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Chapter 147 [Episode 75] Ink-Black Dragon Great Victory 2

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Chapter 146 [Episode 75] Ink-Black Dragon Great Victory 1

Chapter 152 [Episode 78] EL Tournament 2

Kim Junyoung was an active pro-gamer up until the time Sang Hyuk became a director.

And Sang Hyuk was frustrated four times because of him, losing his chance to win the EL Championship.

The nickname given to Sang Hyuk as a four time runner-up…. Kong Line. (TL note: Kong Line refers to Hong Jinho, Korean pro-gamer, who was also a runner up multiple times. His nickname is Kong. So, people who were always the runner up is at the same line with him, placing them on the Kong Line.)

Of course, in the end after that he won the Unification Championship, but unfortunately, he was able to win only because Kim Junyoung retired that year.

Kim Junyoung, who had beaten brilliant, young and hungry pro-gamers even when he was over 30, said he wasn’t retiring because of his skills, but that he was retiring because the game wasn’t fun anymore.

For your information, Kim Junyoung was two years younger than Sang Hyuk, but he had been a Dream Network pro-gamer since he was 16 years old.

In his previous life, Kim Junyoung was the immovable mountain that Sang Hyuk had never been able to surpass.

No, he was the Great Mawang (Devil King) who remained undefeated by not only Sang Hyuk, but also all the other pro-gamers and Game Teams, not even once.

Kim Junyoung fans won’t think so, but Sang Hyuk thought that Kim Junyoung was WAY too full of himself.

Sang Hyuk went on stage and entered his booth. He was familiar with being on a stage, but Kim Junyoung, who looked so much younger than he remembered, just stood there.


‘Every time I was defeated by you while I was a director…. honestly, I’ve always dreamed of this.’


I wanted to beat him because I was frustrated. That’s what Sang Hyuk remembered. But the opportunity came in this life.

The opportunity happened even faster than he thought possible.


‘In my previous life, even if it was Kim Junyoung, he couldn’t go beyond the limits of how many hours he’s actually played EL, so he didn’t have much skill at this point….. Also, as this new limited mode has appeared, the conditions have changed.’


Kim Junyoung had already been the best in two other games before EL, but that’s why he started EL, in which one’s starting time was important, a long time after the other professionals.

In fact, at the moment Kim Junyoung’s level in the main server was just 50.

Not only the equipment, but also his titles were not very good.

In his previous life, Kim Junyoung started to shine as an EL pro-gamer after the release of the second dimension planet.

The release of the second dimension planet, no matter how fast the time flow in the game, would obviously take a long time.

That’s why it makes sense that he came to this tournament without any affiliation.

Considering the weight of his name, no matter how much of a noob he is right now, he would be able to join the professional gaming team of a large corporation, but Kim Junyoung didn’t really like ambiguous things like that.

Kim Junyoung, who likes to make everything clear, wanted to make it to the finals on his own and then win as an amateur.

Then, when he searched for a pro gamer team to join, everything would be as Kim Junyoung wanted.


‘Am I going to be recorded on the Royal Road as an amateur? But will it happen my way?’ ***


Sang Hyuk knew Kim Junyoung better than anyone else, so he predicted exactly what Kim Junyoung was thinking about participating in the competition.


“I’ll break you and make my dream a reality.”


Sang Hyuk spoke his words to himself and immediately went into the capsule and lay down.


Third game out of a Set of Five in limited mode:


“Immortal’s choice is still the same as before, Shadow Knight and buffer.”


Jeon Yongmin stared at the Sang Hyuk’s screen as he finished his selection, then talked.


“It seems to be an obvious choice. In fact, it’s a combination that’s so well known that it’s more difficult to deal with.”


Following Jeon Yongmin’s words, Jang Minho gave a supplementary explanation.


“This combination is intriguing because it is so well known, yet the Immortal makes it so formidable.”


“In a word, it is not special but also has no weaknesses. But the Immortal is an extraordinary player even with this very ordinary combination. That’s why the Immortal is called the Invincible.”


“I can barely understand. Ah! Master K also made his choice. Ohoo! It seems that he made a different choice than he had so far?”


“Berserker and Blade Master. This …… in other words, is an extreme attack combination.”


Jang Minho looked somewhat surprised by Kim Junyoung’s choice.


“Is this the combination that Master K has prepared to break the Immortal’s unbreakable defense?”


“It is very likely. Perhaps Kim Junyoung is going to believe in his skills and go ahead with an offensive strategy. It means that if your opponent is using a combination without any weaknesses, you are going to create the weaknesses yourself and target them.”


“What do you think? Who seems to be more favorable based on the chosen ancient knowledge only?”


“Hmm, at this point it is really fifty-fifty. To quote a phrase that has been frequently used in esports broadcasts in the past….. This fight will be purely a ‘corps-a-corps fight’.”


“Then…does that mean that the physically superior player wins?


“To simply define it as physical… the controls in DN are more complex. Anyway, the side who fights most skillfully will win.”


“It is indeed a little vague.”


“Whatever it is, it’s a showdown between the top players, so it’s impossible to predict the exact outcome.”


“It is the first time I’ve ever heard such weak commentary from Jang Minho. After all, this is the battle of the century that so many people have been waiting for! ”


The match began with a short, concise comment from Jeon Yongmin.

sfx. rain pouring hard

A grassy meadow with rain.

It was a meadow without rocks and the only obstacle was the rain that was pouring hard.


‘This is true… Kim Junyoung’s name is indeed great.’


Sang Hyuk tilted his head a bit and bitterly smiled.

As soon as the battlefield unfolded before his eyes, Sang Hyuk knew he was nervous. Even though according to his standards, this was a trivial fight, Sang Hyuk, who was the victor in countless hellish, nightmare battlefields, found that his heart was pounding slightly.


‘Not bad. Rather, studies have shown that this moderate tension elevates VRA.’


Sang Hyuk gently relaxed his body and increased his focus.

Sang Hyuk was unable to know what Ancient Knowledge that Kim Junyoung would have chosen. In his previous life, Kim Junyoung was EL’s most famous Magic Knight.

He was a double soul user, and his job was the magic knight which used the combination of elemental magic (flame) and blade master.

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