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Chapter 158 [Episode 81] The Relic of the Dragon 2

Title – ‘First Dragon Hunter (1).’

Rating? Legend [1st stage]


Description? The first defeat of a Jewel Dragon that can be called the beginning of the Dragons. Your unimaginable ability overcame a planetary level monster that was undefeatable. Also, the trial is not over yet, you are likely to reach even Greater Heights of Glory.

Effect – [Prefix: None] [Suffix: None] [Sustainable Effect: <dragon slayer (S): All abilities increased by 10% when dealing with dragon monsters.><Monster Hunter (S+): All abilities increased by 15% when dealing with monsters of the beast-grade>]


The massive amount of karma and 44 items obtained with the first kill reward has been put on hold, but Sang Hyuk received the title now.

This title was not an ordinary title, but a growth-type legendary title.

Of course, the more the title grows, the better the abilities.


‘The Continuous Trials of the Temple of the Seven Dragons go up to seven stages in total. If I can clear them all as planned…… I can get my first mythical title!’


Sang Hyuk intended to clear all seven trials of the Temple of the Seven Dragons and inherit all of the ‘Dragon’s Legacy’.

It would be unfortunate for Dragon Knight D’Martin, who had inherited the Dragon’s Legacy and became one of the best players in the world very quickly in Sang Hyuk’s previous life, but it was no surprise that D’Martin had cleared the seven trials of the Temple of the Seven Dragons since the second dimension planet opened and all players had gained the ‘mastery’ ability.

D’Martin got the dragon’s legacy accidentally without knowing how great it was, but Sang Hyuk was trying to get it because he knew exactly what it was.

He had 24 hours of preparation before going to the second trial after the first trial was over, so there is no pressure.

It was an obvious thing but the second trial would be one of the other six days of the week except for Tuesday(Ruby Dragon).

Sang Hyuk stepped out of the Temple and reset Ragna Blade once again.

It was a technique that was automatically triggered twice every 12 hours, so he had to continually “expend” it lest it trigger at the wrong instant and blow away the temple entirely.

It is true that the level of ragna blade has been lowered, but the power of Sang Hyuk has become so strong that the destructive output itself is not low even when the amplification value is lowered.

In other words, it had enough power to blast away the system at any time.

Sang Hyuk, who once again reset the ragna blade, challenged the second trial.

When Sang Hyuk opened the entrance to the temple and re-entered it, the one that greeted him was the cold that was able to freeze the world.

It was the dungeon for Monday out of the seven days.


‘Ice attribute.’


Sang Hyuk, who identified the attribute, immediately began configuring the ice attribute defense.

With the ice attribute defense set, his appearance was as if he was wearing winter clothes.


‘The Attribute Defense….. 107. It’s better than the flames.’


This time as well, the attribute defense negated much of this Jewel Dragon’s attack, so  dungeon itself seemed to have some freedom.


‘The problem is the Sapphire Dragon.’


The Jewel Dragon of Ice Attributes was the Sapphire Dragon.

Sang Hyuk’s goal was to use the attribute defense and defeat the Jewel Dragon as soon as possible without using the ‘Breath of the Raging Dragon’.

In fact, Breath of the Raging Dragon was indeed too expensive.

Of course, the dragon’s legacy that the current Sang Hyuk was trying to obtain, was worth a lot, but even so, it was hard to say that it would be profitable if he used up seven cards of the Breath of the Raging Dragon to get it.

Before entering the temple, Sang Hyuk had 15 cards of Breath of the Raging Dragon and now he had 14 cards because he used one of them for the Ruby Dragon.

If he used 6 more cards here and completed with only 8 cards left, then it would be a big loss.

Some might have asked why this was a loss if there were eight cards left, but it was good to save as much as possible because the Breath of the Raging Dragon cards was incredibly difficult to make even if one had a lot of money.


‘4 cards….. Let’s reduce it to 4 cards.’


In fact, 4 cards were still considered a lot. Even if he converted those four cards into cash he will have spent more than 2.5 billion, so no matter how great the profit, spending 2.5 billion won for clearing them was an unimaginably large consumption. (EN: Over 2 million USD!!!)

Sang Hyuk believed that if the growing legendary title, the ‘First Dragon Hunter’ was grown, then at some point, he would not have to use the ‘Breath of the Raging Dragon’.

Of course, it wasn’t easy.

And if the situation got out of control, then he had no choice but to use the Breath of the Raging Dragon.

The most important thing now was to overcome all seven continuous trials and earn the ‘Dragon’s Legacy’.

* * * *

Sapphire Dragon. [5 hours, 27 minutes, 22 seconds clear]


Emerald Dragon. [5 hours 16 minutes 10 seconds clear]


Topaz Dragon. [5 hours 41 minutes 9 seconds clear]


Diamond Dragon. [4 hours 54 minutes 45 seconds clear]


Aquamarine Dragon. [4 hours 22 minutes 16 seconds clear]


Sang Hyuk knocked down five jewel dragons in four days. In the process, he used exactly three more of the Breath of the Raging Dragon cards.

He wanted to reduce it a little bit more, but it wasn’t easy. In the end, he was able to deal with the dragon using only his own strength starting from the Diamond Dragon that is in charge of Monday.(EN: Yes, the author had written the Sapphire Dragon was Monday.  He made an error.)

Overcoming six continuous trials, the reward that Sang Hyuk received were enormous. In addition, the growing legendary title ‘First Dragon Hunter’, has grown to six levels so all of his abilities increased by 30% when he fights dragon-type monsters and all of his abilities increased by 35% when he engages monster of the beast-type.


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