 500 elite users inside a cramped Sky-grade ship.’


DD was convinced that as long as the five coalitions joined forces, they would eventually be the ones who would smile at the end.


[Then let’s get started now.]


To get in, they had to connect to the Darkness with boarding harpoons.

They didn’t know exactly how things in the Darkness was going, so it was good to get on board as soon as possible.

Red Blood’s Sky-grade Ship, the Red Star One, has sank into the Sky-sea with an explosion. By their very nature, Sky-grade ships could not be completely destroyed, but it will not be able to escape from the spirit virtual space for at least eight months due to its durability reaching negative values.

They did not know how Immortal sank the Red Star One, but one thing is certain that boarding the Darkness was also dangerous.

That’s why DD was even more in a rush.

Hwiriririririi, clank!

Finally, the harpoon between Dark Dragon and Darkness was connected.


“Main tankers take the lead!”


Dark Dragon’s main tankers stepped forward with a variety of defensive buffs in case of an unexpected surprise.

As the Dark Dragon’s elites sped across to Darkness, the remaining four alliances began to connect their harpoon and began their assault.

The elite users of Reverse One are pouring in from all sides. They were really going to grab the biggest fish of the One Guild in this battle, smash his Sky-grade ship and cast down the soaring legend of the Immortal to the cold, hard ground.

Dark Dragon’s DD.

The Pentagon’s Kronos.

Shiva’s Trimurti.

Nobunaga’s The Emperor.

Reckless’ European Union

The best elite players from the five giant alliances simultaneously boarded the Darkness, their armor emblazoned with the insignia of their guilds.

This much power was much greater than when Sang Hyuk had faced Line Dark alone in the past.

In addition, the battlefield was limited to a very narrow Sky-grade Ship, so it was definitely the exact situation which DD wanted.


“Keep the battle formation! Be vigilant and those who can use detection techniques keep using them and beware of the enemy who uses concealment!”


Was it because he had been crushed once? DD certainly knew the tricks to deal with the Immortal.

He emphasized three things to keep in mind when dealing with the Immortal to his teammates in Reverse One.

First, never, ever relax.  It is when you’re sure you’ve won that the Immortal springs his traps.

Second, think your opponent as a powerful named monster not as user.

Third, use the concealment detection skill constantly and never allow him to enter concealment.

DD thought it would not be that difficult to catch Immortal if only these three were followed.


“Let the Magic Armor be ready to wear anytime! When the battle begins and Immortal appears, all of you must wear your magic armor!”


All the elite players here had at least first grade Magic Armor.

Some of the users had 0.5 grade Magic Armor, but not many.

DD was convinced that with the launch of Magic Armor, and the aura crystal, made the difference between them and with the Immortal smaller than before.

No matter how powerful the Immortal’s Magic Armor was, there was a big difference between being the only person receiving the amplification effect of magic armor and having the best magic armor among hundreds of people.


‘All the preparations are perfect! Immortal…. you are done now!’


Chokchokchokchok! Khungkhungkhungkhung!

More than 500 elite users of Reverse One are divided into five groups, each assembled into the  familiar battle formation. Tankers, dealers, and healers assembled correctly and the five groups were near enough to be able to help each other so when the Immortal appeared, they would be ready.


[By the way, was the Black Market wiped out?]


[I don’t think they have been annihilated yet. I’ve just been contacted offline, Hazad was beaten, but Ilmaz is said to have survived.]


[Glad to hear that.]


Ilmaz thought that if he had died and all the users of Black Market were wiped out, Black Market would lose control of the Darkness and it would float around and eventually sink. So he fled from Sang Hyuk and somehow survived.


[Ilmaz is alive, which means that brat is still on this ship. Now it’s time for us to start hunting.]


DD rushed to get on board, but he knew he shouldn’t be hasty when hunting the Immortal.

The best way to do this was to use this large number of people to calmly drive Immortal into a corner.


‘If his concealment skills are blocked, then he wouldn’t be able to run away.’


After being brutally beaten by Sang Hyuk, DD seemed to have done a lot of thinking. In that long agonizing time, he discovered what he thought were some of the Immortal’s weaknesses… DD wanted to use these to entrap the Immortal.

But right at that moment……

Suddenly, an unthinkable presence appeared in the middle of the deck.

The Knight of Glory Tamia!

As soon as she appeared holding a large glittering shield, DD and other elite players from Reverse One were startled and prepared themselves to attack.

But Tamia wasn’t alone on the deck.

On the bow with Tamia, appeared the Warrior of Glory Crepo!

Next to the mast, was the figure of the Magician of Glory, Egray!

At last, on the quarter deck, the Priest of Glory Pokin materialized…. When the four Stars of Glory appeared at the same time, the direction of the battle was rapidly turning in a completely different direction than from what Reverse had expected…


Chapter 147 [Episode 75] Ink-Black Dragon Great Victory 2 – End


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