Monsters and NPCs, all had patterns. The pattern here refers to fixed behavior. Finding the pattern means discovering what fixed behavior preceded a skill.

Of course, the patterns were not all simple. Some patterns were so easy to find, easy to read, but some patterns were difficult to find and unreadable.

In that sense, the most unreasonable pattern of the silver dragon was this.

The silver dragon twisted his head slightly, his eyes opened slightly larger than usual.

This movement was so subtle that it was amazingly hard to even notice. But that was one of the patterns of the Silver Dragon.

To be exact, it was the pattern preceding the most powerful attack skill called ‘Blizzard’.




Blizzard was a wide-range skill, so it couldn’t be avoided.

Moreover, the body froze for three full seconds, meaning this was game over if he took the attack straight on.

After reading the pattern, Sang Hyuk immediately chose the correct strategy out of the many survival strategies he had prepared.

Sang Hyuk had approximately a dozen large and small survival strategies, and Blizzard was powerful enough for Sang Hyuk to use at least a middle-grade survival strategy.

He had to choose the best middle-grade survival strategy during this cooldown time… He had to do it as soon as he saw this pattern.

As soon as he read the pattern, he had to find the answer immediately, so he didn’t have any time to think.

Combination card ‘Shining Golden Shield’!

Sang Hyuk used the Shining Golden Shield card of which had two cards remaining.

The best thing was to endure it with pure soul skills, not a combination card but unfortunately all of his skills had been used, and were in their cooldown time.

Flash! Chwarrrrkkkk!

As soon as he used the combination card, a golden shield appeared in the air and wrapped Sang Hyuk. And almost at the same time, a terrifying ice storm swept through Sang Hyuk.


The Shining Golden Shield card was a great card to use as a survival card because it was a superior combination card that reduced damage by 30% for 5 seconds and at the same time increased attribute defense by 20%.

Sang Hyuk brought five sets of defensive cards to this raid, but he has used up four sets and was left with only this set of two.

The combination cards were as powerful as they always been, but the number of cards in your possession is limited by the card cost and because they were consumable items, there are clear limitations.

But one thing is certain, that without the combination cards, Sang Hyuk wouldn’t have been able to do this reckless challenge.

Sang Hyuk didn’t just endure Blizzard. He endured it and found a small gap that existed between the attack movements.




And as soon as he found that empty gap, he didn’t hesitate to strike it with the blood wire.


Defend, then attack.

That’s the way Sang Hyuk dealt with the Silver Dragons. Because of the nature of his opponent, it would have been far more dangerous if he used a purely offensive strategy.

Sang Hyuk decided that at least now was not the time for recklessness, so he had to defend first and find gaps to attack…for hours.


‘The chance is coming!’


Sang Hyuk continued to hold on and continued to believe that if the Silver Dragon’s health was lowered enough, there would be an opportunity.

It would not be too late to gamble with an all-in attack strategy if the situation changed for the worst.

Sang Hyuk who was holding on and the Silver Dragon.

Their fight continued in this way.

* * * *

Even if it is a game, a virtual reality not the reality, it was extraordinarily hard to keep moving in a highly focused condition for three and half hours.

Most people were unable to maintain their focus for more than an hour and gave up.

However, Sang Hyuk remained focused for 3 and half hours and maintained his vigilance for all that time, not losing focus for even a single second.


“Khyaaaak, Twet!”


Sang Hyuk spit out a mouth full of blood, nope, white light.

Sang Hyuk’s current state was the worst. His health was only about 10% and his vitality was at a similar level. And the wounds all over his body were gnawing his health at this moment.

However, the last combination card used 5 minutes ago was the ‘Blooming Life’, and the buff of Blooming Life was still active, so it was barely holding up as his health went down.

Unfortunately, the buff was over in another five minutes, so it was likely that his real health would plummet.

All his combination cards had been used up except for one, and all consumable items were gone.

In addition, the Dark Black Wings will run out of energy and be recalled in exactly one minute and 44 seconds, and almost all important skills were in cooldown.

Because the more powerful the skill, the longer the cooldown time, so there was no skills he can use now in this situation for at least 3 minutes, so it won’t be of any help.

Even the gold dragon’s coin which was the last resort had been used 30 minutes ago, and the ‘Dragon’s Blessing’ has also been used.

The combination card, the Drop of Phoenix Blood, had been used an hour earlier.

To put it all together, Sang Hyuk no longer had the power to hold on.

But even in this desperate situation, there was one hopeful news.

THe Silver Dragon in front of him…….

The condition of that silver dragon also seemed not very good. Unfortunately, the combination card ‘Mind’s Eye’ was unable to reveal the silver dragon’s information, so he didn’t know exactly how much health remained.

But…. he just thought it was in a similar situation to himself.


‘There is only one card I have anyway.’


Sang Hyuk looked at the Silver Dragon with a wild, reckless and terrifying grin.

He was reading the Silver Dragon’s pattern instinctively, even at this moment.


‘Now is the time to win.’


No other choice existed. It was all over when his Magic Armor was stripped anyway. In fact, the biggest reason Sang Hyuk still able to stand here was because of the Magic Armor Black Sword Wings.

As soon as he made the decision, Sang Hyuk moved before the Silver Dragon.

Phaaat, hwiririk!

Sang Hyuk threw a card towards the Silver Dragon.

The card was, of course, ‘Breath of the Raging Dragon’.

Chapter 159 [Episode 82] The Dragon’s Artifact 1 – End


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