173 Part 2

“What is it?”


“It’s not something hard. You just need to deliver a basket of fruit on my behalf. It probably won’t take 15 minutes. If you deliver it for me, in the future I will give you a 50% discount on fruits for Mr. Immortal.”


Quest ‘Small request from fruit merchant Euphir’ has been created.

Since he received the quest, talking with him up to this point was the right thing to do.


“Okay. I’ll take care of it quickly.”


Euphir handed a basket of fruits to Sang Hyuk and even told him where he had to deliver it.

But, Sang Hyuk, who heard where to deliver had a strange look.

Because this was a place Sang Hyuk knew well.

Sun Flower Garden.

Simply said, this place was a big flower shop. Of course, it wasn’t just an ordinary flower shop. First of all, no one but an authorized person was allowed to enter, so of course, players could not enter this place.

It was not even known whose favor had to be raised to get in. There were a lot of players who did everything they could to get into Sun Flower Garden but there was not even one player who had ever succeeded in entering Sun Flower Garden.

But anyway, it was really a place that grew and sold flowers.

If one was an ordinary player, they would think that this quest was just a quest to deliver a basket of fruits to a flower shop.

Actually, it really was a real quest to deliver the fruit basket.

But, Sang Hyuk knew one important secret hidden behind this quest. To be exact, what Sang Hyuk knew was the secret of Sun Flower Garden.


‘Black Cat’s headquarters. This place, also known as the Hell of Flowers, was a place where a number of players suffered horribly during the Goren City Occupation.


Sang Hyuk arrived in front of Sun Flower Garden and looked at the Sun Flower Garden with a bitter laugh.

At that time, the first and the second battles of the Goren City Occupation failed and the third one barely succeeded, and one of the reasons for the failure of the first and second battles was the Sun Flower Garden.

Sang Hyuk didn’t participate in the first battle and joined the second and the third battles as reinforcement. Of course, he didn’t want to risk his life on anything that didn’t benefit him, so he hung back from the frontline, but even so, he knew very well the awful horrors of Sun Flower Garden.


‘Euphir asked me to deliver the fruits here? This is not a coincidence…. Am I delivering something hidden in the fruit basket?’


Black Cat was organized in a cell structure, so there was a possibility Euphir didn’t know anything about the fruit basket. (EN: Clandestine agents are often organized into a small cell, where the agents only knew the identities of the other members of the same cell, so in case of interrogation or betrayal, they only lose the cell)


‘Now, what should I do? Should I pretend to know nothing, clear the quest and raise Euphir’s favor as planned ….. or I take this opportunity to get to the core of Black Cat more quickly?’


Both of them made sense, so it was difficult to choose.

Sang Hyuk did not head for the Sun Flower Garden immediately and thought about his options for a while. Since he had enough time, there wouldn’t  be any problem.

Because EL’s quest system boasted complete freedom, the quest continued even if Sang Hyuk failed to deliver the basket of fruits.

However, Sang Hyuk had no intention of doing so.

No matter what he does, the relationship with Euphir has to be maintained. Euphir was the only line that connected Sang Hyuk to Black Cat, so he had to maintain a good relationship with him until he no longer needed it.


‘Then I can’t investigate the basket, or turn it into the authorities… but I don’t want to just deliver it to them…..’


Sang Hyuk didn’t want to waste this opportunity.


‘I deliver this basket as I’m supposed to do…..and let’s take this opportunity to get into the Sun Flower Garden!’


In the end, Sang Hyuk decided to follow the quest, but also take advantage of this opportunity.

Sang Hyuk rehearsed the plan a few times in his head, it wasn’t perfect, but he knocked on the door of the Sun Flower Garden with the idea to just wing it.

About 10 seconds after he knocked on the door, a small window on the door opened and an NPC who seemed to be an employee of Sun Flower Garden, showed his face.


“Who are you?”


“I received a request from Sir Euphir and came to deliver a basket of fruits.”


“Ah… Wait a second.”


The NPC nodded after Sang Hyuk’s answer and opened the door. Then he reached out his hands and tried to take the fruit basket.

But Sang Hyuk never had any intentions of  handing it over, so he pulled the fruit basket back.


“I shouldn’t do that. Sir Euphir said that I have to give it to Sir Londe of the Sun Flower Garden. I have to do what I was asked to do, so please call Sir Londe.”


In fact, Sang Hyuk made this story up. Euphir just said that he could deliver it to ‘Sun Flower Garden’ and didn’t specify a receiver.

Sang Hyuk said the delivery must be delivered to ‘Londe’ changing the delivery conditions.

This is possible because of the unlimited freedom of the EL Quest system. He could do this because virtually everything was possible.

Of course, the NPC named Londe did exist.

This was a very powerful NPC, called the ‘Flower’s Ambassador’,  the manager of Sun Flower Garden. Sang Hyuk mentioned Londe because he knew that Londe was close to Euphir.

In other words, Sang Hyuk’s remark that Euphir had asked him to deliver it to Londe was more plausible because of this fact.


“Hmmm… Sir Londe…”


When Sang Hyuk stepped back, the NPC of the Sun Flower Garden looked embarrassed.

He couldn’t call up Londe, although he was the manager he really didn’t have a good personality.

Sang Hyuk mentioned Londe taking all of these points into account.

His intention was very simple.

Somehow getting into Sun Flower Garden…. was the thing Sang Hyuk wanted.

It was easier as long as he was inside.


‘I just have to enter!’


It was just one step, but everything was different between in front of the door and behind the door.


“Whew, for now come in. I will try to tell Sir Londe. But in the end he will just ask me to take care of it. Then at that time, there will be no need to call him here.”


Eventually, the NPC brought Sang Hyuk into Sun Flower Garden. The NPC thought there was not much trouble to bring him in for a while.

In fact, it was unlikely to be a problem.

But there was one fact that this NPC didn’t know.

And it was that… Sang Hyuk was called the ‘King of Shadow’.

Chapter 173 [Episode 89] Black Cat 1 – End


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