“Don’t worry. It would be hard for the other things, but I’ll make sure to keep you from dying.”


Sang Hyuk meant for them to endure all the sufferings unto death.

Naturally, Gye Baek and Dark Knight understood exactly what Sang Hyuk meant.

The face of Gye Baek and Dark Knight stiffened sharply.

This place is scary even for two people who are confident in enduring more than anyone else. This place seemed to fit the words “living hell”.

* * * *

The Sky Whale’s patterns were very diverse. Because all of the giant creatures in the sky-sea are classified as Sky Whales so even within the same species, there was a great deal of diversity.

However, if you have dealt with a lot of Sky Whales, you were able to learn some good tricks regardless of the patterns.

One of the most common tricks was ‘Sky Jumping’.

Sky Jumping was the act of jumping from the Sky-grade ship into the Sky-sea in order to pull the agro of the Sky Whale.

Of course, if you jump into the sky-sea when the Sky-grade ship was operating normally, then you are pulled up by the Sky-grade ship’s attraction field so there was no way for you to sink into the sky sea.

If you use Sky Jumping while matching the timing properly with your weapon then not only you were able to pull the agro but you can even interrupt the Sky Whale’s skills.

Of course, if they were unable to match the timing, then the jumper is left defenseless, which could lead to terrible consequences, but at least Gye Baek and Dark Knight used it skillfully enough to match the timing even with their eyes closed.

In addition, the techniques used by Team Rush are ‘Magic Bullet Reset’ or ‘Harpoon Milestone’ which were tricks for rapidly closing the distance between the Ink-Black Dragon and their target as well as  ‘Quick Release’, which let them disengage from harpoon chain and rapidly advance in a retrograde motion in order to live.(run away)

It was an obvious case, but the reason why they can escape using quick release was because ‘Ink-Black Dragon’ was an extraordinarily high-speed ship.

They had to use the quick release three times before entering the Red Zone, but the first two times they used it because Gye Baek thought they were going to die and the last time because Gye Baek and of course Dark Knight thought that Ink-Black Dragon was about to be sunk.

But since they entered the Red Zone, they used the quick release an average of five times a week. There were many dangerous moments.

Sang Hyuk ran away using quick release from a third grade Sky Whale and a pirate ship which were used as experimental subjects.  He wanted to know if they could endure a Ragna Blade hit.

It seemed like they could catch a third grade Sky Whale or Pirate ship that was weakened because of Ragna Blade, but it didn’t mean much if they couldn’t use this technique, because not only was the reward slashed, much of the karma earned was reduced due to Ragna Blade.

If they can’t use quick release when it seems really dangerous, all they have to do is use Ragna Blade to escape the crisis.

Anyway, the enemies they faced were so powerful, so it was really hard to manage with only three people.

Gye Baek and Dark Knight were able to squeeze out all of their abilities, and Sang Hyuk borrowing the maneuverability of the Ink-Black Dragon, which he pushed close to its limit, they barely managed to succeed in their attacks 20-30% of the time.

If they were mobbed by multiple whale or pirates, then they calculated the odds and if their estimate didn’t come out right then they ran away or fought a bit and use quick release when it got dangerous.

When dealing with the third grade Sky Whales or Pirate Ships, the three of them picked their targets and battlefields with care and exploited tactics to create that 20-30% probability of success.  Normally a three man crew should have had less than 5% chance of winning.

The Red Zone became a hunting ground for Team Rush, so it was possible to hunt like this.

Sky Whale didn’t respawn for at least 6 months after they were killed, so if it wasn’t for their monopolizing the Red Zone, then their hunting method would have been impossible.


The fifth third-grade Sky Whale caught on the Red Zone by Team Rush spurt out a huge amount of bubbles and revealed its massive body on the Sky-sea.


It created a large Sky Island with its death, but because of its hard, crab like exoskeleton then the sky island it made looked and felt like a hard rocky island.


“Gasp…gasp….Wow, I thought I was going to die at the last minute.”


Gye Baek moaned and stretched out on the deck of the Ink-Black Dragon. At this time, his health is only at 12% and both his vitality and magic power are zero.


“I told you that I’d keep you alive.”


At the last minute, Sang Hyuk threw himself and took the last shot of the Sky Whale on behalf of Gye Baek.

If Sang Hyuk didn’t block it with his body, then Gye Baek would have been helplessly game over.


“Yeah, you’re the best.”


Gye Baek smiled as he gave a thumbs up towards Sang Hyuk.


“Even if it is powerful, it has a simple pattern, so it’s doable. If we catch these guys, it’s worth it….”


Dark Knight also sat down on the floor with a weary look.


“The problem is that there are more complicated guys than this guy.”


Gye Baek, who had recovered his health and vitaliy after a few seconds, muttered with a dark look.


“It doesn’t matter. We just have to choose the easy ones. It is true that the Red Zone is smaller than the Storm Zone or Windless Zone, but it is basically a wide ocean. How many third grade Sky Whales do you think are living in this ocean? We can’t know the exact number but there is at least more than 500. So, if we can choose and catch only 50 of them, we can achieve what we’re aiming for.”


Unlike Gye Baek and Dark Knight, Sang Hyuk was not worried at all.


“Well, that’s the case. Oh! But if we hunt only the easy prey like this, then the people who come after us will helplessly have to deal with the powerful third grade Sky Whales we couldn’t handle.”


“I think so. But…..”


Sang Hyuk smiled widely while alternately looking at Gye Baek and Dark Knight after he paused. Then he continued his words.


“Who cares?”


The important things were ‘Me’ and ‘Us’ anyway.

The late comers? Their life was theirs to live.

Chapter 154 [Episode 79] Diamond Cut Diamond 2  – End


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