One Man Army 167 Part 1

Chapter 167 [Episode 86] Fancy Fireworks 1

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Sang Hyuk, who chose the Armor, stepped back and looked at the detailed information window of the three legendary titles he had acquired.


Title – ‘The Ultimate Whale Hunter’

Rating ? Legend

Explanation ? You, who slaughtered the Sky Whales and caught the King of the Sky Whales, is unquestionably the best whale hunter. This reputation will be yours for a very long time.

Effects – [Prefix: Increased the Attack Power by 20% when fighting Sky Whales] [Suffix: Acquires additional karma by 20% when fighting Sky Whales] [Sustainable effect: <The Prince of the Sea (S+): Swim as a Proficient Swimmer without consuming any vitality and health and the movement speed in the water is significantly increased. It also greatly enhances the ability to swim underwater as it allows you breathe underwater for two hours as you swim underwater.>]


Title – ‘The First Conqueror of the Sky-sea’

Rating ? Legend

Explanation ? The best title for you who conquered the entire Sky Sea is ‘The Conqueror’. In this way, you have become the most extraordinary person in the Sky-sea.

Effect – [Prefix: None] [Suffix: None] [Sustainable Effect: <Conqueror’s Privilege [water] (SS): The most fundamental attribute for Sky-sea too is ‘water’. You will get a bonus related to water as you conquered a huge ocean. The attribute skills related to water increased by 50 and the attribute defenses related to water increased by 30%.>


Title – ‘Descendant of the Sun’

Rating ? Legend

Explanation ?  You are one of the first Dimensional Travellers to visit the Continent of the Sun. As always, the first one is the most special.

Effect – [Prefix: None] [Suffix: None] [Sustainable Effect: <the Blessing of the Sun (SS): the amount of all karma obtained from the Continent of the Sun increases by 20%.>, <First Dimensional Traveller? (A): Sun People, who are amazed by seeing a dimensional traveller for the first time, slight increase in favorability..>]


‘All three are meaningful titles.’


Of course, if he had to choose the best title, he would choose the Descendant of the Sun or The First Conqueror of the Sky-sea, but all of them had good effects.

Sang Hyuk looked further into the title window to compare the three legendary titles to the only mythical title he has, ‘The True Dragon Slayer’.


Title – ‘The True Dragon Slayer {First, Solo)’

Rating ? Myth

Explanation ? The first to defeat a real dragon in this world alone. Your limit is incomprehensible. Your great journey can only be described as an epic.

Effect – [Prefix: Increase all abilities during monster hunts by 40%] [Suffix: Increase all abilities during dragon-type hunt by 40%] [Sustainable Effect: <The Real Dragon Slayer (SSS): Increase all abilities by 25% and if you can complete the Dragon Heart and combine it with your heart, then you can get Four Dragon Words randomly. (Dragon Heart unmounted)>]


(TL/EN Notes: The most powerful magic is Dragon Magic.  Dragon Magic is activated by Words of Power in the Dragon Language. There is also Korean saying that a Word becomes a World’s Seed, that every Word has power.) (EN Notes: Yes, Dragon Magic is…AWESOME. Coming up in later chapters.)


Even though the legendary title is great, there was no comparison.

Even though he hadn’t built the dragon heart yet, he was filled with marvelous strength since all of his abilities have increased by 25%.

There was nothing lacking in the prefix and suffix, but the incredible power of the four dragon words was why this title was a mythical title.

Sang Hyuk knew well what kind of item the dragon heart was.

It was a special elixir item.

He didn’t remember exactly what the effect was, but he knew that it had the effect of increasing his abilities much better than normal elixir.

He even knew what important materials were needed to build it.

He already had the most important and also the hardest to find out of those special materials .


‘Dragon Blood! It’s not a problem to make the ideal dragon heart with this.’


Sang Hyuk, who has already hunted a dragon for the first time and picked the dragon blood as the first reward, has already solved what is said to be the biggest challenge in the dragon heart production.

He just needed time to collect enough of the rest of the materials, so dragon heart production shouldn’t be very difficult.

Sang Hyuk, who confirmed all the titles, closed the windows and finally checked his general skills.

Sang Hyuk had a total of eight regular skill slots. And here was one Awakening Skill slot added.

Sang Hyuk had already filled six of the eight regular skill slots fully.

+9 High-speed Swimming, +9 Emergency Treatment, +9 Chained Evasion, +9 Insight, +8 Steering Skill, +7 Telesight.

These were highly useful general skills that retained utility anywhere in EL.

While the normal users used +3 to +4 general skills and the top level users, rankers, used general skills ranked from +5 to +7, Sang Hyuk’s enhanced skill levels could be said to be the highest.

Of course, to make this happen, a lot of skill books had been consumed. This was not a few tens of thousands of books, but rather Sang Hyuk has expended a few hundred thousands of books to make these high-intensity skills.

This was possible because Sang Hyuk dominated the auction house. And it was also thanks to the title ‘God of Strengthening’, one of his legendary titles.

But even if it was Sang Hyuk, he couldn’t exceed +10.


‘There are two remaining general skill slots….And also the important Awakening Skill slot.’


Awakening Skill slot.

This was another privilege given to the users.

The Awakening Skill slot could mount an Ancient Knowledge.

The Awakening Skill slot allowed you to mount an Ancient Knowledge separately from your soul slots. However, different from the soul slots, there was a clear constraint here.

It was the presence of a ‘time limit’.

Registering an Ancient Knowledge in the soul slot would make it his skill permanently, but registering the Ancient Knowledge in the Awakening Skill slot was only available for a week at the shortest and a month at the longest.

In other words, it meant that the Ancient Knowledge would be used like a consumable item.

So this made it unwise to mount rare Ancient Knowledge into the Awakening slot. Because rare Ancient Knowledge was hard to obtain, and it would be far more efficient to mount rare Ancient Knowledge into a soul slot.

For this reason, Sang Hyuk couldn’t put blood type Ancient Knowledge, called ‘Sanguine Knowledge’, into the Awakening Skill slot.

So, he put a general Ancient Knowledge that was easy to get and he really needed into the Awakening Skill slot.

Even only this much was a huge help to the users. Frankly said, no matter how long the time limit was and the expense of the common Ancient Knowledge, getting one more Ancient Knowledge would be a huge boost.


‘To fill them up, I have no choice but to go down to Hagye.’


Sang Hyuk looked at the empty skill slots and sorted out his thoughts. In order to clean the miscellaneous items that filled the Sky-grade Ship, he had to go to Hagye at least once anyway.

As Sang Hyuk made up his mind like that, at the same time Gye Baek and the Dark Knight finished selecting their items. Because they felt it wasn’t right to share all the remaining 40 items between themselves, they assigned the 17 unique items that they don’t need to Sang Hyuk.

Sang Hyuk said thanks and received the items because there was no reason to refuse their favor.

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