174 Part 1

Chapter 174; Episode 90

Black Cat (2)


Sang Hyuk went inside the Sun Flower Garden, and the gates closed behind him with a loud bang. He thought that about seventy percent of his plan had succeeded just by getting in here. In his previous life, many users had worked hard just to take a step inside in this place but all failed. Sang Hyuk had succeeded, and only one thing remained to be done.

Sang Hyuk did not let go of the chance that occurred the moment the NPC of the Sun Flower Garden turned around to pick up the communication crystal inside. He used the Dragon Word ‘Invisibility’ and the skill attached to the title ‘Trinak’s Shadow King’ that allowed him to create copies of himself made of sand. Since Sang Hyuk had already equipped the Shadow King title before coming in here, it was easy for him to use the skill. He disappeared using the invisibility magic and left behind an exact copy of himself.

The process took only a second, and since the NPC took about two seconds to grab the crystal, he didn’t notice the change. Since there were no CCTVs here, Sang Hyuk was able to disappear completely within the Sun Flower Garden. He had become invisible by using the skill and could slide into the shadows during the four seconds the invisibility lasted.

The sand puppet took Sang Hyuk’s place, and while it could not fight, it was a 100% perfect duplicate of Sang Hyuk.


“All right, I understood.”


The NPC spoke with Londe through the crystal while looking at the sand version of Sang Hyuk, and ended the call without surprise after a while.


“He said to leave the item to me. I cannot waste time with you any longer, so just leave it here or go back to Mr. Euphir”

“Well, it can’t be helped if Sir Londe said so. I’ll leave it here then.”


Sang Hyuk was controlling the sand copy hidden in the shadows, and since it had the same voice, the NPC did not realize that he was speaking with a fake. The sand copy handed over the fruit basket and turned around. The gates of the Sun Flower Garden opened again, and it walked out.

This was the end, and the sand copy would dissipate after a certain distance from the garden. While the fake Sang Hyuk had gone out, the real Sang Hyuk remained. The NPC was clueless to what was going on, and locked the doors and turned on the security system. Sang Hyuk waited for about five minutes after the NPC left since he had no reason to rush things after managing to break in.


“While the exterior security had been like a fortress, how strong would the inside be? At a glance the interior looks weaker due to trusting the outside system too much…”


Sang Hyuk was going to give up on invading if the inside security system was as strong as the exterior and use the long-distance recall option in the soulstone to get out. He confirmed that no one was around him and maintained his stealth mode as he started to walk slowly forward. Thankfully, the inside of the building was much darker than Sang Hyuk had expected, so it was not that difficult for him to remain hiding in the shadows. Of course, things would change if he went to the well lit greenhouses, but what Sang Hyuk wanted would be inside here.


‘I was right! The inside security system is incomparably weaker than the outside.”


Sang Hyuk had guessed correctly, and there was no internal security once inside the building due to having a perfect external shield. It was great news for him, and he started to move more aggressively. There were a lot of things Sang Hyuk wanted to find in the Sun Flower Garden, which was the trove of the Black Cat. However, what he wanted the most was information regarding the Vigilantes leader or the Black Market.


‘I just need the Black Cat’s secret ledger that linked them to the Vigilantes leader, which the Soul Alliance had secured during the Third War for Goren City, that brought down the Sun Flower Garden.”


Sang Hyuk was not one hundred percent sure that he could procure the book. While his goal was set, he had no idea where and how it was stored, so he was going to try his best to find the ledger.


‘There had been secret passages underground before…’


Sang Hyuk had visited the Sun Flower Garden during the Third War after it had been captured. He had been curious about the facilities, and the secret passageways had already been revealed. He began to search for the secret passages using his memories, and it was a much more tedious yet difficult task than expected. While the security system was full of holes, this place was full of monstrously strong NPCs. A single careless movement would end Sang Hyuk, so he moved slowly and with the utmost care. Fortunately, Sang Hyuk’s stealth skills were almost at the ‘high-master’ class, so no one could discover him unless they intentionally focused on him.

If they were searching for invaders, Sang Hyuk would not have been able to get around like this, but it was possible now because no one noticed a thing. However, he had to be careful.

There were even some NPCs here in the Sun Flower Garden that could see through Sang Hyuk’s hiding in the shadows just by being near him, and that would mean the end. So, Sang Hyuk did not go anywhere the NPCs might frequent, and moved only to dark places free of NPCs.


‘Even if I do not get the Black Cat’s Secret Ledger, I need to gain information regarding the Black Market at the least.’



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