Chapter 159 [Episode 82] The Dragon’s Artifact 1

@ The Dragon’s Artifact


[The lost 10 minutes! Please upload the video!]


[Is there anyone who didn’t get the broken video notification?]


[It looks like the broadcast was disconnected and reconnected again, right? I think he wanted to  keep the lost 10 minutes secret.]


[I know this is the One Man Army, but anyway, why doesn’t he just reveal it…..]


[Ah, it’s too bad.]


[It feels like I went to the restroom and didn’t clean my a$$.]


[There wasn’t even a notification? What the he!! is going on?]


[There was no notification but after the Ruby Dragon hunt was over, Immortal was back on the show for a short time and apologized to us because the stream couldn’t be broadcast for a while.]


[Well, in the end we will never see that part.]


[Or is it maybe that he turned off the broadcast and used a bug?]


[Seems that there are some idiots talking about bugs. Raonsoft has already made an official announcement that Immortal has never exploited a bug on any occasion, you know.]


[Well, we can have some doubts. can’t we?]


[Then live with your suspicion for the rest of your life.]


  • •••••
  • •••••

Sang Hyuk turned on the broadcast only after the Ruby Dragon’s hunt was completed, and of course the viewers could only see the fallen Ruby Dragon.

He didn’t broadcast how he attacked the other dragons at all.

So, in the last few days, almost every EL community has been crazy about getting the lost 10 minutes of the stream.

Of course, the video didn’t exist at all, so no one could get what they wanted.

Though the most important piece of the story has disappeared, Sang Hyuk succeeded in the dragon raid, proving why he was called the One Man Army.

People wanted more information, but Sang Hyuk deliberately limited the information.

The only thing people knew was that the Guildmaster of One Guild, the Immortal, knocked down the Red Dragon, which appeared to be a raid monster.

They were not able to figure out exactly where the Red Dragon was and which dragon it was.

All they knew was the fact that Immortal had become a Dragon Slayer.

But even dragon slayers have a rating system.

There were countless monsters which were commonly referred to as dragons in EL world. To put it bluntly, even drakes were considered to be “dragons”.

So even if you caught just a drake, you could actually become a Dragon Slayer, or a Dragon Hunter.

But, just because he was a Dragon Hunter, he wasn’t in the same league as the other Dragon Hunters. There was a clear difference among the users who caught a Drake, the users who caught a Jewel Dragon, and the users who caught a Color Dragon.

In that sense, Sang Hyuk is now challenging the highest rank of Dragon Hunter.

Of course, the difficulty level of the challenge was ‘The Best’.

* * * *





Sang Hyuk quickly rolled his body to the side, feeling with his whole body the arctic chill that had come through the Magic Armor. He was able to dodge the Silver Dragon’s strike, even if his reaction speed was reduced due to the cold debuff, because he was able to force his body to move despite the agonizing cold.

In return, the frozen gale took a significant amount of his health, but that was inevitable.

The Silver Dragon’s unique attributes were ‘ice’ and ‘wind’.

Color Dragons had at least two to four unique attributes but the Silver Dragon had only two unique attributes, as it is the weakest Color Dragon.

But, though it has only two attributes, you would be destroyed if you underestimated them. Color Dragons have unique attributes with double master (150) grade, so that attribute alone was powerful enough to destroy a city.


[email protected] it…. It’s too fast.’


The fight between the Silver Dragon and Sang Hyuk had already been going on for two hours. Sang Hyuk had to equip the Magic Armor ‘Black Sword Wings’ that he had saved as soon as the Silver Dragon’s health went down below 60%.

In fact, the Silver Dragon’s attacks were almost over Sang Hyuk’s limit, so it would have been harder to hold on without the Magic Armor’s help.

Sang Hyuk, who had pulled out Magic Armor and barely escaped the crisis, fought for an hour more, and as a result was able to cut down the Silver Dragon’s health to 30%.

The time left for Sang Hyuk to use the Black Sword safely was now a bit more than an hour.

Sang Hyuk thought it would be over if he could not knock down the Silver Dragon within this time.

Without Magic Armor, he could barely withstand the Silver Dragon’s attack, and he couldn’t even break through its defense.


As Sang Hyuk stepped aside and dodged, hundreds of ‘wind spears’ bombarded where he had stood.

Silver Dragon attacked directly with wind magic after limiting Sang Hyuk’s movement as much as possible with the power of cold.




Sang Hyuk was breathing roughly as he quickly projected the silver dragon’s next move

The fight against monsters basically started by reading the movements of the monster. In other words, after the two-hours of fighting which he called the ‘Pattern Finding’, Sang Hyuk has seen all the patterns used by the SIlver Dragon.

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