Chapter 157 [Episode 81] The Relic of Dragon 1

The Relic of the Dragon.

Kim Junyoung. The one who was even better known as Master K was watching the DN broadcast intently.

There were several procedures that needed to be completed before he could see the stream, but to bypass them, Kim Junyoung’s acquaintance contacted Kim Junyoung and he was immediately connected to LGN’s live channel and so he was able to directly watch the live feed.

The broadcast he watched was Sang Hyuk’s raid, obviously.

Frankly speaking, until a few months ago, he wasn’t interested in Sang Hyuk, no, to be precise, he wasn’t interested in the best guild of EL, named the One Guild.

Of course he knew of it. But he played EL as a professional pro-gamer, so he didn’t think there would be any contact with One Guild.

But now it was different. The One Guild had a clear connection with Immortal, its Guild Master. To be honest, Kim Junyoung was able to focus more on EL after his match against the Immortal.

Kim Junyoung is a pro-gamer and has never been pushed by an opponent before. But he felt that as he fought the Immortal.

So, Kim Junyoung had no choice but to acknowledge the Immortal.


“…….. Wow, he endured that?”


Kim Junyoung muttered as he watched Immortal, who endured a large blast of flame from the Ruby Dragon with just his body and simply rushed the Ruby Dragon, inflicting a savage wound on the Ruby Dragon’s body.

It had already been 30 minutes since Sang Hyuk started broadcasting. Starting 10 minutes ago, Sang Hyuk, who had been fighting defensively and evasively at first, began to increase the tempo of his attacks.

And now, whenever he saw the slightest gap, he was wounding the Ruby Dragon’s body.


‘It’s getting faster and faster. I knew he was the best of EL, but I didn’t know he was this good.’


Kim Junyoung had no choice but to acknowledge Immortal’s strength.

Honestly, when he first saw Sang Hyuk in limited mode, he merely thought he was worth fighting. But now he knew that he could never win against Sang Hyuk in the main server.

Aside from the skill problem, Sang Hyuk’s ability was at a level that could not be surpassed.


‘He is a One Man Army.’


The Player Immortal had several nicknames.

Recently, however, the Immortal’s nickname has been unified into one.

The One Man army. A user with a tremendous ability to break Armies alone.

No one dared to covet the ultimate position that the Immortal occupied.


“Ah, ah! Wow…..”


Kim Junyoung admired him once again.

He looked in awe at how the Immortal avoided two attacks at the same time by the Ruby Dragon with a perfect side step worthy of his exclamation, then left a very clear wound on its neck.


‘Amazing. No matter how competent he is, that kind of movement was not something everyone can do.’


Normal users may just think that Sang Hyuk is doing well, but Kim Junyoung could see more than that.


‘The Immortal. If he really enters the pro-gamer’s path…. then at least it won’t be boring.’


Based on common sense, Sang Hyuk’s performance was nothing good for Kim Junyoung. But Kim Junyoung was enjoying it.

Kim Junyoung enjoyed the competition.

This was the biggest reason Kim Junyoung is called the best pro-gamer ever.

* * * *

Suppress the enemy, build up the damage, Rushing.

After struggling for roughly 45 minutes, the Ruby Dragon finally entered ‘Finish Fear’ after completing these three steps. (ED Notes: “Finish Fear” is the author’s exact words)


All kinds of dragons enter ‘Finish Fear’ when its health drops to 15%. And when it enters this  state, the last desperate berserk state, all stats are boosted and its attacks are increased by 400%.

It’s obvious, but it was an instant death if you get hit by a simple attack from the  Ruby Dragon.

Even if it missed it would still be instant death. You could barely survive the peripheral damage of a berserk attack if you used a survival skill or you are a tanker with powerful defensive ability.

If this was a normal raid team, as this was a situation where the general tanking itself is impossible (due to breath AOE attacks), then they’d use agro pingpong (rapidly switching agro among multiple damage dealers) as much as possible to buy as much time as they could and cut the remaining 15% health by attacking without defense (relying on healers).

This was a very workable solution.

Fortunately, a dragon which was in a berserk state, did not use extensive area-effect skills, so this tactic worked on most dragons.

Especially, a dragon which has become berserk, had a 400% reduction in defense, so the damage dealers were extremely effective.

In the end, it was bound to be a showdown who will do it faster, whether the dragon is faster to annihilate the team or whether the team is faster in shaving down the dragon’s remaining health.

However, Sang Hyuk chose a different approach.

The way he chose…. It was extreme evasion tanking.

Hwiiiing, kwagwagwang!

The dragon’s tail, which swung low and fast, once again hit the sky cave’s wall.

This time also, Sang Hyuk was breathtakingly able to avoid the tail. It was so close that it would have hit him if Blink’s cooldown time was a single second longer.

Sang Hyuk had already been on this nerve wracking, terrifying tightrope for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the Ruby Dragon’s health has dropped to 10%. He was unable to counter-attack when he focused on evasion, but when there was a gap, he struck back and eventually reduced its health to the target of 10%.


‘It worked!’


Sang Hyuk, who was able to scan the Ruby Dragon’s health, knew that the moment had finally come, because of the buff called ‘Piercing Eye of Truth’ using the combination card ‘Mind’s Eye’.

The fifth step prepared by Sang Hyuk.

It was…. the ‘Breath of the Raging Dragon’.



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