Chapter 166 [Episode 85] Continent of the Sun 2

* * * *

Sssssss, flash!

When Sang Hyuk, Gye Baek and Dark Knight passed through the portal and set foot on the Continent of the Sun for the first time, the same system message appeared to all three at the same time.

Congratulations. You are the first dimensional traveller to visit the Continent of the Sun. This record will be left in the world forever.

You have achieved the legendary title the Descendants of the Sun.


“Wow! Another legendary title!”


Gye Baek and Dark Knight were already freaking about the legendary titles given in a row.

Sang Hyuk had experienced this before, but for Gye Baek and Dark Knight, the legendary titles were really a dream come true.


“Well, well, get your minds straight, first get the marking book and save the coordinates first. Then we have to find the closest soulstone. If you space out and die in vain then it will be pathetic.”


Although Gye Baek and the Dark Knight didn’t know, Sang Hyuk knew very well what kind of place the Continent of the Sun was.


“By the way, this place…. the atmosphere here is a bit different, right?”


Gye Baek murmured while looking around.

Hagye and Middle Layer had a medieval atmosphere but this place had a totally different ambience.


“This place is really different from Hagye and the Middle Layer, so be careful. The basic atmosphere itself is similar to the Industrial Revolution era…. so there are trap cards everywhere.”


“Trap cards? What do you mean?”


“To put it simply, the Continent of the Sun can be said to be the land of the supermen. The NPCs in this place are called the Sun People….and this is not a joke, they are very very strong. You have to throw away all the common sense you’ve had about the NPCs. To give you an  extreme example, a common bakery owner who sells bread in a small village can be stronger than us.”


“Heol…. Is this possible?”


“Don’t try to understand it, just accept it. This place is that kind of place. In fact, the NPCs consider themselves descendants of the gods, so their pride is incredibly high. If we offend them then we will be crushed so we have to be careful. Especially the Sun People who don’t like dimensional travellers very much so it will probably be very hard to adapt at first.”


As Sang Hyuk recalled his memories from the past one by one, he told Gye Baek and the Dark Knight about the Continent of the Sun.


“So, we just have to be careful with the NPCs?”


“Of course not. If the NPCs are savagely strong, do you think the monsters that they face would be normal? The monsters are also insanely powerful.”


“So, what the hell can we do here?”


“If you follow the standard procedure….. we are going to start with the Messenger of the Sun People.”


Actually, lots of top level users in Sang Hyuk’s previous life came to the Continent of the Sun and were frustrated. The users who ruled in the Hagye and Middle Layer almost like gods, came to this place and were treated like trash by the NPCs, so they had no choice but to be frustrated.


“Woo, the Messenger…..”


Gye Baek was surprised at Sang Hyuk’s words. It was a natural response because it was an unacceptable reality.

Even though she was characteristically silent, the Dark Knight was also quite surprised.


“You don’t have to think too hard. Just remember that a completely new world has opened up. And if you are a little stressed here, you can go down to Hagye and release your stress for a while.”


Even after the Continent of the Sun opened up, most users never moved their base to the Continent of the Sun.

The reason was simple.

Hagye was much easier to play.

The users preferred to remain comfortably in Hagye, rather than eat the Sun People’s sh!t in the Continent of the Sun.

Time passed and the dimensional travellers began to exceed the Sun People’s greatest power, ‘Immortality’, it took a lot of time to do so, even though a new update had unfolded.


“Phew, it’s going to take some time to get used to it.”


“Anyway, you’ll be forced to adapt when you meet the Sun people later.”


Sang Hyuk could have said more, but he didn’t. They couldn’t understand although he said everything that could be expressed with words alone. If they remembered, this would help them understand after they experienced it for themselves.

Sang Hyuk was able to recall the memories of his past life and find a barely abandoned soulstone quickly. In his previous life, he came up fairly late to the Continent of the Sun, but had been active in the Continent of the Sun for longer than anyone else.

At first, he was forced to do all sorts of rough things for the workshop, becoming faithful messengers of the Sun People. Then after the Second Dimensional Planet was opened, Sang Hyuk, who had begun to suffer from VR Overindulgence Syndrome, was eventually unable to endure the Second Dimensional Planet and became a VR cripple, useless to the workshop.

After it ended like that, it was realistically impossible to move on to the Second Dimension Planet. In that situation, all he could do was to return to the Continent of the Sun, and do Sun People’s errands, which was all he could manage with his low VRA, so he had no choice but remained on the Continent of the Sun for much longer than others.

As a result, he knew a lot about the Continent of the Sun.


“So, the soulstone could be outside of the town like this?”


The soulstone was usually the center of the village or city. At least it was like that in Hagye or Middle Layer. But the Continent of the Sun was different.


“I told you. They don’t really like dimensional travelers. So, of course the soulstones that can respawn dimensional travelers are hidden.”


“Oowww….. then looking for the soulstone will be required, right?”


“Of course. By the way, the soulstones that exist in the Continent of the Sun are sometimes destroyed by powerful monsters. So, the Continent of the Sun’s soulstone gives you a choice to not store the soul and after moving the soul to the lower side of the three layers, there is a way to return using long-distance recall. Of course if you use it, then the recall cost will be a lot and you won’t be able to use the Return Skill, but at least it is safe.”

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