Chapter 161 [Episode 83] The Last Gateway 1

@ The Last Gateway.


[The Dark Dragon’s Horn]


[The Red Dragon’s Fang]


[The Gold Dragon’s Scales]


[The Green Dragon’s Eyes]


[The Blue Dragon’s Claw]


‘Wow! Both the Gold and the Red are here. Ah….. These are good too, tho….. This just makes choosing more difficult.’


The most powerful of the Dragon God Artifacts known were the Red and the Gold. That’s why it is clearly a good thing that both came out.

However, there were some things he agonized on.

Gold was the best defensive type and Red was the best offensive type, so this makes Sang Hyuk’s decision harder.

For now, Sang Hyuk excluded the Dark, Green, and Blue from the selection. However, Blue was a more advanced Dragon God Artifact specializing in buff abilities, so it was worth thinking for a bit, but he couldn’t choose blue when he had the strongest Dragon God Artifacts, the Gold and the Red.

Sang Hyuk decided to choose between Gold and Red, and the two information windows floated up at the same time so he could make a comparison.


[Dragon God Artifact] Red Dragon’s Fang [Myth (GOD): Growth Type]


– The Soul of the Red Dragon, one of the Color Dragons, the Race of Dragons called the most powerful, is compressed and contained within this Fang. You will inherit the powers of the Red Dragon.


[Inheritance Amplification Effect] The damage increases by 30%.


[Inheritance Basic Effect] Strength +400, Agility +300


[Inheritance Special Effect] Your body enlarges to twice your normal size and turns the hair and eyes to the color of blood. Your strength increases by 100% and the recovery rate of health and vitality increases by 400%.


[Inheritance Skill] The Rage of the Red Dragon (SS): There is nothing that can stop the Rage of the Red Dragon. Remove all Abnormal Status Effects and instantly heal 10% of your maximum Health. And for the next 35 seconds, you will be immune to all attacks, and your damage is increased by 15%. Also, the cooldown of two skills that you have preset will be canceled. (???/???) However, the effectiveness of the preset skills are reduced by 20% for 35 seconds. After the Rage of the Red Dragon is ended, the cooldown timer for both skills are doubled.

<Cooldown time 24 hours>


[Unique Skill] Blazing Fires from Hell (S): When the Power of the Dragon is invoked, every enemy within a radius of 20 meters is dealt fire damage equivalent to 2% of their offensive power once every 10 seconds.


[Invocation Time] 1 hour <Cooldown time 24 hours>


[Invocation Attribute] Flame Attribute resistance increases by 100% and the flame attribute attacks increases by 50%.


[Dragon God Artifact Level] 0 [1st level 999,999 karma]




[Dragon God Artifact] Gold Dragon’s Scales [Myth(GOD): Growth Type]


– The Soul of the Gold Dragon, one of the Color Dragons, the Race of Dragons called the most powerful, is compressed and contained within this Scale. You will inherit the powers of the Gold Dragon.


[Inheritance Amplification Effect] Defense is increased by 70% as soon as the Scale is equipped.


[Inheritance Basic Effect] All abilities +70, Defense +10%


[Inheritance Special Effect] Your size grows four times and you grow golden horns. Health and Vitality are increased by 50% each. In addition, defense rises by 20% and the recovery rate of health and vitality increases by 200%.


[Inheritance Skill] The Armor of the Golden Dragon (SS): The Gold Dragon has characteristics of both Color Dragons and Jewelry Dragons, but is a more powerful dragon than either. Especially the Gold Dragon’s defensive abilities by far the best. Covering your entire body with the dragon scales reduces all damage you receive for 20 seconds by 70% and you will be immune to Abnormal Status Effects. In addition, all the damage which is reduced will be converted to Health and shared among you and your teammates evenly.

<Cooldown time 24 hours>


[Unique Skill] Wise Gold Dragon (S): When the wisdom of the Gold Dragon is invoked, all attributes resistances increase by 10% and intelligence and wisdom increases by 10%.


[Invocation Time] 1 hour 10 minutes <Cooldown time 24 hours>


[Invocation Attribute] All attribute resistance increases by 10% and all attributes attack increases by 5%.


[Dragon God Artifact Level] 0 [1st level 999,999 karma]


Even at a glance, these powers were peerless.

Out of the numerous Dragon God Artifacts, the Red Dragon was the strongest on the offensive and the Gold Dragon was the strongest on the defensive.

Honestly, any choice was good for Sang Hyuk. If he chose the Gold Dragon, he would be able to increase his defense, which was somewhat lacking compared to his offensive capability,  and if he chose the Red Dragon, he would have a Massively Overpowered Offense.

Sang Hyuk was careful because his choice was permanent. Dragon God Artifacts were bound forever to the user’s soul once chosen, and from then on, he had to grow and use it, so he had to choose very wisely.

FYI, Sang Hyuk cleared the hidden quest that no one could clear at this moment in the Game and obtained the finished Dragon God Artifacts, but originally the Dragon God Artifacts were items that had to be crafted by obtaining materials through different paths, like Magic Armor.

In particular, Dragon’s Hearts were required to produce the Dragon God Artifacts. Later, when the Continent of the Sun was almost fully opened, there would be talk of the Dragon God Artifacts, but in reality, the completion of the Dragon God Artifacts would have to wait until after the second dimension planet was revealed.

As a reference, the Dragon God artifacts of the lowest grade were of unique grade. And it doesn’t end with mere acquisition, but had to be used constantly and fed karma.

Growth type meant that  karma was absorbed by the Dragon God Artifacts.

That way the Dragon God Artifacts were able to keep on growing. Before the regression, Sang Hyuk had held the record for growing his Dragon God Artifacts the most, which had grown up to a whopping level 11. Of course, the higher the rating, the harder it was to grow.

Sang Hyuk kept on thinking for at least 20 minutes.

Now because the scale was perfectly balanced, it became hard to choose one side. But Sang Hyuk eventually felt that one side was weightier than the other.

Because he couldn’t just keep thinking about it, he cleared his mind and chose one side.


“Red Dragon’s Teeth! I’ll go with this!”


You have chosen the Dragon God Artifact ‘Red Dragon’s Teeth’.

All rewards are completed and you can move out of the temple after 5 seconds.

The choice is over.

Honestly, even after the selection was over, the Gold Dragon’s scales were still in his thoughts, but he didn’t regret it.

Sang Hyuk thought this was the best.

His defense was great, but his biggest weapon was the powerful attack that could end his opponent in one hit.

It was too bad that he couldn’t summon the Magic Armor when he was using the Dragon God Artifacts and he couldn’t use the Dragon God Artifacts when he was wearing the Magic Armor, but anyway, as long as he could used both the Dragon God Artifacts and Magic Armor skillfully it seemed that he might be able to really have the force of a One Man Army.

* * * *

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