Chapter 160 [Episode 82] The Dragon’s Artifact 2

Flop, Khooooooooo!

As soon as the card was thrown, a black hole appeared.

The Breath of the Raging Dragon, which was used yet again!

The interesting thing was the Silver Dragon’s reaction. It was originally attacking with its front claws to try and knock down Sang Hyuk.

But as soon as the gate manifested, it looked horrified and started to flee.

The Silver Dragon’s reaction was new.

It seemed to know what was coming out of the portal.

Naturally, the giant dragon’s head which protruded from the void was faster than the retreating Silver Dragon.

And as soon as the immense cranium popped out, the silver dragon looked at it in dismay with its cold eyes and cried out.




The Silver Dragon recognized what had emerged from the darkness. In fact, even the Ruby Dragon, had also reacted. But the Ruby Dragon only knew instinctively it was a threat but it didn’t recognize exactly what it was.

It was inevitable that the presence from the black hole was imprinted as ‘predator’ on every monster’s soul.


Leviathan opened its huge mouth and quickly chomped down.

Kwaduduk, udududuk!

The Leviathan was a terrifying being called the Primeval Behemoth.

It preyed on almost every monster, not just the dragons, and this made it one of the most fearsome predators in the dimensional system.

If Leviathan exerted 100% of its power, it could gobble up entire planets, like we would munch on cupcakes! However, it could not exert that power because its power was strictly limited now.

Is that so? Leviathan, which tried to swallow the silver dragon entirely, couldn’t do it properly.

The Silver Dragon, which was chewed horribly by the Leviathan, violently thrashed and twisted its body.


‘Sh!t…… Did I use it too early?’


Since Sang Hyuk couldn’t move while using the Breath of the Raging Dragon and the duration remained, he had no choice but to watch the Leviathan and Silver Dragon fight fiercely.

Even at this moment, Sang Hyuk’s health and vitality continued to decline.

The Silver Dragon and Sang Hyuk. It was still unpredictable which of the two would fall first.

Breath of the Raging Dragon lasted for one minute, so if the Leviathan couldn’t chew up the silver dragon in a single minute, it had no choice but to go back.

It wouldn’t have been a problem if the Leviathan made the Silver Dragon’s health 0% in a minute, but the situation would be infinitely worse if the silver dragon survived after that minute.

Twenty seconds after the Breath of the Raging Dragon ended, the Magic Armor would also be released. It was hard to hold on without Magic Armor even for a few seconds, so in fact, Sang Hyuk had less than a minute of Breath of the Raging Dragon left to win.

Sang Hyuk had to knock down the Silver Dragon in under a minute.

Dudududk, Chojojong!

The Silver Dragon persisted in Leviathan’s mouth by using the ice wall as well as the Veil of the Wind.

It tried to hold on somehow.

In the end, the Silver Dragon somehow managed to last for a full minute. The leviathan’s fangs chewed up the Silver Dragon’s body into a half-rag, but it couldn’t deplete the last crucial bit of HP.

Kheaaaaaang! Jjjjjjjjttt!

At the end of the minute, the Leviathan was sucked back into the void and the silver dragon barely escaped from its mouth.

Sang Hyuk felt power leave his body as soon as the Leviathan disappeared into the black portal.

It was the condition where his health and vitality was almost at the bottom and Sang Hyuk’s body seemed to be in shock.

The Silver Dragon, on the other hand, was able to attack once more.

If this is the case, he will be knocked down after being attacked by the SIlver Dragon when the Magic Armor disappears in 10-20 seconds.

All four helpers that could be summoned through the Star of Glory had been summoned long ago and even Ilya had been summoned and utilized.

Combination cards, consumable items, item skills, etc, there was nothing that Sang Hyuk could use at this moment.

Everything was in a desperate situation….

But, even at this moment, Sang Hyuk didn’t give up.


‘I still am not defeated yet.’


His health dropped to 4% and his vitality was only about 1%, but Sang Hyuk remained focused until the end.


[Magic Armor’s energy is completely bottomed out. The Magic Armor will disappear in 15 seconds. 15, 14, 13,……]


The final countdown began and the Silver Dragon lifted its front foot.

This was the pattern of the Silver Dragon using ‘Air Shock Wave’.

As soon as it slammed its foot to the ground, a shock wave shot in a straight line towards Sang Hyuk and threw him back.

The Silver Dragon’s attack skill was one of the weakest, but now Sang Hyuk would fail this raid after being attacked just once with the weakest attack.

Hwiiiing, Kwaang! Chojojojok!

As soon as the Silver Dragon squeezed its remaining power to the ground, a shock wave quickly flew to Sang Hyuk.

The shock wave that flew in a straight line through the ground.

If it was a normal condition, he would have used a lower-level survival skill to block it or he would have avoided it using multiple ways. But now since his vitality is almost bottomed out, it was impossible to tank or dodge it in the normal way.

If this is the case, Sang Hyuk would be caught in the shockwave and it would be game over.


[••••••10, 9, 8, 7••••••.]


Even at this moment, Magic Armor’s countdown continued, but Sang Hyuk forgot everything and looked only at the shockwave that flew toward him.


‘I can do it…. I can do it….’

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