Chapter 151 [Episode 78] EL Tournament 1

@ EL Tournament.

Leah Collin was a world famous figure.

Even if she didn’t like martial arts, there were dozens of commercials around the world, and there was even a movie that was hugely popular internationally.

As a result, she was more famous than hollywood stars. So even in Korea, she couldn’t just take off her sunglasses and mask while wandering around.

Eventually, the three of them were forced to hide in Sang Hyuk’s officetel, they ate and drank from various delivery services and bought beer and snacks at the convenience stores.


“I really want to treat you to really delicious food… sorry.”


Sang Hyuk scratched his head and felt awkward.


[It’s okay. Rather, I’m sorry. We can’t go because of me….]


“Well, it’s not our fault. By the way, is it okay to talk comfortably like this? I didn’t know your age but since now I know….. I mean if you want it, we can serve you politely as a noona.” (TL note: Noona: big sister, for a younger man in calling the older woman. To serve means to speak more politely and conscious of the manner of the younger person to an older person.)


Gye Baek looked at Leah with a cautious expression and asked.

Leah is 27 years old. And Gye Baek and Sang Hyuk were 23 years old. Of course, Leah was really a noona in Korea.


[I’m comfortable with this. I like having friends more than younger brothers.]


“Alright. Then we clearly have decided to be friends. I won’t go there in the future.”


Because it was the relationship coming from the DN world, where things like age were not very meaningful anyway so four years difference was not a big deal.


“But do you like the food?”


Leah, who is a pure American, had a lot of unfamiliarity with the delivery food. Even though it was good, better than what you’d expect for takeout , Sang Hyuk was worried that it wasn’t good enough for a guest from far away.


[The best! It’s not a lie, how come all the food is so yummy? I have to stay in Korea longer because of the food. ]


In fact, Leah had a very pleased expression, with jokbal (pig feet) in one hand and a piece of marinated fried chicken in the other.

It was the first time the three of them met in reality not in EL, but within a few hours, they were able to get along as well as they normally did in Eternal Life.

Team Rush, who were united in reality, not in just inside Dream Network, spent three days eating, drinking, chatting and playing around, as if they were trying to make sure that they weren’t just friends in EL only.

At least in these 3 days, they don’t worry about anything else.

Of course, in the process of eating, drinking and playing, it was also given that the three of them would access EL and play together.

They found a quiet VR room and solved the Blue Sky Sailing Route quest on Flame Island. But, they did not sail. It was difficult to disconnect when the Sky-grade ship was launched on the Sky-sea, at least the three were scheduled to not start sailing while they were together in reality.

In the end, four more days after that, they finished their week off and getting to know each other. Only then as they had vacationed enough, they decided to resume their voyage.

They enjoyed playing in real life, but they also enjoyed playing in EL as much, so it was time to get back to work.

However…. as they decided to go back in the game, Leah, who was planning to stay in Korea a bit longer, had a problem. The hotel she stayed in was a luxury hotel, but due to a number of privacy concerns, she was unable to install a DN capsule in her room.

This was a legal matter, so even if she is Leah, it was a problem she could not solve. But it was nonsense for her to use a public VR room. Currently she unofficially came to Korea without letting anyone know, so it could be a lot of trouble when it is revealed that she was in Korea.

Actually, in one sense, this problem was easily solved.

Leah, being Leah, solved this problem in the easiest way, except for all the complicated arrangements and orders.

The key to solve the problem was simple logic, since it was not possible to install it in the hotel, then she could install it elsewhere, in another place where it was permitted.

Of course, it was not that Leah didn’t have any money, so it was enough to just buy or rent a suitable place.

But to do that, she has to do real estate transactions, and that could be a hassle.

So…….. she arranged a suitable place in a different way other than buying or renting.


The DN capsule which finished the last inspection, went into standby mode. And Leah, who was looking at it, had a satisfied expression.


[It’s newer than the one I used in America, so it’s a bit like my Virtual Reality Ability has gone up.]


She used the VRA measurement programs to check her senses, including her reaction speed.

The latest high-end capsule was definitely her favorite.


“I’m glad you liked it……. Is it really not uncomfortable?”


The place where she installed the capsule.

That place was surprisingly Sang Hyuk’s officetel.

The Officetel in Ilsan, where Sang Hyuk lives, was of course spacious because it was a luxury suite.

As a result, there were a few rooms that were left vacant by Sang Hyuk who lived alone. Leah installed the capsule in one of those empty rooms.


[I’m okay. Rather, I’m worried about you. Honestly, I was grateful you propose this first, but now I think I’ve accepted it without thinking.]


“I’m fine too. Honestly, it would be impossible to do real estate transaction with your real name. And in the end, things will get complicated… it’s a good idea to solve it simply this way.”


[Okay! Then I’ll try my best to not be a bother. I can do house chores better than you think. So, you just got a housekeeper who moved in and works here.]


“Wow, making Leah Collin a housekeeper? Nope. There is not much to do here since I don’t have a lot of things, so don’t worry.”


Now Sang Hyuk know how famous Leah is. He couldn’t not know because Leah Collin’s name was on the internet endlessly.

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