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However, Sang Hyuk didn’t play ranked games on purpose.

Sang Hyuk knew better than anyone how horribly obsessive he was. He had never been able to find a hobby right for him so he thought to spend the unavoidable downtimes while exploring the Middle Layer by playing the ranking games.

So, he didn’t play for rank and only played the normal game while waiting on Gye Baek and Dark Knight’s schedules.

These days, Sang Hyuk has been obsessed with the limited mode, which he had not enjoyed in his past life.

The limited mode, which made him put away all the advantages he gained from the main server and compete purely with his own skill, gave Sang Hyuk a great deal of enjoyment.

Sang Hyuk thought that the more he played limited mode, the more suitable it was for E-sports.

There was only the unlimited mode in his previous life, so it became a mainstream E-sport, but events this life seemed to have gone totally differently.

This was purely Sang Hyuk’s personal, subjective judgement, but he had fairly high skills in comparison to his previous life.

The funny thing was that in limited mode, Sang Hyuk also suffered defeats. In unlimited mode, he continued his undefeated record as an irresistible invincible dominating force, but in limited mode he had been defeated three times.

Because there were 220 victories, the winning rate was approximately 99%. In fact, it meant that he was almost impossible to beat.

However, these three defeat rather fired Sang Hyuk’s competitive nature.


‘The world is wide and there are a lot of monsters.’


These were the words Sang Hyuk heard the most when he tripped up hard on E-sport competitions in his previous life.

And recently, Sang Hyuk confirmed once again that the words were not wrong.

* * * *

The Dark Knight arrived in South Korea.

Gye baek and Sang Hyuk did not pick him up, but instead they came to meet him in the hotel he stayed on.

There was no Dream Network connection in the three people’s schedule.

It was the first time the three had met, so they were going to eat a delicious meal, grab a drink, and chat, as people do when they meet for the first time in real life.

At least… everything was fine right before Dark Knight, who received Gye Baek’s text, waved his hand.


“Hey…. I’d understand if he came with a mask and sunglasses….am I wrong? I am somehow seeing wrong, right?”


Gye Baek stared at Dark Knight who is waving his hand toward him, and spoke with a blank expression.


“…. I don’t think you are seeing wrong.”


The same happened to Sang Hyuk who was surprised.


“How do you do?”


Dark Knight, no, a woman wearing a hat, sunglasses and a surgical mask, spoke Korean clearly with careful pronunciation. She had mentioned that after she had met Sang Hyuk and Gye Baek in EL, she had started learning Korean in real life, and it seemed that this was not a lie.

The problem was Dark Knight’s gender.


“You, you….are a woman?”


Gye Baek still looked looked like he couldn’t believe it.


“This is why you told us to not be surprised.”


Sang Hyuk could understand now why Dark Knight had said that.


[Sorry, I tried to say it, but I missed the timing.]


Dark Knight’s Korean language skill was very good, so she had noticed most of what Gye Baek and Sang Hyuk said, but she apologized using the translation function of her smartphone because listening and speaking are a little bit different.


“Ah, this is embarrassing. I’ve said a lot of puns and dirty jokes in front of you all this time…….”


Gye Baek looked like he was going to kick his blanket for the rest of his life. (TL Note: Blanket kick refers to a situation when someone lies on the bed to sleep, but suddenly remembers an embarrassing moment so he or she kicks the blanket out of shame.)

This was understandable because Gye Baek had been joking around all the time because he was like that.


[I also like such jokes too.]


Dark Knight tried to comfort Gye Baek, but the more she did, the gloomier Gye Baek’s face became.


“I don’t think gender will affect our relationships, but you should have told us before.”


Sang Hyuk had no intention of scolding her.

He was just a little surprised.


[Sorry. This part is my fault.]


“Hyuu, let aside that you are a girl, but are you a criminal who is on the wanted list? Why are you so tightly wrapped up?”


[I’m not a criminal, but the situation was a bit…..]


Dark Knight, carefully took off her sunglasses, lowered her mask to show her face after looking around.

As soon as she revealed her face, Gye Baek’s face changed dramatically.

His eyes got bigger as if they were popping out of their sockets, and his mouth was half-open. He seemed so surprised that he couldn’t even say anything.


“Le, Le…ah Collin?”


Gye Baek recognized Dark Knight, no, Leah.

Of course, Sang Hyuk had no idea who Leah Collin was.

If Sang Hyuk was a normal person, he would have known who Leah Collin is, but he was a little different from the average person.

His interest was only in the game, so his knowledge of the “other side” (Real Life) was almost non-existent.


“Leah Collin? Who is that?”


Sang Hyuk murmured as he shook his head.


“Hey, you don’t know Leah Collin? The strongest in the world and at the same time the most beautiful babe in the world. Leah Collin A.K.A The Iron Rose! You don’t know her?”


“Yeah, I don’t.”


At Sang Hyuk’s very remarkable reply, Gye Baek had an absurd look on his face and Collin was laughing while holding her stomach finding them very funny.


[Aigoo, I laughed so much I’m hungry. Let’s get some food first.] (TL Note: Aigoo is kind of exclamation. It can be used in a bad situation or funny situation like this.)(ED Note: Using Aigoo also identifies you as a member of the older generation, or you took Korean language classes from someone of that generation.)


Leah wore her sunglasses and mask again then grabbed both of their hands.


“Waa, look at this ogre-like power!”


Gye Baek didn’t forget to joke even at this moment.

And Sang Hyuk still shook his head and wondered who Leah Collin was.

Although her gender and identity were revealed, Gye Baek and Sang Hyuk treated her the same way as before.

For them, Leah was still Dark Knight, Aspice as always, not an SFC(Super Fighting Championship) martial arts champion and a popular media star and world famous beauty.

Leah liked this.

This was exactly what she wanted in the first place.

Dark Knight became a she, not he.

Chapter 150 [Episode 77] She, not he – End


Editor’s Notes:  Leah Collin was first mentioned in chapter 75.  Chamber, the first translator, referred to her as “Reah Collin”.  Both the translator and I agree that “Leah” is a much more likely American name, and since the Machine TransLation uses “Leah”, and we like it better, that’s what we’ll go with.


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