174 Part 2


Since the original goal had been the Black Market, Sang Hyuk planned to stay here and gain as much information he could until he had to leave.




Even as time passed, Sang Hyuk was still looking for information inside the Sun Flower Garden. While he had wandered around for four days, he had gained very little knowledge. If he had not known that this was Black Cat’s lair, he might have gotten out after failing to learn any new information.

It meant that the Black Cat was a secretive organization, but Sang Hyuk was going to stay and search here until he got what he wanted. He believed that it was a battle of patience, as the Black Cat would inevitably reveal a weakness inside the Sun Flower Garden. His faith was rewarded after a week.


“How can you say that there are no sun stones? What are they trying to do by keeping the sun stone supply this low?”

“I’m sorry, and we have already filed a complaint against the Camille Group for this problem. I believe they are shorting us as the middlemen after realizing that the price for smuggled sun stones is rising.”

“Those bastards. Who are they to kid us? Who will buy smuggled sun stones from them?”

“Aren’t they thinking of selling by themselves?”

“That’s nonsense. How will they directly sell smuggled sun stones without involving us? They’re taking the Vigilantes faction of the Goren City too lightly. Our leader would crush their bones.”

“Maybe Camille has a line to the Leader.”

“That’s not plausible. Our lives will be forfeit if that was the case. For the moment, take the sun stones we were going to use and take them to the black market merchants. The customers at the black market are our biggest customers, and the merchants won’t be able to make sales without them. Just tell them to sell them to only important customers because we don’t have enough at the moment.”

“What should I report to the owner?”

“Don’t. You don’t need to report such trivial things to him.”

“All right. I’ll do what you said.”

“Also, contact Mr. Euphir and ask about the dimension traveler that appeared a while ago. I think dimensional travelers will become a nuisance.”

“Got it.”


The two NPCs stood up and went out of the conference room after the meeting ended. About five minutes later, a black shadow in the form of a human rose up from the floor. The shadow let out a moan and quickly rolled into the corner of the meeting room to blend into the shadows.


‘That takes the cake.’


The black shadow had been Sang Hyuk, and he had decided to take a gamble as he could not find the information he wanted after a week. He had waited for four days on the floor of the conference room in the Sun Flower Garden. He could not go searching forever, so he had hid himself in the meeting room and waited for pertinent information to spring up.

Sang Hyuk had thought this attempt would fail since not even an ant visited the meeting room for the first three days. However, he had waited too long and promised himself he would wait for one more day, and on the fourth day he hit the jackpot.

He had only vaguely heard the voices, so he could not fully understand what they had said. Sang Hyuk had minimized all his senses to the lowest levels to minimize the risk of discovery. Everything felt suffocating since he had completely suppressed any movement.

He was in a dangerous position now, and if his opponents became only a little suspicious, he could be seen immediately. However, fortune had worked to his favor, and he managed to discover some vital information.


‘The one being reported to had to be at least a vice-owner, and while it would have been nice to know who was reporting, it can’t be helped.’


Sang Hyuk was not going to be that greedy.


‘That’s not an important issue.’


Sang Hyuk erased the question in his head and thought of much more important matters.


‘They lack sunstones?’


Sunstones were magic stones, but since the sunstones of the Continent of the Sun were higher quality than the magic stones of the lower lands, the magic stones the lower lands considered to be high class were thought to be the equivalent to low level sunstones here. Magic stones had to be of exceptional quality to be considered mid-class sun stones.


‘I have to rethink everything.’


Sang Hyuk had thought of placing himself in the Goren city by finding a weakness in Paul Crack, the Vigilantes leader and the strongest man in the city, and exploiting it. That was why he had approached the Black Cat to search for a connection between the black market and the Vigilantes leader. However, if what Sang Hyuk had heard was true, he could think of a completely different plan.

Sang Hyuk’s goal was to situate himself in the Goren city firmly, and he did not care how he managed to do so. He just needed the results.


‘I can use the Vigilantes leader’s weakness in another way, and this would be a much better choice.’


Sang Hyuk changed his plans as he did not need to stick to the old one.


‘Sun stones, magic stones…I would have to bring them.’


Sang Hyuk made his decision and thought it was time to get out of the Sun Flower Garden. While he was disappointed in being unable to find Black Cat’s secret ledger, it had been something unattainable for him in the first place. While the inside security system had been weak, Black Cat had been too secretive for Sang Hyuk to gain something by infiltrating here.


‘Let’s go back to the lower lands!’


This was not the time to begrudge the recall costs, as he had to move as fast as he could to use the information he had just heard.


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