The meaning was simple.

It meant that he would pull the Red Bearded Whale’s health down below 20% in one attack, taking away its ability to berserk.

Naturally, one of the two skills that had the cooldown reset was the “Breath of the Raging Dragon”.

This skill, which costs more than 600 million won when Sang Hyuk used it every single time, is sometimes referred to as the ‘burying the enemy in a mountain of cash’ skill.

In fact, Sang Hyuk was scared of himself for casually using these unbelievably expensive skills. However, one thing for sure was that this skill is as powerful as its cost, 600 millions in one usage. (EN: Around half a million dollars.)


“The Raging Dragon. Come and accept my offerings I give you and destroy the enemy in front of me!”


Sang Hyuk threw a combination card, shouting the spell, again, with the embarrassment that numbed his hands and feet.

Sang Hyuk had never thought he’d use this combination card twice against a monster.

Kwaaaaaaaaang! Kwaduduk!

This time, likewise, the head of a dinosaur, as big as the Red Bearded Whale, protruded from the void and bit it.

Monster Predator Leviathan!

It was as strong as the first time and it bit the Red Bearded Whale, which had weakened defenses because of its berserk.

This time, maybe because the Red Bearded Whale was berserk, but it didn’t try to wriggle away and escape, but rather tried to eat the Leviathan in reverse, and launched a massive Red Glow barrage from its entire body.

Hurrrrng, Kwagwagwagwagwagwagwang!

The Sky-sea became a mess as if the very heavens themselves were falling down when the two crazy monsters collided with all the power they had.

And Ink-Black Dragon got caught up in the fight.


“Put the shield at maximum!”



Sang Hyuk was currently pouring out his health and vitality to maintain the hole connected to Leviathan, so he couldn’t help.


“Gye Baek, pierce the wave in front of you with your canon!”


Sang Hyuk was trying to escape this mess by using the cannon to create a hole in the huge wave coming at them and hold on with the shield.




Gye Baek answered loudly, and shot the cannon straight away and the exploding shell blasted a hole in the massive waves that was moving toward the Ink-Black Dragon.

Even with the shield deployed at maximum, the aftermath of the collision between the two crazy monsters shook the Ink-Black Dragon ruthlessly.

Even so the good news was that although the Red Bearded Whale managed an attack during the struggle, the Leviathan survived the barrage of Red Glows as expected, and chomped on the Red Bearded Whale again and again.

Kwaduduk, uduudduduk!

Leviathan ruthlessly chewed up the Red Bearded Whale even with holes piercing its head, and eventually lowered the Red Bearded Whale’s health.

The Red Bearded Whale’s health, which was close to 40%, quickly went down to below 20%, and in the end its berserk was released as Sang Hyuk wanted.

Everything went as Sang Hyuk intended.

However, at this moment, Sang Hyuk began to draw a completely different picture in his mind.


‘The time has come!’


This picture was completely unimaginable to other users.

The remaining summon time of the Leviathan was only five seconds, but in this short moment, Sang Hyuk completed an unbelievable picture in his head and immediately acted on it.


[When the Leviathan disappears, the Red Bearded Whale will activate the luster shield for sure. Then we….. will punch through the luster shield.]


Sang Hyuk spoke to Gye Baek and Dark Knight at the same time through party chat.


[Our shield must be at maximum and we have to put all the remaining power into the booster to break through it. It doesn’t matter if the Ink-Black Dragon is broken, pour it all out. And after we ram it…. shoot the cannon.]


Basically, a luster shield was an invincible shield that was almost impossible to pierce. But it wasn’t really impossible.

There was something that could pierce the shield.

It was….another shield.


Leviathan was returned into the void again, failing to finish off the Red Bearded Whale. It cried out of disappointment, but it didn’t have more summon time.

And at that moment, as Sang Hyuk predicted, the Red Bearded Whale berserk ended and it raised the Luster Shield right away.

Phajijijik, jiiiiiiing!

The reason why the artificial intelligence of the Red Bearded whale chose defense was simple. First, it had self-diagnosed the serious damage suffered from the Leviathan and raised the shield with the intention of reestablishing a defensive pattern accordingly.




Sang Hyuk stumbled and sat on the deck as soon as the black hole that Leviathan had popped out of disappeared.

In the meantime, he had enough concentration left to push the last remaining recovery combination card into his heart.




It’s not Sang Hyuk, but the Dark Knight who shouted.

kwagwagwagwagwa, jjoooooooong!

The Red Bearded Whale’s Luster Shield and Ink-Black Dragon’s mana shield collided, causing massive shock waves.


Dark Knight poured all the power into the booster without looking back and as a result, the hull of the Ink-Black Dragon groaned as it began to exceed overload.


Naturally, the durability of the Ink-Black Dragon began to fall like crazy. It seemed that the Ink-Black Dragon would be smashed and sank even before punching through the shield.


“If we continue like this, Ink-Black Dragon will sink!”


Dark Knight clenched her teeth and looked at Sang Hyuk,


“It’s okay. Keep on pushing!”


Sang Hyuk, who was sitting back and concentrating on recovery, gave the command with confidence due to his powerful will.

Sang Hyuk still had one more trick up his sleeve, one that he believed in.

It was the Ink-Black Dragon’s unique ability, ‘Pitch Dark’.


“Activate Pitch Dark!”



As soon as Pitch Dark was triggered, darkness descended around the ink-Black Dragon. Now, Ink-Black Dragon could not sink for 30 minutes, even if the durability was zero.


This was the move that Sang Hyuk believed in. and this one last trick has become a strangely brilliant move.


He used the power of Pitch Darkness to make the Ink Black Dragon’s hull durability infinite and in the end punching through the Luster Shield with the mana shield had no choice but to succeed.

The two shields were broken at the same time. At that moment, Gye Baek fired his cannon as if he had waited for exactly that precise moment.





The bombardment was powerful enough to push the Red Bearded Whale’s body back for a moment. But that wasn’t the important thing.

Chwarrrk, chwarrrk!

The bombardment briefly took the Red Bearded Whale’s attention, and Sang Hyuk, who had managed to recover half his health and vitality, wrapped the Blood Wire of the Full Moon in both hands and jumped toward the Red Bearded Whale.

A momentary image appeared in Sang Hyuk’s mind.

This was the ‘Kill Strike’ that pro-gamers often refer to.

Of course, it was absurd to see the chance to kill off a monstrously huge Raid Monster, which is completely different in scale from a single user, but Sang Hyuk definitely saw the chance to kill it at the moment and put it straight into action.

He was always this way.

He destroyed the common sense, made the nonsense work, and turned the impossible to possible.

This was the way of the One man army, the Immortal.

Chapter 164 [Episode 84] Red Bearded Whale 2 – End


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