172 Part 2


“If it is a strong person like you then you’re always welcome!”


The guard, admiring Sang Hyuk’s skills, immediately issued the temporary pass, telling him to go into Goren City to change it to the official pass.

Sang Hyuk entered Goren City through a small gate next to the gigantic main gate. Although Sang Hyuk was allowed to enter through the main gate, there was obviously no way for him to open the enormous doors.


First visit to the Continent of the Sun ‘Goren City’.

You have obtained the special qualification ‘First Dimensional Traveler (Goren City)’. This enables you to exchange the temporary pass into permanent citizenship.


‘Ah! The first visit! That’s right. There is a special reward for the first visitor.’


Since human memory could not be perfect, there were often times when Sang Hyuk forgot certain details.


Special Qualification ‘First Dimensional Traveler (Goren City)’ [Special]


: You are the first dimensional traveler to visit Goren City. That’s a benefit for you.

Detailed Effect: The temporary pass is exchanged for permanent citizenship and the favor of all Sun people over Goren City rises to the level of ‘interested’.


‘Oooh! Permanent Citizenship and increasing favor!’


Sang Hyuk knew well how much the permanent citizenship was worth. The first ‘official pass (B)’ to be issued to a Dimensional Traveler was a pass with a one-month limit.

If the user who received it reaches a certain level of quest completion or favor in Goren City within a month, then he can receive the ‘Official Pass (A)’ and this is the permanent pass.

But the pass was literally just a certificate that granted access to Goren City.

On top of the Official Pass, there are various types of identification: ‘Mercenary Registration Card’, ‘Business License’, ‘Residence Registration Card’, ‘Hunter Registration Card’, etc. Each identification brought different benefits…. The ‘Citizenship Card’ that Sang Hyuk received was actually was the best ID card, that granted him the equal rights to the Sun People living in Goren City


In his previous life, Sang Hyuk obtained this Citizenship Card two years after he came to Goren City. At that time, even when Sang Hyuk was at his best, he was unable to obtain the  Citizenship Card until then.

It was that hard to get this ID.


‘The Citizenship Card….. Thanks to this, my plan will be done a few times faster.’


Sang Hyuk’s mood improved dramatically with the unexpected good luck.


‘By the way…. I never thought I’d come back!’


Entering Goren City, Sang Hyuk looked around with new eyes. Sang Hyuk had been through a lot of things here before.

He was a Dimensional Traveler who was recognized by the Sun People when he arrived at Goren City and after he became disabled he had been doing everything he could to eat and live.

The time Sang Hyuk spent at Goren City was almost four or five years, though his time there didn’t come to a good end as his next job was to coach the professional team.


‘First let’s acquire the Citizenship Card.’


Because his Temporary Pass would expire soon the priority was to change it to the Citizenship ID at once.

Sang Hyuk changed the temporary pass to a permanent citizenship card by going to the ‘Golden Tower’ that can be called the City Hall of Goren City.

Because of the special effects of his titles, the Sun People were very respectful towards Sang Hyuk.

The default attitude of the Sun People that Sang Hyuk knew was completely different.

Sang Hyuk, who was issued the Citizenship Card, decided the first thing he had to do was to acquire accommodations. If you will stay for a long time in a place then you have to have accommodation unless you plan on sleeping outdoors.

If the Guard caught you sleeping outdoors because you wanted to save money then your ‘Citizen Points’ could be reduced and if this fell below a certain level then the Citizenship Card could be confiscated.

It was a typical penny-wise and pound-foolish, so even though it costs some gold, accommodations are a must.


Sang Hyuk, who got lodgings at a place with the weird name ‘Milk and Honey’, was sitting on the bed in his room and double checking his plans one more time.


‘First of all, let’s collect intelligence. Even though I knew Goren City very well, since I don’t know how things are this time, I have to check the situation and collect intelligence.’


Information was always important. It was never possible to neglect it.


‘After I investigate and find out the current situation, then I shake Goren City and sow confusion.’


With an existing power structure in place, a new faction could never take the place of the existing factions in control.

Chaos was an opportunity for a new faction to replace an existing faction.


‘After the chaos, I start my business…. Seize the seat.’


Up to this point was obvious.

Past the first step, actually planning was meaningless. Because no one knew when or how the situation would change, he had no choice but to improvise as the situation changed.


‘Since it is too soon to see the game anyway, so it’s not urgent to think about it.’


What Sang Hyuk would do at Goren City was a long-term project. So he took a break instead.

Sang Hyuk, who finished his planning, got up from his seat and went down to the first floor.

The reason he chose the Milk and Honey Inn as his lodging, which was befitting its name and was an expensive inn….. was because of the first floor.

On the first floor was located the most expensive bar of Goren City.


‘There’s no better way to collect information than to go to a bar!’


Especially since there was no target better than a drunken NPC to collect the information so Sang Hyuk was going to go around this place and buy people drinks.


‘The first thing I need to get is information about Golden Mage Narsen right? Then I need to find out about the Council….. And finally I need to find out about the leader of the Vigilantes, Paul Kroc.’


Of course, this was just a list.

In reality, he was thinking of finding out about everything he could.


‘Well, let’s start!’


Sang Hyuk nodded slightly and stepped forward into the hustle and bustle of the Sun People.

Chapter 172 [Episode 88] Goren City 2 – End


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