169 Part 2

Now, in fact, the big player of the auction house was not Gold Mountain but the ‘Black Market’. The Black Market was rising as the biggest player of the auction house through aggressive investment. However, Sang Hyuk did not really think that this was serious.

The reason was simple. It was because a more important market was open.

Continent of the Sun was a new market completely blocked from Hagye.

The power they had on Hagye was nothing at the Continent of the Sun.

Of course, it will not go down to the level of dying, but as the larger market opened, the users were going to move on.

A minor league in the Continent of the Sun would be a major league on Hagye.

But if it wasn’t easy to get a place at the Continent of the Sun and the users themselves would need quite a bit of time to advance to the Continent of the Sun, so the Hagye’s Auction Houses would be able to continue its popularity for at least half a year.

Anyway, for this reason, Sang Hyuk did not intend to restore his economic dominance on Hagye again. He intended to build the power on the Continent of the Sun more than anyone else then build a second Gold Mountain there.


‘For doing that, first I have to start by finishing the dragon heart……’


To achieve what Sang Hyuk wanted, the first thing he needed to have was STRENGTH.

Because the Sun People worship strength, so they won’t even associate with weaklings.

The class system called ‘Kamishu’ which exists among the Sun People, was thoroughly ranked through strength.

The Continent of the Sun would force you to live as a slave for lacking strength.

The reason Sun People hated dimensional travellers was that the existence of these ‘Immortals’, who refused to die even after they were stepped on like ants, made them scratch their heads.

Of course, the users who they regarded as ants were going to become stronger and surpass the Sun People one day but as always, it would take a very long time.

The atmosphere of the Auction House changed dramatically as the Gold Mountain’s NPCs moved aggressively for the first time in a long while.

‘The Auctioneers’ of the Black Market, who led the Auction House when the Gold Mountain ran as quiet as a mouse, were starting to sense something strange and respond to it.

Black Market did not utilize the NPCs like Sang Hyuk. They used players who could be smarter and rather ‘cheaper’ than the NPCs.

The players hired by Black Market were attached to the Auction House as if they were working at the company and worked hard to manipulate the prices.

They outperformed the Gold Mountain’s NPCs in many ways. Sang Hyuk acknowledged that. However, in the end, the key to controlling the Auction House was not the ‘hand and feet’ that executed the purchases and buys, but the ‘brain’ that penetrated the future and accurately read changes in values, so when Sang Hyuk took care of the Gold Mountain himself, the Black Market couldn’t exceed Gold Mountain, even if it died and reincarnated back. (TN: Most Koreans still believe in reincarnation and also that they can have a better life in the next life or achieve something they couldn’t do in this life.)


Of course, the Black Market could not know this.

They just mistakenly believed that they would eventually become the last winner.

Therefore, it was impossible for the Black Market’s Auctioneers to block the Gold Mountain’s NPCs, which are actively moving with Sang Hyuk’s return.

The Black Market’s Auctioneers totally had no idea why the Gold Mountain’s NPCs were aggressively buying and selling.

Although the ingredients needed to make the dragon heart were rare, because they were not particularly valuable, it became even more unpredictable.

In the end, it wasn’t Sang Hyuk’s intention but the Auction House became very noisy and oddly the Black Market and other big top players started fighting hard.

Gold Mountain, which can be said to be the ignition point of all these fights, quickly found and purchased the objects specified by Sang Hyuk and left them behind

After Sang Hyuk got everything he wanted, he didn’t care whether they fought among themselves or not, or whether or not they won or lost.

Anyway, Sang Hyuk’s interest was all focused on the Continent of the Sun so he had no time to play with those losers on Hagye.

* * * *

It took longer than he thought until he collected all the ingredients of the dragon heart. He thought one week would be enough, but in reality, it took half a month to obtain all the materials needed to produce the dragon heart.

The most troubling one was the ‘Spartoi’s Skull’. (Spartoi or Dragon Tooth Warrior)

The problem was that this item was the most essential ingredient in making the Necromancer’s favorite summon, the ‘Death Knight’.

As a result, it did not go up to the Auction House, but was traded for large amounts by direct transaction and in the end, Sang Hyuk was forced to go through item trading sites to get it.

After suffering such hardships, he was able to obtain Spartoi’s Skull by giving a huge amount of 50 million won in cash. (EN: Almost $41,000 US!!!)

It was the last one.

Sang Hyuk already had the ‘dragon blood’, which is hundreds of times more difficult to obtain than Spartoi’s Skull.

Now the only thing left was…..

The production of the dragon heart.




Sang Hyuk put all the ingredients together and put on the title ‘The Real Dragon Slayer’.

Then, naturally, a system message appeared in front of him.


‘All the materials needed to build the dragon heart have been detected.  Would you like to produce it? (Y/N)’




Sang Hyuk nodded and vigorously tapped the Y icon with his hand. Then all the materials that were collected gathered into one and floated into the air.

Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk !

The items began to emit the red light and began to merge. And after a few seconds…..

The red light exploded in the air and shot a red glare everywhere.


You have produced a Mythical item, ‘Dragon Heart’.

So, Sang Hyuk got another mythical item.

This time, it wasn’t just an item, but a mythic class consumable item.

Chapter 169 [Episode 87] Dragon Heart 1 – End


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