For example, Jewel Dragon was a dragon and a planetary monster, so all abilities were superimposed and increased.

Other than that, basically, Sang Hyuk had a number of items that significantly increased his stats such as his Magic Armor, as well as the Infinity Challenge title effect, which is the strongest amplification buff, so in fact, Sang Hyuk could have almost the same power as a Jewel Dragon.

The fact that a planetary monster, like a Jewel Dragon fought with a single user “One on One” has already seriously destroyed the game’s balance, but the problem was that all of this was completely normal. For Sang Hyuk.

This wasn’t a bug, nor was this special treatment.

It was only Sang Hyuk’s Solo role that was incredible.

That’s why Chaos, who can be called the God of the Game, couldn’t do anything but watch him.

Anyway, Sang Hyuk was now left with only the last, the trial number seven. To be more exact, he only had the 7th trial’s special boss monster left.


[The last trial of the Continuous Trials is extraordinary. Instead of the Onyx Dragon who is in charge of Friday, a special being that connects the Jewel Dragons and the Color Dragons, the Silver Dragon appears.]


With these words, the dungeon disappeared and a Silver Dragon appeared right in front of him. And after the Silver Dragon appeared in the Temple of the Seven Dragons, the silver dragon spoke to Sang Hyuk for the first time.


[Do you really believe that you can beat me alone?]


The Silver Dragon’s AI was sophisticated enough to surpass that of a legendary NPC, so unlike the jewel dragons that simply had a combat-specific AI, the Silver Dragon tried to talk to Sang Hyuk first.

In particular, the fact that Sang Hyuk is alone and yet the power felt from Sang Hyuk is unusual, has led the Silver Dragon to start the conversation.


“You knew that I’m here after defeating all six Jewel Dragons before you, don’t you?”


[Do you think you are a Real Dragon Slayer because you have defeated the Jewel Dragons, the ancient dragons that long ago disappeared into memory? A Color Dragon’s power is far more powerful than that of the Jewel Dragons.]


“Then you are a Color Dragon?”


[I have the characteristics of both jewels and colors. More precisely, I am one of the progenitors  of the color dragons, and the evolution beyond the Jewel Dragons, was started by me and the Gold Dragon. That’s why I was called on to be the last trial of the Temple of the Seven Dragons……. so, don’t think of me as one of the Jewel Dragons that have gone extinct, long ago.]



With those words, the silver dragon began to raise its huge body very slowly.

The Silver Dragon was almost twice as large as a Jewel Dragon. A Jewel Dragon was almost 50 meters long, and the silver dragon felt like it was over 100 meters.

Of course, it was an overwhelming size for Sang Hyuk, who was only a human being.


“But I have to defeat you.”


The Silver Dragon began to radiate the Dragon Fear in earnest, but Sang Hyuk was not scared at all. He was no longer at the level that would be shaken by Dragon Fear.


[Buahahahaha, is that even possible?]


Silver Dragon admitted that Sang Hyuk is a special human being. But even so he was just a human being.

The limits of human beings were clear. The silver dragon was a monster of the type of Dimensional monsters which surpassed Planetary monsters.

Of course, the color dragons didn’t acknowledge the silver dragon as the same as a color dragon and ignored it, but it was still a dragon set on the Dimensional grade.

Its level was 151, which was barely a level into the levels of a Dimension monster, still this kind of monster was not to be underestimated.

Sang Hyuk didn’t have mastery skills like D’Martin and he didn’t have a level of mastery which is more than 100.

But Sang Hyuk has the legendary title that can be called as the best cheat title, ‘There is no impossibility!’. The title effect, Infinity Challenge, reduced the level difference between Sang Hyuk and the silver dragon at once.

This title effect allowed Sang Hyuk to level up in an instant up to level 120, to High Master level.

This was crucial.

If there was no Infinity Challenge, Sang Hyuk wouldn’t even think about attempting the Jewel Dragons in the first place.


“It ain’t over ‘till the fat lady sings!”


Sang Hyuk, who gained confidence as his level increased, shouted out loud and pulled out the Blood Wire of the Full Moon.


Anyway, the attack method itself was not much different from Jewel Dragons to Color Dragons.

Of course, its power was quite different, so it would be a very difficult battle, but it was a mountain he had to overcome anyway.

Honestly, he didn’t expect the silver dragon to pop out at the last moment.

Sang Hyuk thought he could get the Dragon’s Legacy if he could just defeat the seven Jewel Dragons.

However, his prediction was wrong and an unexpected difficulty appeared.

A Silver Dragon belongs to Color Dragon, which is a true dragon.

Even though the Silver Dragon is the weakest of the Color dragons, it was clear that Sang Hyuk had a tough life.

But now was not the time to whine and complain. He had to overcome this last trial.

If something twisted here and he couldn’t overcome the trial….. For Sang Hyuk this would be a complete disaster.

The rewards would be all lost and the title would stop growing. And the most crucial thing is that the opportunity to challenge the Temple of the Seven Dragons was gone and there would no longer be an opportunity to gain the Dragon’s Legacy, ever.


‘I have to defeat him by any means!’


There were a lot of thoughts that ran through Sang Hyuk’s head. The Silver Dragon was strong, but Sang Hyuk had no intention to be beaten.

The silver dragon was the imitation of the Gold Dragon, which is the strongest of the dragons. However in terms of strength, it was even weaker than the green dragon, which was the weakest of the original color dragons.

That’s why it still was worth fighting.


“I have to win!”


Sang Hyuk, who shouted loudly, reestablished his resolution and looked at the silver dragon.

The One-man Army, the Immortal VS The strongest, worst raid monster Dragon.

One thing for sure, the fight won’t end for at least three hours.

Chapter 158 [Episode 81] The Relic of the Dragon 2 – End


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