The soulstone in the Continent of the Sun was unprotected by the NPCs so it was not a 100% safe revival point.

So, safety-conscious users would give up a lot and save their souls on the Heroic Lands, or the Hellfire Desert. (EN: On chapter 37, the author lists the three layers as the Hellfire Desert, Heroic Lands and the Solar Continent.)


“Are we supposed to play like that at first?”


“You don’t have to. Frankly, the cost of the long-distance recall from Hagye to here, the Heavenly World…. If it keeps accumulating, then it will get expensive. And giving up a free-to-use return is definitely a waste.”


It was Sang Hyuk, who could care less about the recall fee more than anyone else, but he thought it was not necessary to spend the money that he didn’t need to spend. (EN: Yep, he’s cheap.)

He had been lining up backup soulstones in his past life. So, there was no reason to use the recall from the lower side of the three layers.


“For now, since the connection time limit is nearly up, we will cut the connection, then sleep and rest as much as you can, and after ten hours let’s meet again. It’s okay to take care of the loot at that time, isn’t it?”


“Even without that, I’m tired as he11.”




The three of them were dead tired after ending the bloody battle.

At a time like this, it would be best to just shut up and rest.

* * * *

Sang Hyuk and Leah, who had disconnected and were out of the capsule, went directly to their beds at the same time.

The two just slept for about 8 hours.

Leah was the first one to wake up. She stretched out her sleep first and then made simple sandwiches.  Because she and Sang Hyuk actually had not eaten anything for 12 hours they were very hungry.

Sang Hyuk also woke up 30 minutes after Leah.

Sang Hyuk who has had a good sleep after a long time also had a delicious sandwich made by Leah.


“Wah, this is different than the ones I usually make and eat by myself.”


“Haha, I have my secret recipe.”


“The spaghetti last time was not that good, but this is really delicious.”


“Hey, last time you said it was good!”


“I didn’t say it was good. I said it was still edible.”


Sang Hyuk and Leah became more friendly the longer they stayed together. Originally, Sang Hyuk’s personality took a long time to get close to anyone but strangely he got close to Leah quickly.

They were growing closer, because they were a perfect fit to each other in some parts.


“By the way, is the Continent of the Sun really hard?”




[This is really a personal question…. How can you know all of that? Ah, this is not a question that you have to answer, I just asked out of curiosity.]


Leah threw out the question that she wondered everyday although she never asked out of consideration. Since it was the question that she was curious about and didn’t mean to trouble Sang Hyuk, she didn’t expect any answers.


“Yeah, this sandwich is very expensive.”


Sang Hyuk laughed and put the remainder of the sandwich in his mouth. Then he slowly opened his mouth.


“If I said that I had experienced all of this before, would you believe it?”


[What do you mean? Yesterday, you and I got the title of the first visit, how could you experience this first?]


“Correct. It would be nonsense, right?”


Sang Hyuk nodded and made a bitter laugh. It was a real truth that no one could believe, even if he wanted to say it all truthfully.

Then at the time like this, all that was needed was a white lie.


“I managed to get a ring of fate with an important hidden NPC through a quest early game so that I could hear a lot of valuable information. Actually, thanks to that NPC, I became more special than everyone else.”


“Ooo… really?”


The lie seemed more truthful than the truth so Leah nodded now.


“Otherwise, how do I know all of this?”


“Now I can understand a bit.”


Leah nodded her stretched head and laughed as if she was too embarrassed.

Sang Hyuk was a little sorry, because this was Leah, but realistically he knew it was best so he had to lie.

Sang Hyuk and Leah, who had enough rest, decided to get into the game and Gye Baek was waiting for them as he came first.

The three first began to divide the loot.

As always the first right to choose the loot was given to Sang Hyuk. Sang Hyuk took a closer look at the loot that the Red Bearded Whale threw up.


‘As I had expected, this is all I need!’


The result after he inspected the items didn’t change from his first glance.


The Red Whale’s Flame [Legendary +++] <first growth>

– The Armor of Fire that was made by uniting all of the fire energy in the Red Bearded Whale’s body. This Dark Red Armor, that seemed like it was made from the fire of hell, is a set armor that combines all four parts, “shoulder”, “chest”, “legs”, “arms”, into one.


[Basic Ability] All abilities +500 (+150) [Special Ability] Defense +30(+9)% [Special Effect] <Shield of Flame (S): Flame attribute defense increased by 400%. You have acquired the ‘Heat Immune’ ability that able to endure fire no matter how hot.>


[Item Skill] <Flare up! (S+) : Absorb the energy of fire into the body and elevate the flame attribute to a high master (120) level for 30 minutes. But, if this happens, then you will lose all armor for the duration of this skill. Reuse waiting time 24 hours.>


[Bonus Effect] Flame attribute: +10, agilityL+60, health +100


[Growth Limit] Assembled armor, combined with 4 parts with up to 3 levels of growth is possible (currently level 1)

This was the defense that Sang Hyuk was looking for.

It was not even just a legendary item, but a growing legendary item.

This was the highest level legendary item that was almost as good as a mythical item, so Sang Hyuk chose this without thinking twice.

Other than that, there were four more legendary items, but Sang Hyuk doesn’t need any of them.

Even if there are other important things too, it was right to give up on them if he has this great item.

After selecting, Sang Hyuk handed over all the remaining 40 items to Gye Baek and the Dark Knight.


‘Now I can check the titles properly and finally manage the normal skill slot.’


The good things were not over yet.

This time, a number of new legendary titles.

Checking on those was a great pleasure.

Chapter 166 [Episode 85] Continent of the Sun 2 – End


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