171 Part 1

Chapter 171 [Episode 88] Goren City 1


@ Goren City.

The monster that you had to be careful of the most was the ‘Awakened Giant Ice Devil’. It hides itself deep under the thick ice and when the prey passess over the ice sheet, it breaks through the ice sheet at a tremendous speed and swallows its prey whole.

It was classified as a regular field monster, but in reality it was as powerful as a Raid Monster, not a normal monster.

Later on, when the players came up to the Continent of the Sun, they used to build raid teams for catching Awakened Giant Ice Devils here in the Ice Lake.

However, Sang Hyuk didn’t have the leisure to do monster hunting right now, so he was breaking through the Ice Lake at full speed to avoid the Awakened Giant Ice Devils as much as possible.

Sang Hyuk’s way of dealing with this Awakened Giant Ice Devil was simple…. but the effect was obvious.

Dudududuk, Kwagwagwagwang! Khuooooong!

Another Awakened Giant Ice Devil broke through the ice sheet and popped up behind Sang Hyuk.

Again, Sang Hyuk used blink at exactly the right moment to escape the lunge attack of the Awakened Giant Ice Devil.

The Awakened Giant Ice Devil not only knew the location of the prey by its eyes, but it also identified it through the microscopic tremors of the ice sheet, so Concealment did not work.

In the end, it meant that it was an unavoidable opponent.

Therefore, Sang Hyuk did not avoid it. Of course, he had no intention of fighting it.

After breaking past the first attack, Sang Hyuk ran away.

This was the tactic that Sang Hyuk chose against the Awakened Giant Ice Devil.

He simply just sprinted with all his might. In the middle, he still met the monsters that lived on top of the ice sheet but because most of them were weaker, so with a judicious use of Divine Thunderbolt for several encounters, almost everything was sorted out.

Sang Hyuk sprinted at full speed on the ice sheet like this, nope, he was Flying across the Ice Lake. Because Sang Hyuk escaped like a loach, the Awakened Giant Ice Devils, who all got very irritated, chased Sang Hyuk en masse, but their Artificial Intelligences couldn’t catch the slippery and cunning Sang Hyuk. (EN: Loach is a generic term for slippery river fishes in Asia)

Sang Hyuk was able to shed the stampeding Awakened Giant Ice Devils, because all ‘agro’ was reset when he sprinted out of range.

Sang Hyuk ran for almost seven hours without a break. As a result, he was able to cross the Ice Lake.

It was a challenge that was hardly thinkable for a normal person, but Sang Hyuk challenged himself and did it.




Running at full speed for seven hours without a break was crazier than he thought.

Thanks to this, though Sang Hyuk hadn’t fought properly, his stamina was only about 5%.


“This is not going to work.”


Sang Hyuk, who breathed deeply shook his head and murmured. This crazy run was only possible because it was the Ice Lake.

Because the monsters of the Ice Lake that appear on the surface are relatively weak and the monsters that live below the ice are powerful so this kind of forced breakthrough could work.

If the monster that appeared on the ice sheet was at the level that Sang Hyuk couldn’t have ignored, then it was clear that such a breakthrough could not have been attempted.


‘The problem is here…..’


Sang Hyuk, who had to look up just to see the tops of the magnificent titans in front of him, had no choice but to frown.

In front of him was an immense forest of unbelievably huge trees rising to the sky.

If you mention the Five Taboos in the Continent of the Sun, the fifth of them is this forbidden area……

It is the area where you can barely hunt with a full party of 7 people with a minimum level 130…

The Dark Jungle unfolded in front of Sang Hyuk.


‘I want to break through this place like what I did on Ice Lake, but it’s impossible…. then I have no choice but to break through it with my strength.’


Even a full party of users above level 130 were not always able to break through the Dark Jungle.

That was just the minimum qualification to walk into the Dark Jungle.

In order to hunt smoothly in the Dark Jungle, even the users at level 140-150 with equipment and titles above a certain level had to have a full party.

In that sense, it might be crazy for Sang Hyuk, whose level was not even 100,  to jump into the Dark Jungle alone.

But Sang Hyuk’s EL play has always been a series of crazy things that defy common sense.

In fact, at some point, for Sang Hyuk using common sense has become the aberration. So, even this time, Sang hyuk was able to choose to break through the Dark Jungle without hesitation.

Honestly, the reason why Sang Hyuk worried was that he had never been to the ‘Dark Jungle’ in his previous life.

There was no reason to come to this place. There were many good hunting grounds and he didn’t have to go and struggle in this place, which had a bad reputation and was not considered very efficient for leveling.


‘If I enter, I can get a rough estimation of the difficulty, right?’


After that Sang Hyuk decided to clear his mind. Overcoming challenges was his style.

Sang Hyuk stood and drank a stamina recovery potion, then he slowly stepped toward the Dark Jungle as his stamina recovered by more than 80%.

* * * *

The Dark Jungle was completely dark. The giant trees which soared up endlessly, blocked the sunlight completely….. Actually this could happen because it was a game.

For that reason, the Dark Jungle was treated almost like a dungeon.

Sang Hyuk realized as soon as he entered the Dark Jungle that this place unexpectedly fit him very well.

Perfect darkness.

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