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Chapter 147 [Episode 75] Ink-Black Dragon Great Victory 2

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Chapter 146 [Episode 75] Ink-Black Dragon Great Victory 1

In fact, Magic Knight wasn’t very popular, and it was only after Kim Junyoung begin to show an invincible record of wins as one then it had become the most common job in EL.


‘Is it Magic Knight? No… he certainly wouldn’t have made a common choice.’


Sang Hyuk knows Kim Junyoung well. That’s why he knew he would enjoy being surprised by Master K’s selection in this situation.

Kim Junyoung’s walk revealed his confidence.

Neither Kim Junyoung and Sang Hyuk were the ones who were most interested in each other…


‘Two-handed sword…. I see now that this kid chose a berserker style.’


Sang Hyuk knew what Kim Junyoung chose, even when he only saw the two-handed sword that Kim Junyoung was holding.

Of course, Kim Junyoung also noticed what Sang Hyuk chose.

Now that they’ve acknowledged each other, it’s all about getting down to business properly.

Dudududuuk, Tadadang!

Sang Hyuk deflected the two-handed sword that Kim Junyoung swung effortlessly with his lighter blade, the heavier blade guided with Sang Hyuk’s sword held at a slight angle, slashing into the ground barely missing its target.

In fact, this masterful minimalist parry style was an instant action so it had no counter even when the opponent knew about it.

But Kim Junyoung wasn’t the one who could be beaten by the same pattern that has been used against him several times.

He immediately triggered one of the berserker’s special skills, the ‘Roar of Rage’ as soon as Sang Hyuk deflected the strike.




This was a powerful debuff skill, and the shout had a powerful force that stunned the enemy within range for two seconds.

Kim Junyoung was going to immobilize Sang Hyuk, who continued to dodge his attacks like a loach,(ED Note: A wee slippery river fish) and do his work properly.

But as soon as he shouted, Sang Hyuk had already dropped and rolled sideways.


Of course, even if he avoided it, the effect of the Roar of Anger was applied partially. As a result, Sang Hyuk became stunned for a second. But as his body was still rolling sideways he was able to maintain sufficient separation.

Kim Junyoung was amazing because he tried to blast Sang Hyuk using Roar of Rage almost instantly and with perfect timing while Sang Hyuk was also amazing because he rolled sideways as if he had anticipated the counterattack.


[Wow, both of the players are really great! The attack and defense they showed in just a second was skillful enough that I’m speechless!]


Jang Minho, who had been commenting calmly, leaped up from his chair and was screaming in excitement.


[The point that they couldn’t even touch each other at all even after fighting non-stop for more than 10 minutes was really amazing! Is this what we call the best game of the best players at this level?!]


Jeon Yongmin, too, stood up and shouted.


[These players today are making the game into art!]


For 10 minutes, Sang Hyuk and Kim Junyoung were exchanging blows too fast to see clearly. If two evenly matched users who were melee class fought each other, the victor will appear in less than 5 minutes. Because Melee battle was really dangerous because it was so fast paced,  it was inevitable that either side would make a mistake and allow a deadly attack at some point.

However, Sang Hyuk and Kim Junyoung avoided or blocked each other’s deadly strikes as if they were speed skating on thin ice or sprinting across a Slackline.

And despite the speed and power of each attack, they still failed to strike the fatal blow.

As a result, the battle between these two men was a dazzling display of swordsmanship, exciting for everyone.


‘This guy…. is indeed amazing.’


Sang Hyuk knew it for sure now. The reason why the players he raised couldn’t use all of their power and lost like that when they met Kim Junyoung…… He understood so clearly now.

Of course, Kim Junyoung was also very surprised. He knew that the opponent in front of him was called the EL strongest. However, Kim Junyoung thought that he had become the strongest of EL simply because he started the game much earlier than himself.

But when Sang Hyuk and he crossed swords today, Kim Junyoung realized that what he had thought was wrong.


‘This user….. is strong.’


Kim Junyoung felt that the man in front of him was stronger than any pro-gamer he had ever met.


‘Right, Kim Junyoung, you’re amazing. But at least in this game, choosing the berserker is your mistake.’


Sang Hyuk didn’t think he would lose this match. This was due to Kim Junyoung’s choice.


It was an Ancient Knowledge that was optimized for pure, brutal offense. And if one was confident in their control, one could smash through any vulnerabilities in their opponent’s defenses.

In that sense, Sang Hyuk also thought that Berserker was not a bad choice. But there was a reason Sang Hyuk didn’t choose the Berserker.


‘Stamina… Berserkers use skills which consumes health, which not only make them vulnerable, but they also have poor staying power. It’s not comparable to the buffer I’ve chosen.’


In the end, the conclusion was one.


‘Unless you work hard then it’s my victory.’


Even if he could not win by overwhelming his opponent by force, at the very least, if he keeps on attacking and defending then in the end, the one who will stand alone at the end was Sang Hyuk.

Of course, Kim Junyoung wasn’t unaware of this fact.

And Sang Hyuk also knew that Kim Junyoung was aware of the limitations of berserker.


‘But there will be nothing different even if you know it. Rather, if you come out a little impatient because of that limitation….. Then this battle won’t take long at all.’


Sang Hyuk rather wanted to make Kim Junyoung feel impatient and lose it. Then he would not miss the moment and had the confidence to strike him down.


‘Kim Junyoung, what will you do?’


Sang Hyuk, who gripped the sword in his right hand while looking at Kim Junyoung.

He had confidence that he wouldn’t lose.

Chapter 152 [Episode 78] EL Tournament 2 – End


*** ”The Royal Road refers to a rookie winning an OSL (OnGameNet StarLeague) upon their first qualification to that tournament.


A player who has walked the Royal Road is called a Royal Roader.


According to the explanation given by Doa during a 2013 WCS Season 2 Korea OSL cast, a Korean familiar with the term’s origins explained to him that the “royal road” was a road that led to the palace of ancient Korean rulers that only that ruler was allowed to travel on. Also, while the ruler traveled on the “royal road”, no one was allowed to look at him pass by, so that in a sense the ruler was “invisible”. Thus the association between the historical term and the concept of a player who wins a tournament on his first attempt is that of an “unseen” player (because he hadn’t competed before) that ended up becoming “royalty” (because he won the tournament).


From the Liquidpedia, the Starcraft II Wikipedia.


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