Chapter 165 [Episode 85] Continent of the Sun 1

@Continent of the Sun.

Kwagwagwagwa, gwaaaang!

The Ink-Black Dragon was wrapped by the Pitch-Dark, but because the shield was broken, they were swept away by the huge waves created by the thrashing body of the Red Bearded Whale.

Nevertheless, because of the four harpoons that were firmly embedded in the Red Bearded Whale, they ended up being tossed around at the ends of the cables, delivering a strong hit to the hull.

The impact made it difficult for Gye Baek and Dark Knight, who were riding on the Ink-Black Dragon, to maintain their footing.

However, the Dark Knight didn’t lose control of the Ink-Black Dragon and Gye Baek didn’t lose control of his cannon.

They continued to do what they had to do in these difficult circumstances.


Gye Baek, who supported with his cannon and Dark Knight, who was trying to steady the Ink-Black Dragon as much as possible, so Gye Baek could actually shoot accurately.

They did all they could to support Sang Hyuk.

At that moment, Sang Hyuk was burning everything to break the Red Bearded Whale’s last breath.

Summon the four completed Stars of Glory!


[Magician of Glory ‘Egray’] [Priest of Glory ‘Pokin’]


[Warrior of Glory ‘Crepo’] [Knight of Glory ‘Tamia’]


Flop, flop!

He even used the Star of Glory that he had saved until now to summon the four legendary NPCs and even used the Giant Blood’s Bloodline Skill, ‘Enlarge’, to make himself bigger.

As for his combination cards, only one was left, and in this situation, virtually useless.

But Sang Hyuk instinctively felt that there was not much left and the battle was nearing the end.

Kwagwagwagwang, dudududuk!

The four Stars of Glory, who were given the basic commands by Sang Hyuk, started the rampage as Sang Hyuk wished.

In particular, since the Priest of Glory Pokin  focused on support, he was able to recover most of  Sang Hyuk’s health in an instant.

Of course the Red Bearded Whale did not stay still.

The Red Bearded Whale, who entered the fourth phase, pulled out its infinite tentacles once again. This clearly showed how good its artificial intelligence is.

It knew that Sang Hyuk and the Stars of Glory were able to deal with the infinite tentacles and it chose the skills it needs the most in this situation.


Hundreds of tentacles protruding from the Red Bearded Whale’s body and rushed straight toward the four star of glory.

But Sang Hyuk did not respond at all to those infinite tentacles. The Star of Glory would disappear in the next 20 seconds, so in this way, just having them pull the agro was enough.


‘There’s not much left!’


Even at this moment, Sang Hyuk still had a chance to finish it. He thought it would be difficult to seize this opportunity again if he didn’t get it done.

That’s why he burned everything he could utilize to win.

Chwarrrrrk, Kwadududuk!

Sang Hyuk, who stabbed the blood wire of the full moon into the middle of the forehead of the Red Bearded Whale, flew towards the Red Bearded Whale and continued to pour powerful skills into the Red Bearded Whale’s body.

In the meantime, dozens of infinite tentacles wrapped up Sang Hyuk’s body, but Sang Hyuk gave up his defense and put all his energy into the attack.

Because of that, Sang Hyuk’s body also had many wounds. Of course, Sang Hyuk used all sorts of defensive skills, so he didn’t take too much damage.

However, the effects of the defensive skills were not infinite, so Sang Hyuk would not be able to hold on for long.


“Please just die!”


Kwaduk, udududuk!

The Red Bearded Whale and also Sang Hyuk, each forgot to defend and poured out their hatred with all their might.

It looked like two boxers gave up their defense at the last minute then brawled each other with their bare fists, forgetting skill, in a brutal slugfest.

All of the Star of Glory were reverse summoned. The Priest of Glory Pokin restored Sang Hyuk’s health until the last minute, but the Infinite Tentacles eventually swallowed Pokin too.

When Pokin disappeared, Sang Hyuk’s health began to decline sharply. The atmosphere was even worse as all the infinite tentacles which had been dispersed to deal with the Stars of Glory now flocked to Sang Hyuk.

Since many of the defensive effects applied to Sang Hyuk’s body were disappearing one by one,  it seemed certain that Sang Hyuk would fall before the Red Bearded Whale.

Clank! Kwaddududuk!

Sang Hyuk spun the Blood Wire of the Full Moon to create a large rotating blade as the Infinite Tentacles grew in numbers and he used it to cut off the infinite tentacles that flew toward him.

But he couldn’t remove all the infinite tentacles, so a few of the infinite tentacles slashed at Sang Hyuk’s body and shot some powerful blasts.

Kwagwagwang, kwagwagwagwang!

Even at this moment, Gye Baek continued to fire his cannon, slashing at the Red Bearded Whale’s health.

Will the Red Bearded Whale fall first? Or will Sang Hyuk fall first?

The ending of this raid will be decided based on the outcome of this simple duel.

However, looking at the current situation, the overwhelming advantage was with the Red Bearded Whale.

Sang Hyuk’s health was going down sharply toward 10%. Of course the Red Bearded Whale’s health has long since fallen below 5%, not 10%. but the difference between the sizes of their respective health bars were so large a comparison based on percentages was meaningless.

Sang Hyuk who pushed his limits.

But Sang Hyuk was not anxious at all.

Sang Hyuk believed that this was the worst that his foe could manage.

The ‘Drop of Phoenix Blood’, was one of the two skills that had the cooldown reset, by the Rage of the Red Dragon. (EN: Yes, until the Red Bearded Whale’s health dropped down below 5%, using the Star of Glory, this card was “in this situation, virtually useless.” )

With a cooldown of 120 hours, this combination card was, in some sense, better than the ‘Breath of the Raging Dragon’.

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