It was fairly long article and not even the original. Perhaps the original article was deleted.

This post was a screenshot of the original article that was posted when the original “disappeared”. Most of the comments below the post claimed that this was a story made up by an attention seeker.

But, Sang Hyuk knew better than anyone that this was not a fabrication, because of the Naval Battle in the article.

Because Team Rush had lived through the assault of the Reverse One fleet mentioned, this indicated that the author was in fact telling the truth.


‘Now I understand their actions.’


At that time, Sang Hyuk had no understanding of why his enemies had pushed so hard and why they had desperately risked their life until the end.

Sang Hyuk had been unaware of the existence of Reverse One. He knew vaguely that there were forces that kept the One Guild in check, but he didn’t know exactly who they were.

But when he read this, he could see what kind of people were aiming for him.

Sang Hyuk organized the contents of the article in his mind. Although he had already gained some information through the naval battle, but through this article, he was able to clear it up.

The forces that has been recorded in Sang Hyuk’s Death Note were overwhelming right now but at some point, they were all going to be targets for punishment.


‘My vengeance for my previous life has not been completed, but seems that my enemies continue to increase….Will revenge become my destiny?’


Sang Hyuk closed the internet window with a bitter laugh.

After resting as much as he could, now it was time to run again.

* * * *

Team Rush hunted in the Red Zone for a month. Still, they kept choosing and catching only the Sky Whales which were easy for them to deal with.

Because they culled the lower ranked Sky Whales like this, Red Zone became an even more terrifying hell, but this had nothing to do with Team Rush, since they were about to end their hunt in Red Zone soon.

In fact, the basic preparations have finished.

Sang Hyuk’s level became 91, Gye Baek and Dark Knight both were 85.

Sang Hyuk’s equipment was not greatly changed, but it was not a problem because his equipment was great from the beginning. Instead, because Gye Baek and Dark Knight’s equipments and titles have been upgraded tremendously, so the power of Team Rush was incomparable to before.

But, there is one more thing left to do, the most important thing for Sang Hyuk.


‘The Temple of the Seven Dragons.’


In order to hunt the Red Bearded Whale, they had to clear the Temple of the Seven Dragons. Naturally, Sang Hyuk knew the location of the Temple of the Seven Dragons.

The Temple of the Seven Dragons existed in the Red Zone.

Moreover, in a very deep place in the Red Zone…..

In fact, it was the last Sky Island at the end of the Sky-Sea.

Clearing the Temple of the Seven Dragons was the final puzzle before you could attack the Red Bearded Whale. But unfortunately, this could not be done together with Gye Baek and Dark Knight.

The Temple of the Seven Dragons is a very unusual dungeon, that no matter how many people went in, they were all separated. This meant that even if 20 players entered as a team, 20 instance dungeons would be created.

Moreover, based on what Sang Hyuk heard from his past life, the difficulty of the Temple of the Seven Dragons was beyond imagination and he couldn’t put Gye Baek and Dark Knight to such great danger before the final battle with the Red Bearded Whale.

If they could enter as a team, it didn’t matter because he was able to help them from the side, but it was a dungeon that had to be entered alone, so Gye Baek and Dark Knight were bound to fail.

Naturally, both Gye Baek and Dark Knight agreed with Sang Hyuk.

They didn’t want to end their Middle Layer adventures, without even trying to challenge the Red Bearded Whale.

Flash! Kwagwagwagwang!

A single Magic Cannonball punched through the haze, creating a passageway through the gray sea-fog which acted as a shield.


The Sky-ship that reached the ‘Island of the Temple of the Seven Dragons’, which was a hidden Sky Island, through that passage was of course the Ink-Black Dragon.


“Wow, how do you even know about this place? I’m still bewildered even though I’ve been listening…”


Gye Baek muttered as he gazed at the mysterious Sky Island that lay beyond the gray fog.

As Sang Hyuk said, if they cannot clear the quest and get the key to the Temple of the Seven Dragons, which can be called a unique quest, then they couldn’t even know about the existence of the Temple of the Seven Dragons.


“There is a unique quest. I was lucky enough to receive it a long time ago.”


It was not a lie.

Of course, he didn’t feel like talking about it, but it didn’t matter that much anyway.


“But can you really go alone? Shouldn’t you go after hunting the Red Bearded Whale?”


“This is necessary to hunt the Red Bearded Whale more easily. I know it’s a dangerous place, but… at least I’m confident.”


The Temple of the Seven Dragons was of the highest difficulty among raid dungeon.

By the general user standards, because they were forced to do this incredibly difficult raid alone, from the user’s point of view, this was impossible.

In fact, in his previous life, the Temple of the Seven Dragons was targeted much later than the Red Bearded Whale. After the players entered the Continent of the Sun, grinding for levels and equipment and finally finished adapting, then and only then did they dare to raid it.

But, all of this was by the standards of the average users.

When this was changed to a non-standard user like Sang Hyuk, then the situation inverted a 180 degrees.

Sang Hyuk was originally a character who specialized in one-man raids.

So the Temple of the Seven Dragons was like a custom dungeon made for him.


Like a  ‘fish in the water’, the Temple of the Seven Dragons was comfortable for Sang Hyuk. (TL note: fish in the water means to be in his element)


“I don’t bet on losing games.”


Sang Hyuk smiled at Gye Baek and Dark Knight. He then jumped on to the Island of the Temple of the Seven Dragons.

The seven giant dragon statues were tangled together.

They were the seven ancient dragons that once ruled the world.

Sang Hyuk slowly walked towards the ruins left behind by these seven ancient dragons.

Chapter 155 [Episode 80] The temple of Seven Dragons 1 – End


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