One Man Army 167 Part 2


“I planned to go to Hagye and come back here… If you are okay let’s go together. The Continent of the Sun is a place that we can conquer slowly while taking our time, so it’s good not to rush too much.”


“Let’s go. It’s hard because I have so much stuff in my inventory bags.”


“Alright, let’s all go together.”


The three of them who agreed on the same thing, didn’t hesitate and used the long distance recall to move to Hagye. To use the long-distance recall, they used a whopping 20 intermediate Magic Stones.

Hagye, which in the Heavenly World, was a very long distance away, so this amount of energy was needed.

* * * *

Sang Hyuk, who came down to Hagye, separated from the other two and began to take care of his personal things.

The first thing Sang Hyuk did was to check on Gold Mountain that he couldn’t manage during his voyage. He had made sure that it could run itself as much as possible without his supervision before he left for the Sky-sea, but it is true that he got worried since he hadn’t taken care of it for such a long time.

Still the good thing is that Ilya was a special NPC with outstanding AI which was as good as a legendary NPC.

In fact, since she’s there, he can put his mind at ease.


“…… All of those things were piled up in the warehouse as you’ve ordered.”


Ilya, who had met Sang Hyuk after a long time, was very pleased and eagerly reported all the things that had been going on.

There were so many things that she had to report that even though she condensed as much as she could while reporting it, it still took two hours.

The good thing was that the Gold Mountain’s stores and other assets as well as Gold Mountain itself had run without much problem and the bad thing was their assigned tasks were as simple as possible for a stable operation, so that there was little to see aside from the monetary benefits.

But it didn’t matter. They might not earn much gold but the goods that Sang Hyuk wanted were packed into the warehouse.

Sang Hyuk was satisfied enough with that.


“You’ve done great.”


Sang Hyuk thanked Ilya sincerely and patted her shoulder. He was really grateful to Ilya.

It was clear that if she hadn’t been there, he couldn’t have left for the Sky-sea.


Ilya felt your sincerity. The faith of both of you and her, which has been building up for a long time, has turned into a ring of fate and has grown the ring of fate into another special ring.

The Ring of Fate became the ‘Ring of Worship’ and Ilya recognized you as ‘Master’.

From now on Ilya worships you, who is now more than your subordinate.

You can get everything from Ilya.


‘What is this….’


Sang Hyuk was startled by the sudden message. This was not a situation that Sang Hyuk had deliberately created.

Sang Hyuk didn’t even know what it was like to have the worship ring.

In fact, all of this was an incredibly rare thing that did not happen by coincidence.

Originally, it was right that the relationship between Sang Hyuk and Ilya be maintained until the end, until the ring of fate evolved at the end.

However, by chance, Sang Hyuk left for Sky-sea, leaving Ilya a very important task and this created a special ‘trust’ situation in the relationship between Ilya and Sang Hyuk.

Because Sang Hyuk trusted her and left all of the work to her for a very long time, the trust number accumulated to an unheard of value.

Of course, he was forced to trust her because he was sailing the Sky-sea, but the game system couldn’t check that sort of detail like that.

Sang Hyuk obtained the ‘Worship Ring’, which was so ridiculously difficult that no one could really get it.

For example, the Worship Ring was something no one had ever achieved in Sang Hyuk’s previous life.




Ilya, who worshiped Sang Hyuk, changed everything from speech to expression and behavior.

Basically, Ilya was a tremendous beauty.

If she could exist in reality, she could outshine all the Hollywood actresses.

And she was basically always wearing revealing clothes.

But then…. a girl like that blushed and her hand began to smooth down her short skirt.




At that moment Sang Hyuk definitely realized two facts.

The first one was that this game was basically an adult game with a ‘unsuitable for children’ rating, and the second was he was also a man.

He couldn’t deny it.

If he rejected this, he’s actually certifying himself as a ‘eunuch’.

Ilya’s hands grazed Sang Hyuk’s chest softly several times.


‘Is this… one of the things included in  “everything” from her?’


A gush of excitement.

This was an irresistible temptation. No, maybe it was a temptation that should not be rejected.

Sang Hyuk never knew that Ilya’s worship might include this.


‘Then let’s just accept it and enjoy it.’


Sang Hyuk began to relax and naturally react to Ilya’s touch.

This was the beginning just as he thought.

Ilya realized what to do right away as soon as her relationship with Sang Hyuk’s was newly re-established.

Although there were no limits beyond what was permitted in the game, she was going to serve her new master, Sang Hyuk as best as she could.

That was the first thing of immortal’s subordinate, Ilya, had to do.

Sang Hyuk broke up with her after spending a private time with Ilya, who was ecstatic and completely happy. Sang Hyuk gave her a few orders and she moved with greater confidence than she used to. (EN: For those of you shipping Leah and Sang Hyuk, please remember at this point in time, they’re just good friends, and Ilya is hawt.)

Sang Hyuk, who broke up with her, went into the warehouse where the goods from the Gold Mountain had been diligently gathered.

This warehouse was a supersized warehouse that Sang Hyuk rented for a very large sum of money. But this warehouse ….. was almost full.

There was a large variety of goods piled up in the warehouse, but most of them were skill books.


“Now, should we start the fireworks show?”


The reason Sang Hyuk collected so many of these things was simple.

That was because he would use up most of them.

It was a massive strengthening rush that can be called the Fancy Fireworks. (EN: When an item is consumed in the game, there is a visual effect, usually described as a white light.)

The scale of the strengthening rush prepared by Sang Hyuk was different.

Sang Hyuk was starting a strengthening rush that never happened in the past and will not happen in the future.

He was not going to stop reinforcing or combining until he got what he wanted.

Chapter 167 [Episode 86] Fancy Fireworks 1 – End


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