And anyway, Sang Hyuk knew that Leah would only stay in Korea for a month or two, then return to the US, so he thought that even if he was uncomfortable, he would be able to stand it for that long.


[Great, so I’ll stay as if it is my house.]


Leah unexpectedly was a very easy-going person.

It was as if EL’s Dark Knight was Leah’s other personality.

Leah staying there as comfortable as she said.

And Sang Hyuk didn’t think Leah was difficult and treated her like a really long-time friend.

It was Sang Hyuk who learned about Leah’s fame only after searching the internet, so there was no reason to think that she had a difficult personality. For Sang Hyuk, Leah was just a precious colleague and friend who was on the same frequency as him.

In particular, Sang Hyuk was exercising with Leah every morning while learning things about her.

It was natural for the two of them to work out together in the morning. Sang Hyuk always worked out with his kendo sword every morning and Leah also had a lifelong habit of waking up in the morning and doing yoga.

As a result, the two of them were naturally exercising together in the morning.

And when they worked out together, they talked about a lot of things and in the process, Sang Hyuk got tips on various ways to exercise from Leah.

Leah, a top-notch professional martial artist, had a lot to teach. Sang Hyuk, who had only trained himself through kendo, was able to open his eyes to another world, the world of martial arts through Leah and had fun.

If Sang Hyuk was enjoying learning new things, Leah was getting into teaching. She had never taught anyone before, and while teaching Sang Hyuk, she got a kick out of watching him grow.

Of course, this position changed in the game, where Sang Hyuk was the teacher and Leah the student, but the two of them had a great time pushing and pulling each other. (TL Note: I feel the romanticism in the air by the words of ‘pushing and pulling’.)(ED Note: Or at least the sexual tension….)

* * * *

Time quickly passed and Team Rush, who rested for a week, sailed really hard on the Sky-sea for the next three weeks.

As a result, they were able to reach the 108th Sky Island, ‘The Quake Lava Island’.

And Team Rush decided to take another four-day break on the island.

The decision to rest was not bad in many ways, as there was a feeling of being a little overwhelmed for the past three weeks, as well as Sang Hyuk’s participation in the offline competition.

LGN was scheduled to officially launch the EL Pro League exactly two weeks after the end of the EL Tournament.

The original plan was to launch it in the form of a team league, but due to several issues, the decision was made to begin with opening the league in the form of tournaments with multiple professional teams.


“Ah, this is the disappointing part.”


Jang Minho, who is now no longer an EL expert but a commentator for LGN, looked at the screen and felt sorry.


“I’m not sure, but did player Kingstar make a mistake a little while ago?”


The caster was of course Jeon Yongmin.


“It’s a bit ambiguous. Obviously, Kingstar’s selection wasn’t a bad one……..but I think he missed a chance to take a shot. If he didn’t back down, but rather if he moved forward and fought back, it may have changed the result.”


Jang Minho may not be good at playing, but at least his eyes were very sharp.

He has analyzed numerous EL videos and his analysis was known for being very accurate and dispassionate.


“I see. After all, Krai eventually won the set and advance to the final with 3:2 set score.”


“Krai’s performance is definitely excellent. In particular, this player has increased his skills since joining the pro game team Daehyun Fighters. Krai has the potential to become one of Daehyun’s aces in the future.”


The honest evaluation of Jang Minho. Originally, Jang Minho was famous for his honesty and integrity. Of course, there were users who tried to suck up to Jang Minho, but no one held that against Jang Minho because those users were always shut out.


“Well, the next game is….. the one that lots of people have been waiting for.”


“Yes, it’s a very exciting game for me personally.”


“This is the match between the strongest EL player who nicknames are legion……Undefeated, Invincible, King of Victories….. There are so many nicknames, ‘the Immortal’ with Master K, who is also one of the best players in the world.”


“Honestly, I feel sorry for Master K, but this is the finale of the EL Tournament. I don’t need to say anything since he is the Immortal, so I’ll skip it. I’d rather focus on his opponent, Master K. Who is this player? Isn’t he actually one of the top DN pro-gamers, who was the absolute best of the Sword and Magic Arena League and he was also the strongest of Fantasy Tekken? Although he didn’t get much attention in the EL main server because he joined so late in the game, but he’s in the spotlight since the EL Revolution released.”


“He’s been a regular in the finals of many of the games I’ve played.”


“Yes, that’s right. It may be nonsense that such a top pro-gamer is competing in the EL Tournament. He hasn’t joined a professional game team as he hasn’t shown much on EL main server side yet, and of course he will show it in this competition, but thanks to him, it allows us to actually see the match that covering the strongest of EL. Especially because of the fact that these two players join the limited mode and that’s what makes the audience so excited.”


Jang Minho was more excited than usual.

The Immortal knew everyone, all the exceptional players including those who had yet to become exceptional, because of his “second life”. And the Immortal, he too was a fan of Kim Junyoung.

Sang Hyuk sat in the waiting room and quietly closed his eyes, he smiled as he listened to the voices of Jeon Yongmin and Jang Minho from the outside.


“Interesting. I will really have a match with Kim Junyoung……”


Of course, Sang Hyuk knew Master K.

He didn’t just merely know Master K but he knew that person very well.

Chapter 151 [Episode 78] EL Tournament 1 – End


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