Chapter 148 [Episode 76] All of them to Hades! 1

@ All of them to Hades!


These four were Sang Hyuk’s summons, so of course there was a red skull mark over their heads.

So, it was inevitable that Reverse One would mistake them as users.


“The One Guild’s support troops! Attack right away!”


DD thought nothing had changed. He believed that even if the One Guild’s support troops were here, it was still their win.

He wasn’t wrong. In the current situation, the reinforcement of the Immortal by four users would not make much of a difference.


Those 4 people were not users.

Tamia shouted as she lifted the shield.


“The Wall of the Shield!”


Crepo raised his two-handed swords and roared at his enemies.


“Sword Dance of Death!”


Egray murmured quietly, stretching his hands forward.


“The Rain of Terror!”


The last one, Pokin prayed, and light shone from his body in all directions, in the ‘Light of Glory.’

The four summoned NPCs basically had legendary NPC abilities.

So, of course, without further explanations, they are all immensely powerful existences, like Ancient Heroic Spirits.

Of course, they could only be summoned for 30 seconds and because all four were called at the same time the cooldown timer was 64 hours, but at least for now it didn’t look like a disadvantage.

In particular, they were considered by the system as Sang Hyuk’s summons though they were legendary-grade NPCs, so all the effects were amplified by the Magic Armor ‘Black Sword’ worn by Sang Hyuk. Is that it? By calling out all four people at once, the skill power was amplified by another 80%.

In other words, one hit from any of those four, that one hit was as powerful as the final annihilation skill of a real raid monster.

kwagwagwagwagwagwagwang! Dudududududududuk!

Tamia took on all the aggro in the middle of the deck and completed her shield wall. Reverse One’s elite users focused their firepower to quickly finish Tamia, but Tamia, who was behind her shield wall, could not be defeated.




Tamia took all their attacks and endured it.

In the meantime, Crepo jumped in among his enemies and swung his sword. And then an immense number of huge fireballs fell like torrential rain among the forces of Reverse One and detonated with savage fury.

In an instant, the deck of the Darkness became a mess.

The Rain of Terror and the Sword Dance of Death were incredibly powerful wide-ranged skills. And most cruelly, each technique has been amplified several times.

There were more than 500 people gathered on the deck of the Sky-grade Ship, which was cramped so it was almost impossible to avoid it.

When these factors merged, savage results came out.

30 seconds……

For these 30 seconds the four star of glory NPCs struck with all their power, about 230 Reverse One Elite users were slaughtered.

That was almost half of the total number.

One can only imagine the results of very powerful wide-ranged indiscriminate slaughter skills confined into that small area.

If there had been any room to dodge, any room at all, then the massacre wouldn’t have been that bad.

DD thought Immortal was the one who was confined to a narrow Sky-grade ship, but Sang Hyuk, on the other hand, made it look as if he had lured his enemies into the slaughterhouse.

Sang Hyuk showed his skill by using the enemy’s own tactics to strike his foes with lethal force. As a matter of fact, normally using attack skills at this level of power must trigger Ragna Blade.

But now, Ragna Blade did not activate because it was the NPCs summoned by Sang Hyuk who casted those powerful skills, not Sang Hyuk.

Now, the situation is completely reversed.

The Reverse One’s forces has been reduced from 500 users to about 280. Another problem was that the battle formation became a mess as all five coalitions lost all, or almost all their top-tier elites.




DD looked around with a blank expression as the four NPCs disappeared after completely messing over the deck with their unspeakable firepower.

None of them had even noticed that the four Stars of Glory were summoned NPCs.


“Prepare the battle formation! It’s not over yet!”


Because he literally wasn’t given the time to think, due to the pressure of being in battle, DD had no choice but to assume that there would be additional attacks.

But at least before 64 hours, the stars of glory could not reappear again.

It was a very big blow, but Reverse One wasn’t destroyed yet. So they tried to survive by rebuilding their battle formation.

However, Sang Hyuk moved first before they rebuilt their battle formation.

To be precise, it was the Ink-Black Dragon that moved first. Suddenly, the Ink-Black Dragon was attached tightly to the Darkness.


The shimmering black haze from the Ink-Black Dragon poured out like dense smoke.

Sang Hyuk triggered ‘Pitch Black’, the Ink-Black Dragon’s unique skill, immediately following the summoning of the Stars of Glory and the darkness like a starless night fell onto the decks of the Ink-Black Dragon and the Darkness.

When “Pitch Black” was triggered, the world literally became a place without light that none of the users from Reverse One had ever seen before.

Of course, the users had their own unique abilities, so depending on the individuals, some of them were able to see faintly and some were able to do better than that.

Since all of them were elite users, so at least there were no users who couldn’t see anything like a blind man.

But, the important thing was that everyone’s vision was severely limited. And…concealment detection has been significantly reduced, making it difficult to detect someone using stealth.

Again, the problem was that this limited battlefield called the Sky-grade Ship. Pitch Black was a very powerful effect, but it was an easy-to-avoid effect once you left the specified area.

In fact, because this skill was so easy to escape, or counter, the system made the effect even more powerful, for the sake of game balance.

But now, the elite users of Reverse One are gathered on the cramped deck of the Darkness so it wasn’t easy to get out of that area.

Getting out of the area of effect meant that they would have to retreat back to their Sky-grade Ship, and that was the last thing on their minds.


“Don’t panic, stay together! Keep using your Concealment Detection skills…”


DD shouted desperately. But even before the end of his words, the God of Death rose from the depths of their Nightmare.





The resonating sound in the pitch black darkness, the night was filled with the death throes of elites.

It was a starting signal. At least in this sightless space, the Reaper’s attack could not be avoided or prevented.

They couldn’t even break the concealment.

Wooduduk, kwaduk, dududuk!

In a few seconds, one of Reverse One’s elite users fell every few seconds .

No one can see or find the Reaper…… even feel its horrid presence.

In just a single minute, more than 30 of Reverse One’s elite users fell.

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