Chapter 163 [Episode 84] Red Bearded Whale 1

@ Red Bearded Whale

Kuaaaang! Kwaduduk!

A giant dinosaur’s head, which is as big as the Red Bearded Whale, protruded from the black void and chomped down.

This was not just a simple Leviathan.

It was a fearsome Leviathan that was insanely stacked with all sorts of damage amplifications.

The Leviathan violently bit the Red Bearded Whale, an appetizing prey. Naturally, the Red Bearded Whale twisted around to stop Leviathan, but to no avail.

The Red Bearded Whale was a second grade Sky Whale, just like the malignant monster of despair, Krakon. If rated based on the monster ratings, then it was a very powerful monster with a high rating in this dimension.

In short, it was more powerful than the Color Dragon.

But, as you can see, it was just prey to the Leviathan, the predator of all monsters.

Leviathan chewed the Red Bearded Whale very hard for one minute, the duration of his summon.

The Red Bearded Whale tried to stop the Leviathan’s attack by using the Luster Shield, but the Leviathan chewed the shield all up, proving why it was called a predator.

At the end of the one-minute mauling, the Leviathan returned to the gap between dimensions.

The Leviathan disappeared, but Team Rush’s attack was not over.





Gye Baek shot a magic cannon round at the Red Bearded Whale’s head at the same time as the Leviathan’s summon ended.

Kwakwakwakwang. The magic cannon hit the Red Bearded Whale’s head accurately and its strike was so powerful that the Red Bearded Whale’s body was pushed backwards momentarily.

Even if it was the Red Bearded Whale, it couldn’t underestimate that gun, which was reinforced three times.


“Haaah….haaah….I’m sorry but hang on for a bit more.”


Was it because Leviathan’s attack was amplified by stacked attack enhancements? Sang Hyuk, who had used the Breath of the Raging Dragon, looked more exhausted than usual.

During Leviathan’s one minute duration, Sang Hyuk lost nearly half of his health and vitality.

It was a worrisome situation that fortunately didn’t cripple him.


“I’ll try!”


Dark Knight looked at the Red Bearded Whale as she gripped the shield with both hands.

The Red Bearded Whale was already enraged because of the one-attack that Sang Hyuk struck home with all the power he had gathered together. It wasn’t possible to grasp the exact damage level, but if this was the response, its health seemed to be reduced by more than 30%.

After striking for more than 30% of a second-grade Sky Whale’s health in a single attack, Sang Hyuk quickly used a recovery combination card to restore his health and vitality.

Meanwhile, the Red Bearded Whale began to move in earnest to shatter the Ink-Black Dragon.


More than 1000 red tentacles on the Red Bearded Whale’s body arose at the same time.

This was the most troubling part when dealing with the Red Bearded Whale, the ‘Infinite Tentacles’.

Each of these tentacles had a similar power level as a normal monster level 60. And because they had the ability to absorb health, the Red Bearded Whale’s health could be restored if you neglected or ignored the tentacles.

Additionally, these tentacles are troublesome because they regenerated infinitely, even when removed again and again.

Based on Sang Hyuk’s memory, the raid team, which usually targets the Red Bearded Whale, had to assign three or four dealers from the group to attack and chop off the tentacles over and over again.

If they didn’t do it like that, the Red Bearded Whale would continue to restore its health through the tentacles.

However, Sang Hyuk’s group ignored the tentacles, unlike the usual raid team. The reason they ignored the tentacles was simple. The tentacles had to absorb something in order to restore health, but there was no one on Team Rush which could be the prey of these tentacles.

Basically, the artificial intelligence that controls the tentacles was designed to not touch the three essential crew members of a Sky Ship.

The first is the main tanker holding the agro of the Red Bearded Whale. And the second is the helmsman holding the key of the sky-grade ship. The third was the gunner of the Sky-grade ship.

It would have been ridiculous if this wasn’t a game, but it could exist because EL was basically artificial, not reality.

In the end, the Red Bearded Whale tried to fight with the infinite tentacles, but the infinite tentacles couldn’t find any valid targets to attack, so they had no choice but to twist and writhe in confusion.


‘As expected the infinite tentacles could be ignored!’


The one who came up with this strategy was Sang Hyuk, but he honestly didn’t think it would work 100%.

Sang Hyuk knew about the programming of the tentacles, but he didn’t know if the pattern of the tentacle would change if it went beyond the programmed variables of the artificial intelligence.

Of course, even if the pattern had changed, he would not have been greatly surprised by it, but the situation right now was undeniably good.

The Red Bearded Whale was attacked by Sang Hyuk’s massively overpowered first hit properly and damaged properly, also the infinite tentacles were simply neutralized. Is that all? Gye Baek shot his four harpoons almost perfectly and although the Dark Knight was unstable, she was holding on to the main tanker position well.

However, Sang Hyuk was ever vigilant, even though all indicators are showing ‘the best’ results.

He remained sober in this situation.


‘Now I just have to  keep going. This tightrope running isn’t over yet.’


Sang Hyuk thought of this as…sprinting across a slackline!

One mistake and they will fall to the ground, so they have to be careful and more careful.

Meanwhile, the Red Bearded Whale immediately retracted its wiggling worms as the infinite tentacles were countered so easily. If it had been an ordinary monster, it would keep on using  this ability and wasted its power but the red Bearded Whale had an artificial intelligence that surpassed a Legendary NPC, at least when it comes to battle.

Although it was a half-complete artificial intelligence that was purely specialized in combat, without multiple cognitive abilities, such as human relations, it wasn’t an ordinary artificial intelligence.

Rather, it was more difficult to attack because it felt like fighting a combat machine that you couldn’t talk to.

The Red Bearded Whale, which gathered in all of its infinite tentacles, placed a protective shield around its body again.

The second grade Sky Whale’s Luster Shield was an invincible defensive skill that blocked virtually all attacks. Of course, it didn’t just block its opponent’s attacks, it also blocked itself from attacking, so it had to drop the Luster Shield to attack.

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