172 Part 1

Chapter 172 [Episode 88] Goren City 2

* * * *

After breaking through the Dark Jungle, there was nothing to block Sang Hyuk’s path. The closer he got to Goren City, the topography became more and more familiar to Sang Hyuk, so he couldn’t get lost.

In the end, Sang Hyuk was able to reach Goren City exactly four days after he left the Dark Jungle.

Goren City was also called the ‘Golden Castle’ because the high walls surrounding Goren City flashed gold.

It wasn’t really gold on the walls, but there was a flash of gold because the ‘Golden Mage Narsen’, one of the ten best known Sun People in the Continent of the Sun, hung the permanent defensive magic called ‘Guardian of Light’ on the walls.

Narsen was the real ruler of Goren City.

Narsen was one of the Ten Absolute Powerhouse NPCs known as the Ten Suns, and just to let you know, the Ten Suns were much more powerful than the legendary NPCs that Sang Hyuk was dealing with in Hagye.

Although weaker than the Ten Suns, there are more than 200 people who are recognized by the Continent of the Sun as the ‘Heroes of the Sun’, so even the Heroes of the Sun were much more powerful than the legendary NPCs of Hagye.

Of course, the Sun People that Sang Hyuk had to deal with right now were not these bigshots, so there was no reason to worry.


‘First I have to get inside…. Would it be better to sneak in like a mouse? Or should I pay the price and get in through the gate?’


Sang Hyuk knew enough about Goren City that he can be called a top Goren City expert in his previous life, so of course, he knew all the locations of the mouse holes.

But if he sneaks in there is a possibility he could get into trouble, if he got caught by the Vigilantes there would be problems. (EN: According to the Author in subsequent chapters, the Vigilantes are actually a faction within the city.  It seems many members of the Guard are recruited from the Vigilantes faction… )


‘Well, since I’m not going to leave after a day or two, I need to register and get identification… let’s just go through the gate.’


Since it will be Sang Hyuk’s ground base in the future, he has to do the first steps properly. Even though Sang Hyuk can build the favor of the Sun People unimaginably quicker than other players, thanks to his legendary title ‘Charm of the Heaven’ and the general skill ‘The Best Art of Conversation’ that has been enhanced to +9, he could have blown everything if didn’t act carefully.


‘Let’s go!’


Sang Hyuk, who has decided, headed straight toward the front door of Goren City.


“Who are you?”


The very first one who greeted Sang Hyuk was the guard at the front gate of Goren City. Goren City was affiliated with the ‘Solar Pagoda of Magic’.

But, it wasn’t the city that was directly controlled by the Solar Pagoda of Magic, so all of the guards were either hired citizens or a member of the Vigilantes.

If it was a hired citizen, Sang Hyuk could easily get a pass by bribing him moderately but if he mistakenly bribed a Vigilante then he could be ‘Permanently Deported’, so Sang Hyuk just chose to play by the book and clear a quest.


“I am a Dimensional Traveller. I heard about Goren City and came here…. May I go in and take a look?”


“Dimensional Traveller? Hmmmm…… I heard about it a long time ago…. But, I’ve never seen one in person.”


The guard, looking at Sang Hyuk, tilted his head and muttered.

In fact, it was normal to have this reaction at first.


‘It’s totally different.’


Sang Hyuk looked at the guard who reacted differently than the guards in his past life, and thought that the legendary title ‘Descendant of the Sun’, was working properly.


“Hmm… However, it’s a place that not anyone can enter. If you truly want to come into Goren City, prove to me that you are eligible to enter.”


“How do I prove that?”


“It’s not going to be very difficult. Anyone who lives in Goren City can do it.”


You have received the Entry Quest of Goren City ‘I also can do this much!’.


The guard readily gave the entry quest.

Originally, before the Entry Quest, there would have been at least five prerequisite quests to build a sense of trust to qualify for receiving the Entry Quest, but the constant effect of the title Descendant of the Sun, ‘The First Dimensional Traveller’, was in full force and the process has been omitted.


“You have to prove it alone without anyone’s help.”


He had to finish the Entry Quest alone.

If he got the slightest help from someone, he failed the quest immediately.

The Entry Quest was a very simple quest but at the same time very difficult.

Most Entry Quests were to hunt a certain number of monsters, sometimes different species, sometimes the same.

The structure of the quest itself was the same as the typical repeat quest, but the problem was that the monsters in the Continent of the Sun were too strong.

Of course, Sang Hyuk was a user of a completely different level, so it wasn’t difficult at all.

The Entry Quest of Goren City that Sang Hyuk received was a quest to hunt 20 Awakened Dark Orcs, 10 Awakened Dark Trolls, and finally three Awakened Giant Snakes.

If it was an ordinary user, it was difficult enough to make them despair once they received the quest, but Sang Hyuk cleared the quest perfectly in just four hours.

As two out of the four hours was travel time, so he only needed two hours to finish hunting.

Goren City’s guards were very surprised to see Sang Hyuk, who had finished the qualifications and returned in a flash, and it led to a sharp rise in favor.

The Sun People adore the strong, so appealing them in this way was successful and made Sang Hyuk look good.

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