Chapter 156 [Episode 80] The Temple of the Seven Dragons 2

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There were two facts that Sang Hyuk was certain regarding the Temple of the Seven Dragons.

The first was that all users had to enter the dungeon alone as mentioned earlier.

And the second was the attributes of the dungeon.

The Temple of the Seven Dragons consisted of seven attributes. The dragons correspond to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the days of the week.

The dragons featured here were the Jewel Dragons.

Jewel Dragons were known as the strongest monsters before the appearance of the ‘Colored Dragons’.

A Colored Dragon was a dragon’s final evolution, and in fact a Jewel Dragon could evolve into a Colored Dragon.

After the Colored Dragons appeared, the Jewel Dragons, which were dominant at that time, naturally disappeared. The last seven Jewel Dragons that survived the biological Planned Obsolescence gathered their remaining power and made this refuge, the Temple of the Seven Dragons.

That’s why the dragons appearing in the Temple of the Seven Dragons were of course Jewel Dragons.

To be precise, it was their souls that were left behind, but their power was intact.

Flash, hwarrrrrrrk!

At the moment Sang Hyuk entered the Temple of the Seven Dragons, there was a red glow everywhere and he felt heat intense enough to burn the whole world.


‘It is the Ruby Dragon.’


The Ruby Dragon was the gem dragon who was in charge of Tuesday.

In fact, Sang Hyuk didn’t care what day of the week it was. He had to experience and clear all the days in order to get the ‘thing’ he wanted anyway.

Basically, the Ruby Dragon was a monster similar to a Red Dragon. Of course, there was a big difference between the Red Dragon, a dimensional monster, and Ruby Dragon, a planetary monster, but the basics were similar.


‘Ruby Dragon or Red Dragon, the most dangerous thing will be the Boiling Blood debuff. ‘


Boiling Blood was a very powerful debuff effect that takes place when fighting an existence with a flame attribute rated more than 120 (high master).

The rating of the flame attribute, to make it simple, the higher the rating, the faster the Boiling Blood Debuff builds. The more it builds, the faster the vitality and health are consumed.

The only way to get rid of this debuff was to lower the temperature around it. The temperature should be lowered using ice-based magic or water-based magic, but the debuff can be negated.

The higher the attribute rating, more powerful water or ice-based magic is needed.

For reference, the  flame attribute rating for the Ruby Dragon was 150 (double master) and Red Dragon was 200 (Grand Master).

Just simply standing next to Ruby Dragon for 5 minutes, can make even a level 70 user die as his health goes to zero.

Because the average user had a hard time dealing with high ranked attributes, for game balance it was a powerful ability that only most powerful monsters could exert.

Sang Hyuk had a much higher attributes than average users but even Sang Hyuk’s highest attribute was only 72 (expert).

It was a reality that the average users rarely exceeded 20 points in an attribute.

Because with a high attribute, one had the ability to dominate with only 100 (master), such a user had tremendous power.

Unfortunately, the Ruby Dragon was able to directly control its flame attribute and attack with it at will. It was a completely different mechanism than magic so there was no casting delay or cooldown time.

It also meant that it was almost impossible to predict the Ruby Dragon’s pattern. An unpredictable raid monster was extremely powerful.

Nevertheless, Sang Hyuk was unstoppable.

There was a reason he looked so confident.

That was because of the ‘attribute defense’ items that he had accumulated steadily over the years.

If attribute offense was a spear then attribute defense was a shield.

Of course, the versatility and power of attribute offense was overwhelmingly superior to attribute defense. Attribute defense could be said to be half the versatility and power, no, a quarter of it, because you couldn’t attack with the attribute, and you needed the appropriate attribute defense for the situation.

So, after a few years, users still regarded attribute defense as useless.

Thanks to that, Sang hyuk was able to gather a lot of attribute defensive items that had been discarded as if it were trash.

Of course, this idea was completely overturned when users entered the Continent of the Sun in earnest.

There were numerous high rank attribute based monsters in the Continent of the Sun.

Since then the users realized how powerful attribute is and how important attribute defense is.

This was why the Temple of the Seven Dragons was cleared only after over half of the Continent of the Sun had been explored.


‘Let’s see….. If I wear all the flame attribute defense items that I have collected…..’


Sang Hyuk has ten attribute defense configurations in total.

Sang Hyuk had 10 attribute defenses prepared. Flame, Wind, Ice, Earth, Water, Poison, Light, Darkness, Wood and Steel, of course, this list also included the attributes of the seven Jewel Dragons in the Temple of Seven Dragons.


‘101. Barely beyond master rank.’


If Sang Hyuk changed his necklaces, earrings, and rings, he could have almost reached the High Master’s 120, but if he did then he has to give up ‘blink’,  so it was much better to accept good enough.


‘It’s a bit hot, but if this much, I’ll be able to handle a fire attack.’


Ruby Dragon’s dungeon isn’t much of a deal for users with a certain level of flame attribute defense.

Of course, the dungeon’s final boss monster, Ruby Dragon, was a little bit of a problem, but at least the road to the Ruby Dragon was ridiculously easy.

In fact, after setting up the flame attribute defense, Sang Hyuk just ignored all the flame-based traps and simply walked forward.

Although some mid-ranked flame based monsters appeared in front of Sang Hyuk, they were unable to use their power properly and destroyed as if they were rats in front of a cat.

This was the power of attribute defense.

He ignored almost every kind of attack thrown by the flame-based monsters and almost casually destroyed them.

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