And because of that terrifying minute, a savage ‘fear’ was created.


“Rrr, run!”


Someone shouted, unable to overcome the horror. It didn’t matter who shouted. The important thing was that the cry became a catalyst.

The elite users began to flee. This was an instinct to live. It was clear that they would be killed here, so forgetting their pledges, forgetting their promises, they fled to their Sky-grade Ship .


“No! Don’t run away! At this time we have to get together and join forces!”


DD knew that if they ran away with their Sky-grade ship, they would be all over. But DD’s shout was no longer of any avail.

The horror that quickly spread throughout the Darkness had devoured all elite users of the Reverse One.

Chwaruruk, kwaduk! Kwadududuk!

But, the problem was that it was not that easy to escape.

The Reaper hunted the fleeing user first. So of course, those close to the harpoon chains were slaughtered first.

Then the magic cannonball flew from Ink-Black Dragon, and struck the Darkness.

Phooooong kwagwagwang!

Gye Baek was unable to aim for the exact target because of the Pitch Black’s obscuring effect but he roughly predicted his shot following the harpoon chains.

That was enough.

It wasn’t easy to escape when the Reaper slaughtered and Gye Baek fired a cannon at those clustered at the harpoon, trying to flee.

Several users just barely made it across their harpoon chains, but it was only a few of them.

Most of them never made it to their Sky-grade Ship’s harpoon chains and were slaughtered like sheep.

The Reaper, No Sang Hyuk, was going to take this opportunity to put his enemies to a perfect Hades. Not only did Sang Hyuk’s dead enemies lose their important ‘blessing buffs’, but their Sky-grade Ship would be wrecked, preventing them from launching their Sky-grade Ships for at least half a year.

When that happens, Reverse One would no longer be able to compete with the One Guild.

In fact, comparing the power of Sang Hyuk and Reverse One in this first full scale battle, (disregarding the absurdity of comparing an individual to an army) actually the Reverse One side was slightly more powerful. However, the real result was a one-sided massacre for Sang Hyuk’s side.

The reason was simple.

The Reverse One was unable to become one….. That ‘s exactly what led to this result.

They could have changed the outcome if they had been a single, unified force. But because the seven coalitions were united for a single purpose, with only the promise of shared benefits holding them together, there was no choice but to leave an empty gap between them.

That empty gap led to their slaughter.

The massacre lasted more than 15 minutes. After that, they were perfectly united and ready to face the Reaper by the time when about 100 people were left, (due to pure instinct for self preservation if nothing else) but too many of their colleagues had already died.

100 people could never stop the God of Death known as Sang Hyuk.

* * * *


The Dark Dragon guild’s Sky-grade Ship, the Black Dragon, started sinking following the huge explosion.

It was the last of the seven Sky-grade ships.

Sang Hyuk, Gye Baek and Dark Knight relaxed their weary bodies and looked at the sinking, burning, wrecked Sky-grade Ships.


“Wahhh……. This is such an overwhelming victory. Those fellows really…..”


Gye Baek looked at Sang Hyuk with a sincere admiration. Dark Knight’s helm was covering his face so people couldn’t read his face, but seeing his sparkling eyes, people could see that he had a look similar to Gye Baek.


“It was possible because they were incompetent.”


This time, he didn’t say he was lucky. Honestly, it was hard to say that he was lucky.


“But, the skill that you used at first…..”


“I’ll explain it later if I get a chance. I know that power was nonsensical…. But that skill is something that gives me a headache.”


Sang Hyuk cut Gye Baek’s words in the middle.

Honestly, it didn’t matter for him to explain it, but Sang Hyuk also had no idea why the system had created the Ragna Blade.

When he first got the Ragna Blade, he was worried about if this was a bugged skill, so he put an inquiry into the game, and the answer was ‘It was a normal event skill.’

He asked for an explanation of what an “event skill” was, but the system didn’t give him an explanation.


“I wish I had a skill like that, even with the headache it would be fine.”


Gye Baek seemed genuinely envious.


“Later on…. if you know how odd this skill is, you wouldn’t say that.”


Sang Hyuk said this with laughter in his voice.


“How odd it is……. phew, I don’t know. I can just sit back and enjoy the ride. To be honest, this battle has raised our levels to as much as two. There is nothing sweeter than this.”


They killed about 700 elite users. The blessing of the Sky-sea has tripled all karma acquisitions over the Sky-sea, so of course the amount of karma obtained through PvP has increased.

As a result, Gye Baek, who needed a lot to levels up, climbed two levels and Dark Knight and Sang Hyuk took one level each.

Not only that, they also received a unique-grade title, which didn’t mean too much for Sang Hyuk, but it was a very good one for Gye Baek and Dark Knight.

But, the real profit was something else.

Lots of items were dropped by the 700 elite users slaughtered. The items dropped were gorgeous befitting elite users.




Author’s Notes:

The completed star of glory [special item]


Star shaped gem emitting four colors of light. A very special gem made up of the four luminous stars of glory (Egray, Pokin, Crepo, Tamia) with mystical powers.


[Basic Effect] None.


[Special Skill]


1) Magician of Glory ‘Egray’ [Summon Egray to invoke the 8th grade magic “The Rain of Fire” in the desired area. Summoning duration 30 seconds.]


2) Priest of Glory ‘Pokin’ [Summon Pokin to use recovery magic “Light of Glory” once every 10 seconds to remove all status anomalies and instantly regenerate 10% of the maximum health for you and allies. Summoning duration 40 seconds.]


3) Warrior of Glory ‘Crepo’ [Summon Crepo to dance the “Sword Dance of Death”. Summoning duration 30 seconds.]


4) Knight of Glory ‘Tamia’ [Summon Tamia to build a “wall of shield”. Summoning duration 30 seconds.] <–> The effect of ring of fate (level 5) doubles the Wall of Shield duration and restores half percent health per second from the moment the Wall of Shield is built.




– All skills share the cooldown time with each other.

– Cooldown time 1 hour.

– However, summoning two at the same time increases the cooldown time to four hours and summoning three at the same time increases it to 16 hours. The last, summoning four at the same time increases it to 64 hours.




Chapter 148 [Episode 76] All of them to Hades 1 – End


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