Chapter 149 [Episode 76] All of them to Hades! 2


“Let’s go to the next safe area before we look at the items.”


Sang Hyuk smiled cheerfully as he gazed at the items that used to be piled up on the deck of the Dark Dragon.

Gye Baek began to put them into the Ink-Black Dragon’s warehouse, and Sang Hyuk grabbed the steering key and they moved away from the fierce battlefield to the next Sky Island.

This time, the honor to be the first to choose the items, was obviously for Sang Hyuk. Gye Baek and Dark Knight had no complaints about this distribution, and the reason was simple.

The criteria for Sang Hyuk’s selection of items were unimaginably high by Gye Baek and Dark Knight’s standards, so actually just by sharing what Sang Hyuk has left for the both of them was more than enough.

This time too it was the same again.

Sang Hyuk picked out only three of the numerous items dropped by Reverse One’s elite users.

All three were unique items, but they were items which were useful for Sang Hyuk. However, this item was the most important among them.


Twilight Dagger [Unique]


– Dagger that connects the sun and moon. It can be obtained at a very low probability from normal monsters, which appears between the day and night.


[Basic Stats] Vitality +10


[Special Stats] All defense properties increases by 10%.


[Special Effects] <Sun and Moon (A): Attack Power increases 7% during the day and Defense increases 10% during the night.>


[Special Details] Sky and Earth, Light and Shadow (Deactivated)


Sang Hyuk has been looking for this Twilight Dagger for a long time and now he’s finally found it.

All three items needed to be assembled to create the ‘The Key to the Temple of the Seven Dragons’. He was relieved and happy. The Temple of the Seven Dragons was known to be in the Middle Layer, so if he had obtained the Twilight Dagger later, he would have had to go back to the Middle Layer to enter the Temple of the Seven Dragons.


[Universe Dagger, Twilight Dagger and Yin-Yang Copper Mirror are all collected. You can combine these three items to create a new item. Would you like to combine? (Y/N)]


When he took out all three items, he heard the system message.

The Universe Dagger has long been filled with universe force and the Yin-Yang Copper Mirror has been fed enough Magic Stones to fill the yin and yang forces.

The Twilight Dagger connected the Universe Dagger and Yin-Yang Copper Mirror, so there were no prerequisite conditions for its use.

Sang Hyuk chose ‘YES’ without hesitation.

Jiiiiiiiing, flash!

With his choice, The Key to the Temple of the Seven Dragons was finally created.


The Key to the Temple of the Seven Dragons [Event]


– The key that can open the Temple of the Seven Dragons, the temple where seven dragons sleep, each of a different type. Every day of the week, a different dragon appears. Although they are the ‘Jewel Dragons’ which have a lower rating than ‘colored dragons’, but regardless, dragons are dragons which are power incarnate.


[Basic Stats] None


[Special Details] When you inject magic into this small accessory shaped like a sword, the sword glows and the tip points to the place where the Temple of the Seven Dragons is hidden. The closer the distance to the temple, the brighter it shines. (Only works in the Middle Layer)




Sang Hyuk, the creator of the Key to the Temple of the Seven Dragons, smiled happily and nodded. As a test, he placed the sword on his palm and injected the magic, and the sword floated up slightly, pointing to a specific direction and shining a light.


‘The distance is still quite far.’


After Sang Hyuk confirmed that the Key to the Temple of the Seven Dragons worked well, he put the sword in his virtual bag.

* * * *



“I said to find him NOW!”


A man slammed his fist on his desk in rage.


“I’m sorry. But the environment is different from what it used to be that things are much more difficult.”


Ten years ago, it was easy to solve something even more difficult. Even a murder contract was not impossible. But in 10 years, South Korea and China have been changed a lot.

South Korea has transformed after the massive scandal involving the President in 2017.

The next government substantially reformed the Office of the Attorney General, followed by the national police.

Originally, South Korea had the best internal security in the world but with these often drastic reforms, it was really different.

In addition, China has improved a lot over the past decade, especially as relations with South Korea have gotten better, and in areas such as anti-smuggling and joint investigations have become considerably tighter.

As a result, it is now much harder to buy people with money.


“Do you think I don’t know that the world has changed? But I didn’t ask you to kill him, I just asked you to find him. It’s okay to pay more money just to break only one of his arms or one of his legs… and is that so hard to do?”


The man didn’t even think this was serious in the first place. Ten years ago, his position was less secure, and there was a real danger he could have been hit by a backlash, but that was then, this is now.

And frankly, no matter how angry he was, it happened inside a game, and he had no intention of making it more dangerous to himself in real life like the tail wagging the dog.

No matter how despicable Chen Kai was, he was not a man who would risk himself to that extent.

All he wanted was minimal retribution.

This was the only way his mind could be at ease…He intended to do the minimum retribution for his satisfaction.

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