170 Part 1

Chapter 170 [Episode 87] Dragon Heart 2


Dragon Heart [Myth+++]


– The core with the power of Color Dragons. With this, you can gain Great Power.


[Basic Ability] With it, all abilities permanently increased by 50 points. This increase effect is applied separately from existing buffs.


[Special Ability] All attributes permanently increased by 15% and all attribute defenses also increased by 20%.


[Intrinsic Ability] When taken, four random dragon words are selected and imprinted on the soul.


[Restriction on Dosage] Dragon Heart could be taken only once.


Dragon Heart has a tremendous effect that no other elixir could ever match. It has a great effect in increasing all attributes by 50 points, but the really amazing effects are the attribute and the attribute defense increased permanently by a fixed percentage and the gaining of the four random dragon words.

Dragon words are the most powerful magic a dragon possesses.

Of course, the results will be different in a thousand different ways depending on what dragon words that you get, but all dragon words are at least rank 6 magic no matter which words, so even if the results of the drawing were bad, you still get benefits.

Sang Hyuk checked the dragon heart’s ability for a while and just put it directly to his mouth.

The dragon heart in his mouth became like a smoke and permeated into Sang Hyuk’s body.

Sssssshhh, flash!

At the moment the red light burst out of Sang Hyuk’s body, Sang Hyuk absorbed all of the power of the dragon heart into himself.

All stats rose and all attributes and attribute defense went up.

And then…. the four dragon words were decided.


Dragon Word ‘ Draconic Aura’ [Rank 8 magic]


: Surrounds the body with a powerful aura shield to reduce all damage by 80% for 3 seconds. Even after the Draconic Aura has disappeared, the aura’s effect permeates the skin reducing all damage by 30% for 7 seconds.

Proficiency: None

Cooldown time: 3 minutes


Dragon Word  ‘Hand of Conflagration’ [Rank 7 magic]


: Let the flames of Hell rise from the feet of your opponent. The opponent immediately takes damage (160% of your Attack Rating) and after that for 10 seconds take Damage Over Time (D.O.T) once every 2 seconds (50% of your Attack Rating).

Proficiency: None

Cooldown Time: 2 minutes.


Dragon Word  ‘Soul Observation’ [Rank 6 magic]


: Able to see through the soul of your opponent. You can see the health and vitality of the target at a glance. This magic is irresistible, so no matter how high-leveled the target is, ‘seeing’ the soul is still possible. However, it would be quite troublesome if it was used recklessly because the opponent who is higher than yourself will immediately notice that you have read their souls.

Proficiency: None.

Cooldown: 30 seconds.


Dragon Word ‘Invisibility; [Rank 7 magic]


: Instantly distort light and darkness at the same time and force the caster into ‘invisibility’. The caster is ‘transparent’ for 4 seconds not only to your enemies but also your allies. This effect is judged to be a ‘powerful’ concealment technique.

Proficiency: None.

Cooldown time: 2 minutes.


Unfortunately, they were not the best.

If only one of the famous ‘Peak’ Dragon Word magic, which is Rank 9 magic, such as ‘Hellfire’ or ‘Absolute Shield’ appears then it would have been a huge jackpot, but those things were not gotten so easily.

None of the Rank 9 magic came out.

This time, he felt that  the effect of Great Luck didn’t appear.

However, even if he felt like that these Words were not failures. He felt like he was in the middle.

Especially, ‘Draconic Aura’ was a very good survival skill. The reuse cooldown was not very long and the damage reduction rate was very high.

Moreover, it was very good because it’s not only that the base effect ended in 3 seconds, but although weaker, it maintains damage reduction for another 7 seconds.

The Hand of Conflagration wasn’t bad for single-target attacking skill, but in fact, Sang Hyuk didn’t feel like it was good because he had a lot of better attack skills.

Rather, although it was only Rank 6 magic, he felt that Soul Observation was better than Hand of Conflagration. What’s a little disappointing is that one of his General Skills, which had already been strengthened to +9, has the ability to guess the health of the enemy.

But, Soul Observation was overpoweringly better so he was only a little disappointed.

The last Dragon Word, Enhanced Invisibility, wasn’t considered an incredible Dragon Word normally, but it was a very good Dragon Word to Sang Hyuk.

This magic could be linked to the many skills that Sang Hyuk had. And it seems that he can be the real Grim Reaper if he used it well.


“If I want to score it…. Then it is about 70 points out of a 100.”


Even though he didn’t hit the jackpot, Sang Hyuk was satisfied with this much. In fact, Enhanced Invisibility and Draconic Aura could be very helpful for Sang Hyuk.

After gulping down the dragon heart, now it seemed that he won’t feel inferior even at the Continent of the Sun.

Even though the level of the Sun People was much higher, someone’s level could never be the standard of their ‘Strength’.


“Now since all preparations are done…. should we go to the Continent of the Sun?”


Gye Baek and Dark Knight had already gone back to the Continent of the Sun a week ago and were struggling hard at the bottom of the food chain. He wanted to help them, but in reality, there was nothing that he could really do.

Anyway, Gye Baek and the Dark Knight had to adapt in the Continent of the Sun on their own.

Of course, Sang Hyuk was going to be active in the Continent of the Sun in an uncommon way, but it was only possible for Sang Hyuk. Even when Gye Baek and Dark Knight have recently become very strong with Sang Hyuk’s help…. but in the end, they became the top class within the limitations of being a ‘player’.

The reality was that currently he couldn’t even hand out a business card in the Continent of the Sun. (EN: He didn’t even have the qualifications to be called a “player” on the Continent of the Sun)

After he met Ilya and once again went back to Hagye with her to do all the business he had to finish, Sang Hyuk spent about two hours having a passionate and lovely time.

These days, Sang Hyuk was having an intimate time with Ilya everyday.

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