The strongest combination card that had been sealed because of the odd event skill called Ragna Blade.

The power was astounding as it should for a card costing ten million gold.

However, in order to use the Breath of the Raging Dragon, there was something that must be resolved first.

Because as you can see, this was Sang Hyuk’s Trump Card, so he could not expose it on air.

Even if its defenses was low, if he broadcast a skill which is powerful enough to destroy 10% of a Ruby Dragon’s health in a SINGLE strike, then the community will explode.

The correct strategy was to hide it.


‘That’s why the broadcast is off for a while!’


Sang Hyuk turned off the broadcast without notice.


[Oh! What? At this moment, why does the broadcast suddenly end!]


[Aargh! Nooo!]


[What is it? Broadcast end?]


[Isn’t it the Guild Master who ended the broadcast?]


[Why would you turn off the broadcast at this moment? It has to be just an error, right?]


[This is driving me crazy. I was losing my mind with excitement!]


[Wah! Why does he have to cut it right NOW?!]


[Please connect again quickly!!]


  • •••••
  • •••••

Right after the video ended, of course the chat window exploded.

But Sang Hyuk could not reveal this scene even if the viewers demanded it.


“The Raging Dragon. Accept my tribute, and destroy the enemy in front of me!”


Sang Hyuk threw a card and uttered a spell. (TL Note: the word ‘spell’ here used two characters for ‘language/word’ and ‘spirit’, because there is a belief that words have power, so it could be a blessing or a curse)

Flash! Goooooooooooooooo.

Then the card exploded in the air and a small black hole was created.

As soon as the hole was created, the Ruby Dragon was surprised, and it looked at the hole.

At that moment!

Something popped out of the hole.


It was a dragon. Though it was a Dragon… It was clearly different from the traditional dragon.

Rather, it looked like a dinosaur. Among the dinosaur, it resembles the head of a dinosaur called Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The interesting thing was only the head popped out.

Blood colored skin and a huge mouth. And the sharp teeth that could rip apart anything in this world.

The dragon’s head, protruding from the hole, instantly lunged and bit at the Ruby Dragon.

It took only a few seconds for the entire giant dragon’s head to protrude from the hole and the dragon’s head to open the mouth wide enough to gulp down the Ruby Dragon.

Kwadududuk! Uduk, udududududu!

Ruby Dragon was also a very big monster, but the dragon’s head that came out of the hole didn’t care.

The giant blood-colored dragon’s head, which was chewing on the entire body of the ruby dragon, looked at Sang Hyuk with dissatisfaction.

But, it couldn’t do anything to Sang Hyuk. No, worse than that, it was because it chewed up the Ruby Dragon but it wasn’t allowed to gulp down the ruby dragon, which was covered with wounds.


The open hole closed and the giant dragon head was sucked back into the hole.


When the hole disappeared, all that was left was a ruby dragon, which whole body was torn apart and its bones were exposed everywhere.

Krrrrrrrrk, kukukukukung.

Ruby Dragon’s health was already 0%.

Breath of the Raging Dragon…. the ability of this combination card was this.

Combination Card ‘Breath of the Raging Dragon’ [Complex Technique]


: Red Dragon’s Blood Card, Heart of Flame Card, Raging Heart Card, Heart of Darkness Card, Superlative Magic Stone Card…. (omitted)….. The superlative combination card which combines 10 cards in total. As soon as you throw out this card and shout the command phrase to unseal it, the dimensional dragon that was sealed in the gap between dimensions pops out and swallows everything in front of it.


Detailed Effect: The head of the Dimensional Dragon, which came out of the void between dimensions, bites down on and chews up all the enemies within a radius of 100 meters around the caster, causing tremendous damage. Because Dimensional Dragon is not actually material, all the enemies within the effective radius are equally gobbled up.


[Each of all targets are reduced to 10% of its maximum health, and in addition the caster’s attack power is amplified by 400%, inflicting a single attack on all targets.]


Retention Time: 1 minute (If an enemy is destroyed in less than a minute, it can be recalled immediately.) [Cooldown Time: 24 hours]


Card Proficiency: None.

Special requirements: If you use the card when there is no prey at all, the caster could become the dragon’s meal.


For a guaranteed kill, Sang Hyuk used Breath of the Raging Dragon when the Ruby Dragon’s health was at 10%, but actually even if he used the card when it was 15%, the result would have been the same.

However, Sang Hyuk used this combination card at the critical moment to prevent any variables that he may not know, to make sure he got his first kill here.

You have defeated Ruby Dragon, one of the boss monsters of the Temple of the Seven Dragons.

For the first time, you hunted a dragon-type named monster and did something that no other  dimensional traveler could have done. This will become your achievement and you will be remembered forever.

You have won the legendary title [First Dragon Hunter (1)]. This title is a special title that can grow through continuous trials.

You overcame the first trial of the Temple of the Seven Dragons.

The Temple of the Seven Dragons is a special dungeon that allows you to challenge the trials continuously.

If you decide to challenge the series of trials, all rewards from Ruby Dragon will be temporarily suspended and you will have the opportunity to challenge the second trial.

If you succeed in the second trial, you will gain a great extra reward.

But, if you fail, the reward you will earn from Ruby Dragon will be halved.

Do you want to try? (Y/N)

The moment the Ruby Dragon fell.

Finally, the message that Sang Hyuk has waited for long appeared. The greatest reason for Sang Hyuk to come to the Temple of the Seven Dragons was because of the continuous trials.

Because this was the Temple of the Seven Dragons, which could be challenged only once by all users, so there is no such thing as a second chance.

So, the difficulty level has been reset to “Impossible”.


“Of course….. I have to try it!”


Sang Hyuk chose ‘YES’ without hesitation.

Chapter 157 [Episode 81] The Relic of Dragon 1 – End


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