Kraken’s_Galactic_Eye [Event]

– A pupil with Kraken’s mystical knowledge. With a huge amount of manna compressed as a magic stone, you could get an amazing boost when you use it as Sky-ship fuel.


[Basic Stat] Strengthening the Sky-grade ship’s durability +300, coverage by 4 times.


[Special Stat] Increase the Sky-grade ship mobile speed +50%, The summon duration of all passenger’s Magic Armor by 30%.


[Special Effect] Adds harpoon usage by 1, the power of the main gun increased by 3 times.


[Item Skill] <Kraken’s specter: Summon The dead Kraken’s specter to attack the enemy.>


[Retention Time] 5 hours.


[Number of available uses] one.


Despite the one-time use limit, the effects were terrifying. The level of the event item was not highly grade as much as it was actually mythical grade.

In fact, concerning when the Kraken’s Galactic Eye should be used, there was a bit of disagreement within the team.

Gye Baek said that he didn’t think it was good to use it in the beginning. He said he would rather use the Kraken’s Galactic Eye for the second or third attempt, but after all the discussion, Sang Hyuk decided to use Kraken’s Galactic Eye for the first attempt.

The reason was simple.

It was to create a sense of urgency. When he starts to think that there’s a better alternative, then he will start to lose his drive. So Sang Hyuk was going to put everything into this first challenge and give them a strong motivation.

It was like he pushed himself to the edge of the cliff and squeezed out all the power he had.

It was a strategy that had been used by French Minister of War André Maginot to create the ‘Maginot Line’ Strategy. (EN: Author mistakenly cited André Maginot as General. Corrected)

Dark Knight pushed Kraken’s Galactic Eye into the Ink-Black Dragon’s power source at the end of Sang Hyuk’s frightening words.

Flash! Kraken’s Galactic Eye was used.

At the moment the Kraken’s Galactic Eye was used, Gye Baek’s second harpoon struck the Red Bearded Whale’s body.

Phook, Kwadududuk!


‘Perfect!’ The harpoon hit very accurately.

The Red Bearded Whale’s movement speed, evasion ability, and defense are further reduced by 10%. (Cumulative reduction of 18%)


“Leah! Provoke it and catch the agro for a while!”


As soon as the second harpoon hit, Sang Hyuk began preparing for the first attack by turning the key sharply to the other side.

The first attack was really important for Sang Hyuk.


‘Summon Magic Armor!’


Hwririk, clank! Clank!

Sang Hyuk even summoned the Dark Black Wings and decided to take advantage of all the damage amplification effects he could use.

Sang Hyuk knew better than anyone how terrifying the consequences are when damage multiplications are stacked so he had prepared one of his greatest weapons in his arsenal.

Items, titles, soul skills, etc, all kinds of damage effects have been added.





Meanwhile, Dark Knight was barely holding the agro by using all of her survival skills she had. Although the Red Bearded Whale didn’t use any special skills and just used the sonic attack just like when it is attacking other monsters, Dark Knight, who is a tanker-based user level 85, was struggling.

Red Bearded Whale’s huge body was almost like an aircraft carrier, so the Ink-Black Dragon looked like a sailboat in comparison.

And the passenger of the Ink-Black Dragon, Dark Knight, was dealing with the huge Red Bearded Whale, which looked like a giant aircraft carrier.

Piiiing, poook! Kwaduduk!


‘Perfect! The harpoon hit the target really very accurately.’

The Red Bearded Whale’s movement speed, evasion ability and defense are further reduced by 10%. (Cumulative reduction of 28%) Moreover, thanks to Gye Baek who hit with the harpoon steadily, the Red Bearded Whale was twisting around unable to use any special attack skills.

But, even after the harpoon attack, they needed more.

Fortunately, they were able to use Kraken’s Galactic Eye to shoot four harpoons, instead of three.




Phiiing, clank!

As soon as Gye Baek shouted for reload, the fourth harpoon reloaded.


“Wall of Shield!”


In the meantime, Dark Knight used the barrier, the representative life-saving skill that all tanker-based users know and blocked the slap (sound wave) attack of the Red Bearded Whale.

In fact, if they used the Ink-Black Dragon’s shield, it was still possible to block the sonic attack completely, but the Ink-Black Dragon shield should never be used to prevent the sonic attacks.

The barrier, which reduced the damage received by 30%, was unable to completely block the Red Bearded Whale’s sonic attack, so Dark Knight used her specialty, the Dash Shield, along with the barrier.

The Dash Shield skill was primarily used as an offensive skill, but defensive use could result in additional damage reductions.


While the Dark Knight was holding the Red Bearded Whale back, Gye Baek took the opportunity again.

Phiiiing, Phook! Kwaduduk!


‘Perfect’! The harpoon hit very accurately.

The Red Bearded Whale’s movement speed, evasion ability and defense are further reduced by 10%. (Cumulative reduction of 38%)  Gye Baek had shot the fourth harpoon perfectly and three of his four shots were recorded as perfect.

Thanks to this, the Red Bearded Whale’s defensive abilities have been reduced by nearly 40%.

After using all four harpoons, Gye Baek quickly ran on the deck and moved to the gun. Kraken’s Galactic Eye strengthened the gun so now he was going to use the gun to help deal with it.

Of course, Dark Knight’s tanking was almost overcome at the time when the harpoon was used.

But it didn’t matter.

The tasks that Dark Knight and Gye Baek needed to do was clearly done by more than 100%, allowing the ultimate first hit that Sang Hyuk wanted.

To be honest, Sang Hyuk didn’t want to use this in front of other people. There were many reasons for this, but the most decisive thing was the unbelievably cringy spell.

But he couldn’t help it. Now even when his hands and feet were shriveled because it was so cringy, he had to use this skill as soon as possible.


“The Raging Dragon. Come and accept my offerings I give you and destroy the enemy in front of me!” (EN: Hahahah!)


In addition to adding all the superimposed effects, Sang Hyuk used a set of combination cards and completed the spell.

Chapter 162 [Episode 83] The Last Gateway 2 – End


Editor: Userunfriendly the cringy.

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