Chapter 162 [Episode 83] The Last Gateway 2

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The Sky Whale was originally a fixed-location type monster. Most raid monsters are fixed-location type monsters limited to their own spawn points, but the Sky Whale was different.

To catch the Sky Whale, a powerful raid monster and a roaming type monster, you had to go around the Sky-sea yourself to find it.


“How long have we been connected?”


Sang Hyuk asked Gye Baek who was on lookout while working hard to grill the meat to make a simple skewer dish.


“Hmm, about seven hours? Even if it is the Red Bearded Whale, isn’t 7 hours supposed to be enough?”


“It should be enough, tho….I saw one sky island just a bit far over there, so it wouldn’t be bad to take a break at this time.”


“Is that an uninhabited island?”


“I think so.”


The Sky Islands on the Red Zone were mostly uninhabited islands. There were the sky islands where the Moon People lived at the early part of the Red Zone but almost 100% of the Sky Islands at the inner side of the Red Zone were uninhabited.


“Then let’s take a break and reconnect……”


Sang Hyuk’s team tried to reset the access time after the uninhabited island appeared, just like the saying “make hay while the sun shines”. But of course it was exactly at that time the Dark Knight who was on watch at the crow’s nest of the Ink Black Dragon, shouted loudly.


“A suspicious shadow sighted!”


What she discovered was a red shadow that seemed to be under the Sky-sea.


“30 Degrees to the left!”


Sang Hyuk, who heard Dark Knight’s loud voice, immediately turned the key 30 degrees to the left.


“Gye Baek prepares the harpoon and Leah continues to navigate!”


Sang Hyuk thought the shadow that appeared in front of him was potentially the Red Bearded Whale. Of course, there was the possibility that it was not the Red Bearded Whale, but even if it wasn’t the Red Bearded Whale, they had to be prepared in advance anyway.


“Eh? It’s gone…….”


Just then, Dark Knight lost track of the red shadow. Nevertheless, Sang Hyuk did not lose his focus.


“Stay focused and keep looking. If it was the real Red Bearded Whale, it will reappear.”


The Red Bearded Whale was very militant.

Among the Sky Whales, there were some who didn’t like to battle. In fact, there were many Whales who only attacked should the users attack first.

However, most Sky Whales, except for a handful of special Sky Herds, always attacked the sky ship first because they always recognized the user as an enemy.

Dark Knight eagerly looked everywhere and tried to re-acquire the red shadows she had found. It was certainly not a mistake. So, she focused with all her might and looked everywhere.


‘If Leah hadn’t been mistaken, it would never run away.’


Sang Hyuk, who was holding the Ink Black Dragon’s key, quickly began to plan for the worst. For a raid, assuming the worst and being prepared for it were the most important things.


“It was not on the left right front or back…… under!”


Sang Hyuk immediately turned the Ink Black Dragon’s key to the side and made an emergency evasion maneuver as soon as the worst came to his mind.

And at that very moment, a huge red shadow surfaced from underneath the Ink Black Dragon.

Pooooooong, khoooooooong!

Fortunately, Ink Black Dragon was able to avoid being capsized thanks to the emergency evasion maneuver. But even though they avoided getting hit directly, they couldn’t escape the huge waves it created.


“Leah! Come down to the engine room!”


Sang Hyuk shouted to the Dark Knight and immediately placed a shield around the Ink Black Dragon’s hull. In fact, Dark Knight was already flying towards the engine room before Sang Hyuk had even shouted.

This level of judgement was fundamental to Team Rush.


Because avoiding the huge waves caused by the Red Bearded Whale was impossible, so it was best to break through with the shield.

This response was correct because Sang Hyuk avoided the direct strike, but had there been a direct strike, it was likely that the Ink Black Dragon would have been almost crippled, the hull taking half damage to durability.

Dudududuk, kwagwang!

Ink Black Dragon used a shield to break through the massive waves. At that moment, the Red Bearded Whale tried to dive back into the sea.




If they let the Red Bearded Whale dive into the sea again, they would have to guess its position again, so they had to catch it quickly while it was still on the surface.

The good news was that Gye Baek was already getting ready and pulling the trigger before Sang Hyuk shouted for the harpoon.

As Dark Knight did before, Gye Baek also anticipated the next order and prepared first through good judgement. This was a teamwork that was said to be possible only to those with discerning eyes.

Kwang, Phiiiiing!

Precision targeting with sensational shooting! Gye Baek’s harpoon hit rate became closer to 100% as his experience grew. There is no Sky Whale that could avoid Gye Baek’s harpoon.

And this also applied to the Red Bearded Whale.

Phooook, kwadududuk!

It was a hurried shot so it didn’t hit exactly where Gye Baek was aiming but the harpoon hit the tail of the Red Bearded Whale.


‘Good!’ The harpoon hit firmly.

The Red Bearded Whale’s movement speed, evasion ability and defense are reduced by 8%. The Red Bearded Whale was no longer able to dive, as long as the harpoon (Cumulative reduction 8%) was stuck.


“Leah! Use the Kraken’s Galactic Eye!”


Sang Hyuk shouted straight to the engine room as soon as he confirmed that Gye Baek had caught the Red Bearded Whale with a harpoon.

Kraken’s Galactic Eye. This was the item Sang Hyuk gained when he caught the malignant Kraken at the ‘Day of Disaster’ event.

Sang Hyuk had hunted more than 200 Sky Whales in the Middle Layer and released the seal.

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