At this moment, there was only one thought left in Sang Hyuk’s mind.

I can do it!

Sang Hyuk never gave up nor was he frustrated in the most desperate situations. Rather, he had absolute confidence in himself in this situation.

The only avoidance method he could do was ‘Marginal Stride’, which barely consumes vitality.

Of course, Marginal Stride was not an evasion skill that could be used at any time, to balance  consuming very little vitality.

It was a skill that was only activated by avoiding an attack with a barely a paper thin margin of error so that a player was able to continue an attack after dodging, due to the minimal movements.

So, it is a skill that you can use when you are playing PvP with a user who is of lower skills than you.

The risk and probability of failure were so high that they were rarely used against raid monsters.

But now he had no choice. This was Sang Hyuk’s last defensive skill left.

Unfortunately, the air shock wave was one of the fastest attacks of the Silver Dragon, so it was even more difficult to take advantage of Marginal Stride.

But Sang Hyuk concentrated hard and challenged his limit.

Kwagwagwagwagwa, phiing! Kwagwagwagwagwang!

At that moment, did the shock wave engulf Sang Hyuk? Nope, Right before the shock wave hit him, Sang Hyuk twisted his body with perfect timing and as a result, the shock wave passed by after grazing Sang Hyuk’s left arm.


His left arm was wrenched almost off and his health which was about 3% fell to 1%. Now it seemed like he was going down in a few seconds. Sang Hyuk overcame his limit and succeeded in the Marginal Stride, but the air shock wave itself was so powerful that even though it only grazed him, it put Sang Hyuk at risk.


‘Not yet! It’s not over yet!’


Just before his health dropped from 1% to 0%, Sang Hyuk squeezed all of his remaining vitality and threw the blood wires toward the silver dragon.


The remaining time for the Magic Armor is only 4 seconds left.

Perhaps after four seconds, with Magic Armor recalled, his health will be 0%.

Even in this situation, Sang Hyuk kept shouting ‘I can do it!’ in his head.

Sang Hyuk who didn’t give up until the last moment!

In the end, his spirit that knows no end like this created a miracle.

Chwarrrrk, Phoook!

The blood wire that Sang Hyuk created after squeezing the last remaining power had penetrated the silver dragon’s forehead right at the middle.

In fact, the Silver Dragon’s condition was not good either. It was also his final attack to use the air shock wave just before it fell.

As a result, the Silver Dragon failed to properly defend from Sang Hyuk’s last desperate gamble.

Sang Hyuk should have fallen at this moment. Regardless of whether the attack was successful or not, his health should have down to 0%. But Sang Hyuk survived.

The reason why he was able to survive…..

That was thanks to the Blood-Moon Wire’s powerful ‘Health absorption’ ability. The final blow prevented Sang Hyuk’ health from becoming zero.

It was really an absurd amount of HP, that even a single finger-flick would be game over but anyway, Sang Hyuk absorbed the health through the final strike to withstand the HP loss of the Magic Armor’s recall.

Clank, clank! Dddddk!


[Magic Armor’s Black Wings has been recalled.]




It was the worst possible timing but it couldn’t be helped that the crisis hadn’t ended. It’s only that his life had only been extended for a few seconds.

But right at the moment!

The silver dragon’s huge body, which seemed could never fall, slowly began to topple sideways.

Krrrrrrk, Kkkkkung!

The final boss monster of the Temple of the Seven Dragons has been defeated.

You have completed the hunting of a named Monster of Color Dragon type for the first time, which no other dimension travelers could have ever done. This will become your achievement and will be remembered forever.

The legendary title ‘First Dragon Hunter’ grew to the final stage, creating the mythical title ‘True Dragon Slayer (The First)’.

You have overcome the last trial of the Temple of the Seven Dragons.

You have completed the 7th consecutive trial and you will receive all items that have been put on hold at once.

The Ruby Dragon’s initial reward was doubled to 88 items.

The Sapphire Dragon’s initial reward was doubled to 72 items.

The Emerald Dragon’s initial reward was doubled to 74 items.

The Topaz Dragon’s initial reward was doubled to 74 items.

The Diamond Dragon’s initial reward was doubled to 48 items.

The Aquamarine Dragon’s initial reward was doubled to 62 items.

The Silver Dragon’s initial reward was 21 items.

The karma rewards that had been put on hold has been amplified and the karma gained from defeating the Silver Dragon was added to it, so you have earned a huge amount of karma.

Congratulations. The cumulative karma has exceeded the limit and raised your level by two levels.

After overcoming all trials, you have the opportunity to choose one of the five special items in this Dimensional World, called the ‘Dragon God Artifacts’.


All the other messages were amazing, but the first thing that came to Sang Hyuk’s eyes was the mythical grade title ‘True Dragon Slayer (The First)’.

And the Dragon God Artifacts, which in fact was the greatest reason to make Sang Hyuk attempt to do this reckless challenge, were finally his.

The biggest reason why Dragon Knight, D’Martin, was able to hold his position in the nine absolutes, known as the ‘Nine Celestial Kings’ for five years, was the Dragon God Artifacts.

In fact, D’Martin would not have been able to become the Great Master if there were no Dragon God Artifacts , nor join the Nine Celestial Kings.

It meant that the Dragon God Artifacts were great items.

For example, all of the Dragon God Artifacts were all mythical items but even for mythical items, Dragon God Artifacts were very special.

Even after the third dimensional planet appeared the Dragon God Artifact owned by D’Martin has continued to be Game Changing.




Sang Hyuk calmed his trembling heart and carefully opened the list of the five Dragon God Artifacts.

Chapter 160 [Episode 82] The Dragon’s Artifact 2


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