169 Part 1

Chapter 169 [Episode 87] Dragon Heart 1

@ Dragon Heart.


Sang Hyuk synthesized the last book of the Divine Thunderbolt and the last Heavenly 72 Whip techniques book.


“Come out!”


Sang Hyuk didn’t think it would help, but he still shouted out hoping for a tiny bit more luck.

Are things going his way? Divine Thunderbolt didn’t disappear after it shone with light.

Flash! Swirrrllll.

All the hidden conditions were satisfied.

The hidden ancient Martial Arts the Ritual of the Thunder God was created.




One scroll flashing with golden light appeared instead of the Divine Thunderbolt and Heavenly  72 Whip techniques scrolls that Sang Hyuk handed to the Synthesizer.

It was exactly the 197th Ritual of the Thunder God.

Sang Hyuk surpassed his goal of 150 books and created 197 books, a staggering number of the Ritual of the Thunder God.

As a reference, the Ritual of Thunder God lasted for exactly 20 days when it mounted on the Awakening Skill Slot, so if he had 197 books, even if he uses it continuously, he would be able to keep using the Ritual of Thunder God for about 3,940 days.

At 365 days a year, it would be available for more than 10 years.

It seemed that Sang Hyuk didn’t need to worry that he would run out of the Ritual of the Thunder God.


“Wow…. It really burned white.”


Sang Hyuk used up all the materials that he gathered with so much difficulty after a very long time in a single day.

Of course, it was unfortunate because he only produced 50 books over his expectations.

Gold Mountain might be a bit unsteady due to the aftermath of this big rush, but he didn’t hesitate because he created Gold Mountain to become the best player anyway.

Sang Hyuk immediately pulled out one of the 197 volumes of the Ritual of the Thunder God and opened the scroll. Then a system message appeared straight away.

Awakening Skill Slot has been detected.

Do you want to register the Martial Art the Ritual of the Thunder God?

The Ritual of Thunder God registered in the Awakening Skill Slot will remain for ’20 days’.

Sang Hyuk registered the Ritual of the Thunder God immediately without reading the rest.

The Ritual of the Thunder God contained a total of 16 Martial Art Soul Skills and all of them could be utilized with the weapon, the Blood Wire of the Full Moon.


‘Well….. should I try to use it?’



Sang Hyuk used the Thunder Slash, the most frequently used of the Martial Art Skills in the Ritual of Thunder God, as the commemoration of obtaining the Ritual of the Thunder God.

Flashing, kwagwagwagwagwang!

Then the blood wire slashed laterally, splitting the air.

The damage amplification rate of the Thunder Slash was only 20% but instead it was a skill with cooldown time that was incredibly short and could be used in a variety of combat situations.

Even the progamer that Sang Hyuk respected used the Thunder Slash the most out of the Ritual of the Thunder God.

To quote that progamer’s words, if you’re a user of the Ritual of the Thunder God then you should be able to cast the Thunder Slash accurately even with your eyes closed.


‘It even felt good.’


Sang Hyuk smiled pleasantly as he recoiled the blood wire. Even though it wasn’t a perfect Thunder Slash because this Martial Art skill was actually designed for the ‘Thunder Whip’ instead of Blood Wire, the power never lagged behind the original Thunder Slash.

After using Thunder Slash about a few times, Sang Hyuk, who got the feeling of it, left the warehouse behind him.


‘By the way, I have to quickly create the Dragon Heart……’


He wanted to make the dragon heart as soon as he could, but it was impossible to make it right away because he didn’t have all the ingredients.


‘If I prioritize all the NPCs in the Gold Mountain to get the ingredients of the Dragon Heart, I think i will be ready in a week..’


Sang Hyuk was thinking about producing the Dragon Heart as soon as possible.

After getting the Ritual of the Thunder God, it seemed possible to hunt in the Continent of the Sun if he also had the Dragon Heart.


‘Fiuh, there are lots left to do in the Continent of the Sun….. I’m really busy. I’m busy.’


Sang Hyuk, since his return had no time to play in the Middle Layer.

If only he could finish his tasks, he could have more spare time because there were limited things he could do in the Middle Layer, but he had no choice but to be busy again because he had a lot to prepare for and to plan for the Continent of the Sun.

* * * *

Gye Baek and Dark Knight were also busy, although not as busy as Sang Hyuk.

Because Sang Hyuk stayed in the Middle Layer for a long time, they had nothing to do as if their employment closed down temporarily for remodeling.

What they could do in the Continent of the Sun was to do quests to gain the Sun people’s favor. And there was no need for the three of them to do it.

So, for the time being, they decided to go separately and focus on playing by themselves as they came and went between the Hagye and Heavenly World.

Of course, Sang Hyuk’s top priority was making the dragon heart.

Sang Hyuk planned to go back to the Continent of the Sun after he finished it.

The Gold Mountain was running well even without Sang Hyuk.

Of course, it was able to run well without much problem only because Ilya was there and also because he automated operations as much as possible to create a stable flow of money.

Because of that, Sang Hyuk had a constant source of gold or items. Since Sang Hyuk had a steady flow of resources by using the Gold Mountain, a flow that didn’t require his intervention, he had no complaints.

Rather he thought it was good in many ways to let it simply run on autopilot for a while.

When the Gold Mountain stopped explosively increasing its business, numerous ‘Top’ people expanded their influence at the auction house.

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