Fire Elementals, Flame Orcs, Flame Ogres, Lava Golems, etc.

All of the monsters featured in the place called the Tuesday’s Dungeon or the Ruby Dungeon, were monsters with high flame attributes, so they fought Sang Hyuk with far more than half of their power sealed, and it was no wonder Sang Hyuk overpowered them easily.

They weren’t easy even with more than of their power sealed, but at least they were easy for Sang Hyuk.

In particular, the efficiency of using attribute defense could be seen when you consider that all the complex flame-based traps had become obsolete.

When flame-based traps are combined with flame-based monsters, the synergy that was exerted against the player was beyond imagination…. but Sang Hyuk flipped over the table with the trump card of master grade attribute defense.

Unstoppable march.

Sang Hyuk quickly broke through the Ruby Dungeon to the 7th floor. He broke through the distance in just four hours, simply advancing steadily,  the distance that if it was another user, they would have struggled for at least three or four days to break through.

There are mountains of rubies everywhere and the light from those rubies illuminated a large Sky Cave with a bloody light.

The Ruby Dragon’s lair seemed to acknowledge Sang Hyuk as its rightful master.

Sang Hyuk stared at the translucent red dragon asleep in the middle of the sky cave.

The Ruby Dragon’s Soul.

In fact, once the Battle began, it would absorb the tens of thousands of rubies in the lair to reconstruct its flesh


“Titles checked…. Equipment checked…. Attribute Defense checked….”


After a quick check, Sang Hyuk confirmed the location of the broadcast camera.


‘Should I call today’s broadcast “Dragon Solo Raid”?’


The live channel ‘One’ has fallen out of popularity because Sang Hyuk couldn’t pay much attention to it.

So, Sang Hyuk was going to recover the popularity of Channel One with the Temple of the Seven Dragons Raid.

This was not a regular broadcast. So there were no ads, no advance announcement.


‘Start broadcast.’


After all the checks, Sang Hyuk immediately started broadcasting.

After a few minutes, about a hundred users saw the popup notification (of new content from the One Channel) and, of course, started chatting in real time.


[Huh? What’s this? Why is it broadcasting suddenly?]


[Dragon Solo Raid? What is he trying to do?]


[Who is broadcasting? Is it Mr.Gale? Or Ordinary-Looking Guy?]


[I think it is the Guild Master, the Immortal, right?]


[But where is it?I’ve never heard that dragons existed on Treenark….. Is it the Middle Layer?]


[I also have never heard that dragons existed in the Middle Layer. There’s no way this is Continent of the Sun, isn’t it?]


[No way…. Even if it was One Guild, there is no way they’ve entered the Continent of the Sun.]


[Then where the hell is this?]


Sang Hyuk, who saw the viewers arguing back and forth, posted a notice on the channel for the first and last time.

<I am the One Guild’s Guild Master, Immortal. I will start the dragon raid now. I can’t tell you where is this place exactly, but it’s one of the Sky Islands that exists in the Middle Layer.>

When Sang Hyuk’s notice was posted, the community went into a frenzy. The viewers realized that the broadcast would be another legend, so they immediately began to spread the news about the broadcast to acquaintances or various community bulletin boards.

Sang Hyuk began to move slowly after seeing the number of viewers rocket past a thousand almost instantly.


‘The first stage in the dragon raid. Suppress the enemy!!’


The dragon raid that Sang Hyuk prepared consisted of five stages.

First, Suppress the enemy!

Second, Build up the damage.

Third, Rushing.

Fourth, Enduring.

And the last, the fifth stage, Coup de grâce.

As expected, the most important thing was the fifth stage, the Coup de grâce.

In fact, the biggest reason Sang Hyuk decided to target the Temple of the Seven Dragons was because he had recently managed to break half of the shackles of the dreaded Ragna Blade.

Now the ragna blade could no longer activate by itself.

Of course, the Ragna Blade itself was still the biggest uncertainty in this raid,  but Sang Hyuk could now take countermeasures to keep it from triggering randomly.

Transcendental Skill ‘Ragna Blade’ [Event]


: The Divine Blade will erase everything that stands in your way. It is powerful enough to even erase karma, it can even erase cause and effect for events and objects.

Detailed Effects: Automatic Critical Attack, Damage Amplification (4 times), Ignore Damage Reduction Ability, Ignore Defense.

Activating condition: Random cast at any time up to twice every 12 hours. Valid conditions is based on the standard time of EL (between 12 a.m. and 12 p.m.)

Proficiency: None.

Specific Requirements: The skill changes when you release a seal.

Stage 1 limit – [Level 90 achieved] [unlocked]


Stage 2 Limit – [100 million karma injection (17,560,786 / 100,000,000)] [In Progress]


Stage 3 Limit – [Level 120 Achieved] [Sealed]


Stage 4 Limit – [Level 150 Achieved] [Sealed]


The moment Sang Hyuk reached level 90, unlocking the first stage, the Ragna Blade has been transformed. The biggest change was it is not triggered anytime but it was changed to randomly triggered twice every 12 hours.

And the power was weakened by more than half.

Previously, it had damage amplification by ten times, ignore all damage invalidation skills and certain death (invalidates resurrection), but now the damage amplification was only quadrupled, and ignore all damage invalidation skills and certain death has been eliminated.

The power has been weakened, but because it still had the effect of destroying karma and erasing the reward then activating ragna blade was still unwelcome.

Especially with this change, Sang Hyuk now has no idea when the ragna blade will trigger. As an extreme example, this was a crazy situation where ragna blade could be activated even when he swung his sword just to catch a rabbit.

At first, Sang Hyuk thought it would be worse than if it was unsealed. But he calmed his mind and found a way.


‘Current time 4:40 p.m. At least in the next seven hours and 20 minutes, the ragna blade won’t be activated!’


The reason why Sang Hyuk was so confident was simple. Sang Hyuk continued to use his skill like crazy for the previous four hours and had activated Ragna Blade twice in advance.

Make the impossible possible.

This was Sang Hyuk’s way.

Chapter 156 [Episode 80] The Temple of the Seven Dragons 2 – End


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