But, even that didn’t go as he wanted.


“The people who will do that sort of thing, I have been saving their contact information for a long time now, and I have put together all the scenarios…. but the problem is that the target cannot be identified.”


“Did you ask a professional hacker?”


“I asked him, but as you know, not many facts about him have been made public…. And if you are talking about breaking into Raon Soft, this is impossible because even the world’s largest hacker group has officially giving up on penetrating their security…there are too many difficulties.”


The money was enough, but there was no one he could pay and get the job done.




The man no, the Lord of the Red Blood, sat back in his chair frowning at the impression that Sang Hyuk was invulnerable.


“There is nothing to be done.”


Chen Kai was a businessman who had a very large real estate business in China. He tended to believe that everything could be solved by money, because his wealth was almost equal to a conglomerate’s assets.


“Should I continue to investigate?”


“Of course! Bring me the results whatever you get!”


Chen Kai sat down and turning his chair.


[email protected] it, the old days when money can do anything was so good……’


Chen Kai, the lord of the Red Blood, felt very bad. He may have a lot of money, but he was definitely scum.

The seven giant unions or guilds in Reverse One suffered a massive blow which is hard to explain.

They all lost the Blessings of the Sky-sea effects.

In order to survive even a little bit in the Continent of the Sun, they had to level up as fast as they could in the Middle Layer. When they arrived at the Continent of the Sun without properly leveling up in Middle Layer, they would have to be satisfied with just arriving, but in order to survive on the Continent of the Sun, they would have to go back down to Treenark or the Middle Layer and level up to a certain level.

And they also lost the Sky-grade ships. Of course, they didn’t lose it forever, but actually it can be said they lost them because their fleet won’t get out of the spirit virtual space for about half a year.

Other than that, compared to the previous two, losing items or karma was trivial.

Rather, the bigger blow was the loss of their ‘Confidence’.

It was shocking and traumatic one-sided defeat.

If it was like this, it seemed difficult for Reverse One to continue.

Of course, DD, who has a will of iron, was actively trying to prevent the dismantling of Reverse One, but no matter how hard he tried, the limits were clear.

The good news was that the power of the seven largest coalitions was completely different from the usual standards.

They each had a great foundation on the real world beyond the game, so even though they had fallen into hell, but their guilds were not broken.

Rather, when they fell to the bottom, they increased their investments towards the game. The strong will of the Reverse One’s guilds was unlike the other guilds that had crumbled apart after dealing with the One Guild.

Sang Hyuk would consider the Seven Giant Alliances like cockroaches, but this was one of their abilities.

All seven coalitions discarded the Sky-grade Ships which were completely wrecked and had to stay in spirit virtual space as they are and rushed to produce new Sky-grade ships. And even though they lost the Blessings of the Sky-sea, they were not frustrated because they still got some of the experience they needed from the Middle Layer and learned some important tips.

They once again organized the fleet.

Of course, this time, they didn’t configure the fleet solely for the purpose of catching up with the One Guild.

Because first of all, Reverse One had to live, so the first thing to do was to recover from the blow struck this time however you can.

DD’s Dark Dragon was the only one to protest the decision. No matter how much influence DD had in the major decisions in Reverse One, he couldn’t do it this time.

However, it was not possible to leave Reverse One.

In the end, DD realized that he had no choice but to step down and quietly disagree.

* * * *

Team Rush who smashed Reverse One, their only competitor, was still sailing smoothly, even though they had entered the windless zone.

Obviously the Sky Whales and pirates from the windless zone were powerful, but not only did they have enough experience, but they also leveled up and earned titles and items, which were much stronger than expected.

Sang Hyuk still showed the strength that destroys common sense while Gye Baek and Dark Knight also demonstrated the world-class abilities and they proved that they were good enough to be members of Team Rush.

Of course, if they sail through the windless zone and enter the storm zone, even if they are the team Rush, they would have to stay alert, but they only needed to worry when the time came.

Anyway to pass through the windless zone, they would take at least a month or more.


“Coming to South Korea you said?”


Gye Baek looked at Dark Knight with a surprised look.


[Yeah, I wanted to come since last time.] (TL Note: He used the informal speech.)


Now Dark Knight, Gye Baek and Sang Hyuk have become good friends and have had comfortable conversations with each other.

Especially since Dark Knight became good friends, he spoke more than he did before.


“Are you coming for a short vacation?”


[You can say it’s a long vacation. ]


“Wow, great! The three of us have to get some beer and chicken when you come.”


Gye Baek was excited because Dark Knight was coming.


“When will you come? Should I pick you up at the airport?”


[The day after tomorrow. Pickup is ok. I’ll contact you after I unpack my luggage. And…….]


Dark Knight seemed to have something more to say, but he stopped talking in the middle.


“Huh? And what?”


[No, just don’t get surprised when we meet later.]


“Pfftt, why should we be surprised when we meet up?”


[Alright, that’s it.]


Dark Knight nodded at Gye Baek’s words and answered.


“Have a safe trip. And that day, let’s just take a break and let’s get together and relax.”


Since Sang Hyuk also accepted Gye Baek and Dark Knight as friends so he wanted to chat with them all night while having drinks.


“Then we definitely have to get the next port before the day after tomorrow. Immortal, what are you doing? Step on it!”


Gye Baek laughed cheerfully and shouted.

And Sang Hyuk, likewise, smiled and floored the accelerator.

Being with trusted friends.

That was a really fun thing.

Chapter 149 [Episode 76] All of them to Hades! 2 – End


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