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Chapter 155 [Episode 80] The temple of Seven Dragons 1

@ The Temple of Seven Dragons.

Hunting Sky Whales, targeting only the weaker prey, continued.

At first, they frequently used quick release to escape during the learning period, but as they gained more experience, they acquired the knack for precisely estimating their target’s power levels.

As a result, they became increasingly more efficient in targeting third-grade Sky Whales. And as for the Pirate Ships, they passed them all.

Basically, the pirate ship didn’t have good compatibility with Team Rush who had few but elite members, so passing by the heavily crewed pirate ships was correct.

Sometimes it was difficult to shake off the pirate ships equipped with the high speed attribute with the Ink-Black Dragon, but for those situations, using the Ragna Blade worked.

With the combination of quick release and Ragna Blade, Team Rush had the perfect escape skills and this allowed them to safely hunt.

In the end, Team Rush continued hunting comfortably in the Red Zone which shouldn’t be  possible.

As a result, Sang Hyuk, Gye Baek and Dark Knight’s growth rate was even faster.

Especially, their hunt was accelerated by Sang Hyuk’s decision to not participate in LGN’s first professional league.

The reason why Sang Hyuk decided to miss out on the 1st pro league was Kim Junyoung’s absence. Kim Junyoung said there were too many things he lacked and declared that he would compete in the next tournament.

Sang Hyuk, who was not very interested in the one-off tournament, which was held in a single venue rather than the real pro league, declared his non-participation, as if he had waited for Kim Junyoung to declare his non-participation.

The single venue tournament, the absence of Kim Junyoung, and most importantly, the  situation of Team Rush, who had completed their adaptation in Red Zone much quicker than expected, reminded Sang Hyuk of his priorities, so he obviously chose not to go.

Of course, because of this choice some people became the dog who chased the chicken and spent their time causing a loud ruckus,(disappointed at missing a rematch) but that is just the business.

After they spent an uninterrupted month in the Red Zone and spent all their time leveling, Gye Baek and Dark Knight were able to reach level 75.

And Sang Hyuk reached 84, passing his target 80.

By this time, the level of the Sky Whales that could be safely hunted by the three of them, had increased.

After they had caught all the low ranked Sky Whales, they started hunting the Sky Whales that they had passed on before.

The selective depopulation of lower ranked Sky Whales is continuing.

Due to this, other users might really struggle tremendously when they reached the Red Zone.


[Blue Sky Sailing Route Quests Tips collection.]


[Middle Layer Sky Islands Total Clearance Guide.]


[Characteristic of the Sky Whales revealed so far]


[Moon People’s Favor Tips collection.]


[Sky-grade Ship Production Tips collection.]


[Magic Armor Production Tips collection.]


  • •••••
  • •••••

Sang Hyuk has been lurking in the three EL online communities and looking at how the outside world is these days. In fact, since he entered the Middle Layer, he had no interaction with the world of Treenark outside, as if he had entered a huge dungeon, so as far as Sang Hyuk is concerned, to him this was the outside world.


“No one has yet been to the Storm Zone.”


The people who made the most progress were still in the Windless Zone.

Of course, there could have been people who suddenly jumped ahead without exposing any information to the community, but it was accurate to say that most users haven’t even reached the windless zone yet.


‘With the exception of the large guilds and unions, most of the sky-grade ships are poor, so it’s going to be hard to navigate long distances. In this way, the average users should take at least half a year to enter the Red Zone just like in the previous life.’


At the moment, the hottest issue for EL is the Middle Layer and the Sky Whales that appeared there, so most of the community are talking about nothing else. Although there has been discussions about EL Revolution around PvP forums, but EL has had more PvE users than PvP users.

It was roughly 7 (PvE) users to 3 (PvP) in terms of proportion, but there were a lot of users who enjoyed both content, so these statistics couldn’t provide a complete picture.




Now there was one big title that caught Sang Hyuk’s eyes, who had closed the site and started looking at some of the community’s most popular posts.

(Repost) [The True Secret of the Reverse One’s Fleet.]


– I was once a member of a secret organization called Reverse One. What I’m posting today is the truth about the stupidity behind the huge coalition Reverse One, so that everyone knows. If we talk about the conclusion first, Reverse One is a huge coalition designed to defeat the strongest and the best EL guild, the famed ‘One’ guild. This coalition, with Dark Dragon Guild’s lead….. omit…… after that devastating naval battle there, I was disillusioned with the formerly Great coalition and withdrew from the guild. Of course, I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. In fact, the reason why the great coalition of Reverse One is unknown so far is because of their obsessive secrecy. Now I have used various means to completely hide my identity. Should my identity be exposed, I’ll suffer not only civil litigation but I also won’t be able to play EL ever again. So please don’t ask me to bring any proof or to reveal my identity. I have to live, right? Honestly, I don’t care if you don’t believe me. Because after writing this article and erasing all traces, I’m going to disappear. Just remember this. The top-level of the EL world is much dirtier and uglier than you might think. I once admired that world, but…… now I just want to enjoy a relaxed adventure on my own.


“Reverse One…….”


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