168 Part 1

Chapter 168 [Episode 86] Fancy Fireworks 2


‘First, should I try to shine the light of synthesized synthesized Magic Engineering?’ (EN: Remember, successful upgrades and enhancements are celebrated by a flare of light in EL.)


Synthesized Magic Engineering was a synthesized general skill that Sang Hyuk had long ago chosen as his seventh general skill.

It was not possible to obtain this skill cheaply because it was made by synthesizing four skillbooks that were more expensive than you can imagine. (EN: In chapter 38, we find out that “High Speed Swimming” is created from “Swimming” and “Sprinting” common skillbooks. synthesized Magic Engineering is obviously created from 4 very expensive skillbooks, beyond the common grade)

However, Sang Hyuk had steadily commissioned them through Gold Mountain’s NPC buyers, and now he has collected exactly 23,700 synthesized Magic Engineering Skillbooks.


‘If this much, then it should be at least +8, right?’


It if were the other users, they would have been satisfied to get just +5, not +8, but Sang Hyuk was different


‘It is such a shame that it can’t be broadcast.’


In fact, videos of players enhancing equipment was a very popular type of broadcast content. In particular, as he had been collecting a lot of books for a long time and using them up in a  high-speed strengthening rush, then it would significantly boost his ratings.

But, unfortunately it couldn’t be broadcast.

First of all, if he broadcast it, then the Immortal, the Gold Mountain, and the relationship between them could be exposed and it could have a long-term impact on his plans by creating a sense of incongruity uselessly.

So, Sang Hyuk was filming the video, but didn’t intend to broadcast it.

Sang Hyuk, who had filled his empty virtual bag with the skillbooks of the synthesized Magic Engineering to max capacity, took it straight away to the Synthesizer NPC nearby.

Although he could strengthen items by himself, composing and enhancing skillbooks could only be done by those with the Synthesizer Skill.

To be honest, if he wants to increase his chances of success even a little, he could find a famous user who was making a name for himself as a Synthesizer, but if he does that, he will pay a lot amount of money, and moreover revealing this amazing strengthening rush to a player Synthesizer would make more work, so he just went to the NPC. (TL Note: it will be troublesome to explain to the other users how did he get these amazing things)


“Let’s start.”


After handing over all the skillbooks to the NPC, Sang Hyuk nodded and immediately began the strengthening process.

Of course, he put on the title ‘God of Reinforcement’.

He wasn’t the synthesizer, but the effect was applied to the things he commissioned so it certainly made sense.

Of course, there was no prefix or suffix effect, so he merely had to equip the title.

Swiiinng, flash! Flash!

Pajik, sshhhhh.

Succeed, succeed, failed, succeed, succeed, succeed, failed, failed, succeed…..

The successes and failures of the enhancement keep on going, but Sang Hyuk continued to nod repeatedly while watching the procedure emotionlessly.

The first amount which was handed over to the NPC was 5,000 synthesized Magic Engineering Skillbooks. Sang Hyuk thought that 5,000 volumes would never make +8. It meant that the chances of strengthening were low.

Then, as he expected, the 5,000 books turned to dust and disappeared into thin air in about an hour and a half.

It took more than an hour to enhance it even without resting so this procedure was not easy.

Sang Hyuk, who had cooly blown 5,000 volumes, handed in 5,000 more. Sang Hyuk wasn’t impatient.

In the end, the probability of the strengthening was dependent on EL’s RNG (Random Number Generator), so if he keeps on challenging then it would be done one day.

He also had prepared so many ingredients for it.

The reinforcement continued. The good news was that the Synthesizer NPC did not lose focus and continued strengthening.

If it was a user, he would have said that he was exhausted and couldn’t do it anymore, but because it was an NPC, he just kept on reinforcing without any words.

It burst, stuck and burst again….. the success and failure were repeated in front of Sang Hyuk’s eyes. Then after at least 17,000 volumes of synthesized Magic Engineering Outline Skillbooks became dust and disappeared like that, the fourth synthesized Magic Engineering Skillbook +8 appeared again.

Sang Hyuk had told the NPC to stop once it was +8.

He had stopped three times before, and each time Sang Hyuk shouted to challenge the +9 level and he had to watch the skillbooks disappearing like dust.




Sang Hyuk took a deep breath and slowly opened his mouth.


“We will do it one more time.”


When Sang Hyuk’s permission was given, the Synthesizer NPC attempted to strengthen it without hesitation.

Sssss, flash!


Then it appeared the Synthesized Magic Engineering +9.

Then Sang Hyuk could smile pleasantly.

He gave up the +10 challenge. There were still a lot of skillbooks left, but there was no guarantee that he could make another +9 again.


“Let’s call it a day.”


Sang Hyuk received the +9 Synthesized Magic Engineering Skillbook from the NPC.


[Skill] +9 synthesized Magic Engineering (Synthesized/General) – A better understanding of various magic machinery allows you to use some special Magic Engineering products and moreover it also improves the performance of things related to Magic Engineering.

Enhancement Bonus: (+2 Bonus: Vitality increases by 10.) (+3 Bonus: The duration of Aura Crystals increases by 3%.) (+4 Bonus: The durability of the Sky-grade ship increases by 2%.) (+5 Bonus: Mount Rocket Boosters [Mini Booster that increases the travel speed by 200% for 2 seconds] on shoes.) (+6 Bonus: The durability recovery speed of the Sky-grade ship became faster by 5%.) (+7 Bonus: Wearable Rainbow Contact Lenses [You can identify your enemy’s current health in seven colors].) (+8 Bonus: The energy charging rate of the Magic Armor became faster by 10%.) (+9 Bonus: Maximum usage time of Magic Armor increased by 10%.) Cooldown time: None (Passive) (EN: Yes, you’re reading it right, he got rocket boots. 😀 )


[Proficiency: 0]


Synthesized Magic Engineering was a general skill that would be essential for players aiming for the ranker position. Of course, it has not yet been disclosed that this skill even exists.

This was a secret general skill that had been learned by a few top-ranked players in person when they were able to face off against the Sun People in the Continent of the Sun.


“Synthesized Magic Engineering is done…. and the next thing is ‘The Art of Conversation’?”


After synthesized Magic Engineering, the 8th general skill that Sang Hyuk chose was the Art of Conversation.

At first glance, this general skill, which seems unnecessary, was unexpectedly an important skill.

Sang Hyuk had prepared about 19,000 books synthesized in advance, as he did for synthesized Magic Engineering.

It was less important than synthesized Magic Engineering, but Sang Hyuk was also going to make it +9.

* * * *

After four hours of hard work, Sang Hyuk was able to eventually get ‘The Art of Conversation +9’ skillbook.

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