Leviathan was unbelievably overpowered because it was able to chew through the Luster Shield, but anyway, the Red Bearded Whale was programmed to use the Luster Shield to change the situation.


Thanks to this, the magic cannon round that Gye Baek shot was blocked by the shield and exploded in the air.


“It raised the shield! Leah, move back and grab the key! Now I’m going ahead to deal with it!”


Sang Hyuk, who had recovered his health and vitality by 80%, went forward and changed places with the Dark Knight.

He hadn’t fully recovered, but he couldn’t just let go of this good timing.

As soon as Sang Hyuk and Dark Knight changed their positions, the Red Bearded Whale resumed the offensive and dropped its shield.

It confirmed that the infinite tentacles would no longer be stopped, so it immediately raised the massive fins on the side of its body and poured out the symbiotic, insectile broodlings out of its body.

In fact, the broodlings were not as demanding as infinite tentacles. Their numbers were as many as infinite tentacles, but the broodling had one fatal drawback.

It was….. they were vulnerable to the Sky-grade ship’s artillery.


“Gye baek, the broodlings! You know, right? Blow them all up!”




Sang Hyuk had already told Gye Baek the details about the broodlings, so Gye Baek immediately turned the gun barrel towards the fins that were pouring out the hordes of broodlings.


“Get off. Fire!”


Phophophong, kwagwagwagwang!

A single shell killed more than 100 broodlings pouring out from under the fin.

The broodling was not endless unlike the infinite tentacles. The Red Bearded Whale could pour out about 4000 broodlings, if Gye Baek focused only on the broodlings then he could block them well.


“Turn right!”


The Dark Knight controlled the Ink-Black Dragon and turned the key to the right, following Sang Hyuk’s shout. She often held Ink-Black Dragon’s key instead of Sang Hyuk and she was at least as good as Sang Hyuk in controlling the Ink-Black Dragon.

As the Ink-Black Dragon turned hard right, at the same time a pillar of water rose from the spot where the Ink-Black Dragon was.


This was the Lava Blast, the anticipated direct attack from the Red Bearded Whale following the broodlings.

Lava blast was also expected, a typical attack used by the Red Bearded Whale, and Sang Hyuk, who had noticed that when the Red Bearded Whale’s eyes redden then the Lava Blast would be launched, had quickly ordered the Ink-Black Dragon to dodge. (EN: I am assuming from raid footage viewed in his previous life)

It was an accurate decision and response, but this was a raid that started long ago by relentlessly training in the basics like this.


Sang Hyuk who avoided the lava blast, threw two blood wires towards the Red Bearded Whale.


The end of the wires turned like a sharp blade and these two blades slashed and cut dozens of wounds on Red Bearded Whale’s torso.

Of course, it wasn’t a big cut for the Red Bearded Whale. But that wasn’t a level of hurt that could be ignored.

It was Sang Hyuk, who weakened the whale’s defense power and stacked all sorts of amplification effects. When the two merged, the Red Bearded Whale could not ignore Sang Hyuk even though he was using indiscriminate attacks.

The Red Bearded Whale once again twisted and slammed down the sky-sea with its huge tail.

Then, momentarily, a huge wave soared toward the Ink-Black Dragon.

It wasn’t a special skill, but it was as demanding and powerful as a skill was.


“Deploy the shield!”


If the Red Bearded Whale had the Luster Shield, then Ink-Black Dragon had a shield that had been enhanced four times with the Krakon’s Galactic Eye.

Kwang! Bopopopong!

The Ink-Black Dragon made it through the huge tsunami-like wave. Meanwhile, Sang Hyuk once again threw the blood wires, creating dozens of wounds on Red Bearded Whale’s body.

So, he kept tormenting the Red Bearded Whale again and again.

The reason for Sang Hyuk kept attacking the Red Bearded Whale again and again in the most painful way possible was simple. He was trying to enrage the Red Bearded Whale so it loses control.


In the end, the Red Bearded Whale opened its mouth wide, aimed Sang Hyuk who continued to taunt it and poured out a very powerful sonic wave.


The sonic wave breath weapon, which was called the ‘Thunder of Destruction’ was the most powerful attack that the Red Bearded Whale had.

It was a skill that could wipe out enemies by the immensely powerful sound waves that destroyed everything in front of it and even if it was the Ink-Black Dragon, they would be completely smashed if they got hit directly.

But the important thing was that it had to hit.

Sang Hyuk deliberately continued to provoke the Red Bearded Whale to use it. The reason he did so  was to make it use the Thunder of Destruction at the time and place of his choosing.

Thunder of Destruction took 20 minutes to cool down once used, so if they avoided it at least once, they didn’t have to worry about the Thunder of Destruction for the next 20 minutes.


Thunder of Destruction flew into the Ink-Black Dragon, splitting the sky-sea, but Sang Hyuk, who was already prepared, instantly triggered Ink-Black Dragon’s booster with maximum power, dodging to the  side and avoiding the Thunder of Destruction.


“It’s done! Stop the Ink-Black Dragon’s maneuvers! Let’s attack!”


Now that they have removed the most troubling skill, it’s fine to attack more aggressively.

Of course, they had to read the pattern of the Red Bearded Whale to pinpoint the timing of the offense and defense, but this was so obvious that one doesn’t have to say anything about it.

In the process, the Ink-Black Dragon could get smashed by the Red Bearded Whale, but it was impossible to beat it unilaterally anyway.

They were just trying to avoid getting hit by the enemy and beat it back a lot.

This pattern was going to be repeated until the Red Bearded Whale’s health fell below 40% and it would take at least a few hours to get there.

This was the beginning of a long-term war that was not easy. When they lost a little focus because of the longer battle time then that one mistake could end them, so Sang Hyuk, Gye Baek and Dark Knight continued to encourage each other to shake it off.

Chapter 163 [Episode 84] Red Bearded Whale 1 – End


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