170 Part 2

By this time, Sang Hyuk felt that Ilya was his lover in EL, not a NPC. Especially since her AI was so great, she acts like a real human being and he fell deeply for her.

After an intimate time with Ilya, Sang Hyuk finally kissed her very intensely and left Hagye to her and went to the Continent of the Sun.

He had to maintain his businesses in Hagye until he could settle his place on the Continent of the Sun, so Ilya had to work hard again.

The bad thing was that when he called Ilya by ‘summoning’ her, then the things related to the ‘mutual interaction’ were limited, so he couldn’t spend an intimate time with her.

It was a very disappointing part for Sang Hyuk, who was enjoying the intimate time that he spent with Ilya the most, but he could come and go through recall even if it costs a little of money, so it was not a very big problem.

Sang Hyuk came back to the Continent of the Sun and started looking for Goren City.

Goren City was one of the three major cities in the Continent of the Sun and the reason for Sang Hyuk to find this place was that he had been based here in his previous life.

Sang Hyuk knew Goren City so well that he could even walk around it with his eyes closed.

And he understood the Sun people who lived there and also how the power structure was shaped.

In fact, this priceless information could not be obtained, no matter how much money you spent. Sun People basically didn’t associate with the dimensional traveller so it was impossible for the users to obtain this information until you became strong past a certain level.

If only he could go to Goren City, Sang Hyuk was so confident he would feel at home,  like a fish in the water.

But…. if there was a problem, it was that Goren City was not easily found.

Sang Hyuk’s current automap was obviously incomplete, nor did he have access to other automaps of the Continent of the Sun. Sang Hyuk was forced to wander around in search of landmarks he knew.

Of course, this was also possible because it was Sang Hyuk.

Gye Baek and Dark Knight were working hard in the small town they first discovered, and they dared not even think about wandering around the Continent of the Sun.


It was a herd of wolves. Twenty wolves that looked normal growled in front of Sang Hyuk.

If it had been Hagye, it would have been possible to finish them off with only a single finger but that was impossible in the Continent of the Sun.




One word ‘awakened’ in front of the name made those wolves not wolves.

All monsters in the Continent of the Sun had a powerful dark force.

When you entered into the complex backstory, the heroes who devoured the Ascension Orb and ascended to the country of the Tutelary Deity of the Sky, called themselves the Sun People and tried to reign as demigods.

But, they couldn’t be the deities in the first place. Rather, the Tutelary Deity was already contaminated because of the powerful Magye (Devil World) that arose at the same time as the emergence of the Sun People.

As a result the Tutelary Deity lost its divinity. Sun People had also lost their divinity, but they still called this land, which was very special for them, as the Continent of the Sun, and they swore to  drive out all of the darkness that has spread through this land and make the Continent of the Sun back into the country of the Tutelary Deity.

There were four Powers that were created for this holy crusade.

The first was the ‘Knights of the Sun’.

The second was the ‘Saints of the Sun’.

The third was the ‘The Solar Pagoda of Magic’.

The fourth was the ‘ Heroes of the Sun’.

They were a little different in their pursuit, but ultimately, all of them wanted to restore the lost divinity of the Continent of the Sun and to qualify themselves again as demigods.

But, Sang Hyuk knew it was impossible. The Sun People could never get the results they wanted because the dark forces had already severely contaminated the Continent of the Sun so it cannot be revived.

Sang Hyuk sighed as he gazed at the wolves in front of him.




It was a sigh of resignation that he had to take out the ‘Blood Wire of the Full Moon’ while dealing with a mob.


Of course, no matter if it was the wolves with the ‘awakened’ attribute, they couldn’t be Sang Hyuk’s opponents. The other players might have felt that each one of them was as strong as a high-level elite monster, but for Sang Hyuk they were just a little more troublesome wolves.


“I have a long way to go, so let’s finish it quickly.”


Sang Hyuk rushed toward the wolf herd frighteningly infusing Divine Thunderbolt to the Blood Wire.

* * * *

After about a week of wandering, Sang Hyuk eventually found the landmark that existed in his memory.

It was a lake. It was an unusual lake with endless ice sheets, also known as the Ice Lake.


[email protected], It’s great to have found it.., but why of all things, does it have to be THIS place where it is connected to the Middle Layer?”


When you caught the Red Bearded Whale and opened the dimension portal, the portal was randomly connected to the Continent of the Sun. So, no one knew where the arrival point would be.

That’s the problem.


‘To visit the Goren City from here, not only do I have to cross the Ice Lake, but also I have to pass through the Dark Jungle afterwards…. It won’t be normal then.’


Both the Iced Lake and the Dark Jungle were also quite notorious areas in the Continent of the Sun.

Especially, the Dark Jungle was an area where even the powerful Sun People didn’t recklessly enter.


“Should I detour? But if I detour, can I predict how much longer it will take…..”


The Dark Jungle was quite wide.

So taking a detour really means adding massively to his travel time.

It could have been a week or so if he passed through it, but if he took a detour, he could struggle for almost a month.

Should he take the safe path but stretch the schedule an unknown amount or choose a dangerous journey, reducing the travel time as much as possible instead….. Sang Hyuk stood at the crossroad of choices and thought for a moment.

But his thoughts did not last long.

He would make the same choice in these situations.


‘When did I think about safety first? Especially this is not Middle Layer, right?’


Sang Hyuk thought he would become a  ‘Wuss’, from the moment he worried about death. Therefore, his choice was, of course, to pass through the Dark Jungle.

Chapter 170 [Episode 87] Dragon Heart 2  – End


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