Combination card ‘Drop of the Phoenix Blood’!!

Phiing, flash!!

This was his last remaining combination card. The moment the Drop of the Phoenix Blood was used, Sang Hyuk’s health and vitality were restored to 100%.

Even the tentacles that surrounded Sang Hyuk’s body were extinguished by the Flame of the Phoenix that sprang out of Sang Hyuk’s body.

Of course, he only had 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, his health was going back to below 10%.

However, these 10 minutes were a golden time for Sang Hyuk.

And for the Red Bearded Whale, it was the dying time…





Sang Hyuk, who regained his health, once again exploded all his power and rushed toward the Red Bearded Whale.

Sang Hyuk proved that it was not the strongest man who survives but the survivor is the strongest man.

His massive and intense life energy had already engulfed the entire body of the Red Bearded Whale.

* * * *



Finally the very long battle was over.

The survivors were Team Rush, not the Red Bearded Whale.

It was a fierce battle and a ridiculous challenge, but in the end, Team Rush made the impossible possible once again.

For the first time, the Sky-sea’s final boss monster, second-grade Sky Whale, the Red Bearded Whale was defeated.


You have gained the legendary title ‘The Ultimate Whale Hunter’.

You have hunted the Red Bearded Whale for the first time and you have earned all 41 items as the first clear reward.

The dimension portal has received the heart of the Red Bearded Whale, a permanent power source.

The Red Bearded Whale is a monster that devoured the dimension portal that connects the Sky-sea which is the Middle Layer and the Continent of the Sun which is the Heavenly World. If you enable the dimension portal that exists in its mouth, you can move to the Continent of the Sun.

You are the first to break through the Sky-sea. The result of this great challenge will be an achievement and it will be remembered forever.

You have won the legendary title the ‘First Sky-sea Conqueror’.

Congratulations. Cumulative karma breaks the limit in a row, raising your level by two.

As soon as the message that they had been waiting appeared in front of those three., they could forget all the pain and laugh.


“Aww, [email protected]….. It was really [email protected] hard!”


Gye Baek automatically swore like that….


“Huuu, it was really hard.”


Even the Dark Knight, who rarely speaks, she exhaled a long breath. And Sang Hyuk……

He used his first aid skill to quickly heal his body. It was dangerous enough that being even 20 seconds too late could cause Sang Hyuk to die.

Therefore, he saved his words and was holding on without dying by using the first aid skill.

It was breathtaking timing.


‘How did they catch that monster in the past?’


When people caught the Red Bearded Whale in Sang Hyuk’s past life, the tactic to catch the Red Bearded whale had been completely published and the composition of the raid team was fairly generous with 75 players instead of 25 , so it was much more relaxed than now.

In fact, compared to Sang Hyuk and Team Rush, the majority of players were late to enter the Middle Layer.   Thanks to the insanely skilled work of Hagye’s lifestyle players and their  workshops, the player’s equipment made the Red Bearded Whale far easier to attack.

At that time, the Red Bearded Whale was considered a bus in Middle Layer so catching it was not that special.

Of course, the truth of Sang Hyuk’s question was simpler than he thought.

Ten coalitions joined forces to gather a whopping 2500 users, and then attacked with a ridiculous human wave strategy.

FYI, if you participated in the raid with more than a certain number of people, then all the rewards were divided up by the increased number of people, so actually they had to give up all the rewards to break through the way for the first time.

Not only did they lose the first title, but they didn’t receive the first kill bonus. No, most of the players didn’t even get a share in the item distribution, and participants got only about as much karma as a rat’s tail.

It was an act that threw away the many special rewards that the players could receive, but at that time, this was the only practical method.

Leaving aside these things that happened in Sang Hyuk’s past, the fact that the three people had overcome the Red Bearded Whale was a tremendous thing.


“Huu…. First, let’s anchor the Ink-Black Dragon on its corpse. If we continue like this, once the effect of the Pitch-Dark ends, it could sink.”


After recovering a little health, Sang Hyuk opened his mouth with a very weary expression.

The Red Bearded Whale had become a permanent Sky Island itself. However, there was one very interesting game mechanic applied to the permanent Sky Island, where Sang Hyuk’s team landed.   This island could only be seen by the three members of Sang Hyuk’s team.

Even if they brought others here, they couldn’t enter this island.

For everyone other than Team Rush, the island was in a different world that did not exist. This kind of system was called a ‘multi-dimensional’ system and each person expressed it as going to a different world.

After all, this Sky Island now became a dedicated asset only for these three people.


“First, let’s activate the dimension portal.”


It’s not too late to go to the Continent of the Sun before managing the loot so Sang Hyuk moved straight toward the Red Bearded Whale’s huge mouth.

Sang Hyuk’s team, who entered through a fissure in the Whale’s mouth shaped like a crack created by an earthquake, used the heart of the Red Bearded Whale to open a dimensional portal connected to the Continent of the Sun.


Finally the Heavenly World opened!

The first one to arrive in the Heavenly World was Team Rush.

Chapter 165 [Episode 85] Continent of the Sun 1 – End


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