Chapter 150 [Episode 77] She, not he

@She, not he.

Sang Hyuk’s group worked hard to speed their arrive at the next Sky Island before the Dark Knight departed for South Korea.

The theme of each Sky Island varies, and this Sky Island was a place that was reminiscent of a Sauna. In fact, the average temperature on the island was around 47 degrees Celsius (ED: 117 degrees Fahrenheit), that if it was in the real world, there would be lots of people dying because of heat prostration and dehydration.

However, because they had special abilities in the game, they could endure it. But, their perception of heat remained untouched.

Sang Hyuk whose resistances were significantly higher than the average user, did not feel much of the heat because he had endothermic items and skills (TL Note: the mechanism by which the body temperature is regulated regardless of external temperature.), but Gye Baek and Dark Knight struggled, because their vitality and health was reduced even when they were standing still.

It was clear that it was not unbearable. It was occasionally a breathtakingly painful heat that made one question whether or not the pain control system was working, but when they tried to bear it, they could hold it as much as they wanted.

However, if they moved vigorously in this state, then it could be a little daunting.

The Sky Islands constantly harassed users in this way.

In fact, Gye Baek and Dark Knight have gone through numerous Sky Islands with Sang Hyuk and they were tested to their limits many times, unlike how it was on Treenark.

But, they always managed to break through their limits and grew. All of this was due to Sang Hyuk, who always led the way as if there were no limits.

At least until the middle layer, there were no challenges for Gye Baek and Dark Knight. It merely felt so easy before because Sang Hyuk had such an overwhelming power.

Of course, Sang Hyuk always said that their destination was the hard part. Gye Baek and Dark Knight thought that if everything Sang Hyuk said was true then the ‘Continent of the Sun’ was clearly a nonsensical place.

Not only are there savagely high leveled NPCs, the Sun People also behaved like real users because the level of their “artificial intelligence” was completely different.

Considering the extreme difficulty and the inhabitants that were “monstrously powerful” then it should have been called the “Instant Dungeon of the Sun” not the “Continent of the Sun”.

Sang Hyuk, who knew this very well because of his past experience, was thinking about grinding his level to 80 or higher in the Middle Layer.

Currently, Sang Hyuk has reached level 61 and he is finally out of the level-up congestion zone that was like he11.

Gye Baek and Dark Knight each reached level 59 and 58.

Sang Hyuk, who was level 61, was able to open the awakening slot. The awakening slot was a significant aid in developing his character. There was a big difference between having the awakening slot and not.

And since he is out of the level-up congestion zone, he would be able to speed level.

The next level-up congestion zone appeared at level 99, so there was no need to worry about it right away.


Team Rush who finished the 7th Sky Island called ‘The Island of Blazing Flame’ and decided to stay here for four days for a unity rally (TL Note: a rally to strengthen the unity of a group) and relaxation.

They decided to go to the same VR room and play the Blue Sky Sailing Route quest after Dark Knight arrived in South Korea.

Sang Hyuk, who ended the connection, began editing the large-scale field PvP footage from the  Sky-sea as he had spare time.

The result of the battle that smashed the Reverse One fleet was superb, but unfortunately the video was a mess.

Sang Hyuk had taped most of his battle footage in shadow while he was under Concealment. Somehow he couldn’t get the picture right.

The part where the four legendary NPCs wiped out his enemies and Sang Hyuk using the Ragna Blade to create an immense hole in the Sky-Sea, and causing a gigantic whirlpool obviously were far too controversial and shocking to be released.

In the end, Sang Hyuk cut both parts and just spliced the moderately watchable videos together. And for the finale he showed how the six large Sky-grade ship exploded in turn then sank.


‘What should be the title? Hmmm…. the Ink Black Dragon’s Great Victory. This would be ok, right?’


Sang Hyuk put ‘The Ink Black Dragon’s Great Victory’ as the title to the video and saved it.

This video was intended to be used as content for Channel One.

The popularity of the Live Channel One, which had dropped to fourth place, was on the verge of becoming number one again when it started broadcasting the authentic ‘Middle Layer Q&A’.

If the Ink Black Dragon’s Great Victory is released in this situation then it didn’t seem very difficult to reach first place.

Rather, he was more concerned with the offline tournament schedule than the live channel.

With their schedule in the Middle Layer so tight, it was a bigger problem to lose time to participate in LGN’s “EL Tournament’, which was only a month away.

The EL Revolution’s own online preliminaries were easy to break through but it was time-consuming for the offline tournament because he had to take time away and visit the station directly.


‘There is no other way, I have to ask for Gye Baek and Dark Knight’s understanding to take a day or two off the voyage.’


No matter how much he thought, he had to get their permission.

Sang Hyuk, who had finished everything including the video, took a shower and closed his eyes after he satisfied his hunger with a few high-nutrition energy bars.

Although today was an official day off for Team Rush, Sang Hyuk didn’t sleep in. It has now become his habit to have only about two or three hours of sleep per night, so even with this little sleep he didn’t feel tired..

It turns out that accessing the Dream Network from a capsule was somewhat similar to Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, so he didn’t feel tired even with only a few hours of sleep.

Extreme DN users only slept two hours a day, but the results of the study showed that even these atypical users had no significant health problems.

Sang Hyuk, who slept briefly and woke up, as always did some stretching, swung his wooden sword and worked on his forms.


‘After coming back to the past, the three things I’ve changed about my life that worked out the best, learning kendo is one of them.’


Sang Hyuk, who sweated enough, nodded with a refreshed expression. At first, learning kendo started as a simple idea of feeling what it was like to move a sword in real life while raising his health, but as he continued on, he felt as if he was strengthening not only his body but also his mind through the sword-wielding movements.

He felt like he was literally training his body and mind to develop his ‘Center’, so he persistently swung his sword without missing a day.

Sang Hyuk, who completed his morning workout, accessed EL and enjoyed a few games of EL Revolution. EL Revolution which was launched its full service a month ago, was created with the rank system.

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